Video: BOE Meeting, Anger And Laughter

VIDEO of last night’s BOE meeting– anger and some laughter among the crowd and Board. (To view the first meeting with the new BOE members, click here.)

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  1. Mr. Thomas

    I won’t get into the budget….I will say that you and Senator Kevin Parker from NY would make a good pair.

  2. All of us owe this guys HAKORAS HATOV for sitting through six hour meeting and standing up for children and tax payers of Lakewood .

    GREAT JOB KEEP IT UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. imagine gum chewing! we have a member or members texting during the public portion when they should have been listening.
    miccio, she doesn’t know what she’s voting for? it’s time to have her go home.
    education is the purpose of the board, it is not to lower our taxes. The superintendent stated that there will not be a thorough and efficient education provided and no one cares. When the state takes over the district there will be no board of education handling the local problems. I feel it can’t be worse than it is now. Our taxes are not out of line and it is morally reprehensible to ruin the educational programs of our town.

  4. Six hour meeting and all we can get is 5 minutes??? C’mon,there’s got to be someone out there with some more for us. I leave it up to you TLS.

  5. OK whats wrong with this picture??? where are the cuts being made ??? There are so many other areas that are not even mentioned ~~can anyone say COURTYESY BUSING??? Many other towns charge for this service if parents feel the need to have non required busing for their children . Lakewood can no longer ignore the fact that with the situation that exists this needs to be on the plate too . For those who are going to howl “What do we get for our money” your choice not to send your children to public school and how about all the senoirs who have no children in school the same rules must apply to all so anyone with no children in school should also see some kind of benifit sorry it doesn’t work that way if you want something over and above what is deemed essential then YOU pay for it and not put the burden on all the other taxpayers

  6. Three cheers for Board President Leonard Thomas. Mr. Thomas knows and understands the needs of the
    Lakewood public school students and parents.
    If the other Board members don’t understand what they are voting on, shouldn’t they give themselves more time before they vote?
    I guess they realized that since they wouldn’t give 62 paraprofessionals more time to prepare for a career making test why should they give themselves more time before they vote.

  7. Let the teachers take a wage freeze.!!! Taxes are outrageous and the watse is terrible. Next up is the township budget!

  8. justincase: How much would our taxes go up if the Orthodox suddenly enrolled 15,000 children in the public schools?! Think it’s impossible? It’s happened elsewhere. Be thankful they’re paying to educate our kids and all they want in return is bussing and special ed.

  9. GET A GRIP BOARD MEMBERS, you can cut the courtesy bussing and all the people would be happy the taxes certainly would go down, yeah, however what can one say, when prival schools add 300 pupils in one month in a school, then of course what about those that are just being built, let’s have a drum rolll for Courtesy busing, we all will pay, no one is exempt.

  10. that was a joke chewing gum giving the cold shoulder texting not knowing why she was there! jumping up and “running” away bec he lost. anyways lets all at least act professional and maybe maybe things will work out

    “board” please remember u must think of the kids first and money second i know u came in to cut cut cut but is it worth cutting kids education just to make yourself “look good”? start the ball rolling now for the next years ahead…. don’t hurt kids on the way. hatzlacha

  11. Not funny. Sad is what it is. I am starting to think that maybe the state should step in and run Lakewood board of education. Videos of past, present and future board meetings should be sent to the state for viewing.

  12. The most shocking part of this video was the performance of Ms. Miccio. She doesn’t seem to even be following the precedings. She needs to be told how to vote. This is who we were told all these years to vote for. Forget that she doesn’t have our interests in mind like the dear Ms. Ada (hakoras hatov) Gonzales, she doesn’t even seem to be sure why she is in the room.

  13. Keep costs in line. Give our children a great education. They do not have to be mutually exclusive. With wise leadership and cooler heads you can do both.

  14. Please do not post your comments about how its going to effect the education of our children before you have read the option 3 of what is being cut. There is nothing in there that will effect the edu.
    To Lydia Sylvia superintendent she has to be against the cuts because. She now has an excuse why she is failing.
    If every other town in NJ cuts why should lakewood be any different
    The voters 80 percent voted for the 0 percent increase if the parents were so against why didn’t they vote differently.
    To the comment about the seniors not sending kids to school. They get the biggest tax break by living in a senior development there taxes are always at least 40 percent less then the other residents.

  15. As much as I disagree with ms miccio on her vote it is not fair to make fun of her for nailing sure she knew what was being voted on. It was past 12 aclock there was there possible budgets on the table at that point only one had been voted on. By that time the president had already stormed out and than come back in. Ms gonzalez had almost left in protest over the para deal only to be talked back after a ten minute recess by the board attorney in an effort to stop the budget cuts. So to watch 5 minutes of a 4 hour proceeding ant than say that she is not following is not fair in my opinion.

  16. Isn’t the objective to give ALL the children in Lakewood a good education? Why is it always us against them ,We all live in the United States but it seems like we are in a town divided.

  17. Irene Miccio is worthy of a great measure of hakaras hatov and has served ALL of Lakewood’s children with honor for many many years. If she is willing to continue to sit there and tolerate the antics of the board members, administration and the public, we should thank the One Above for putting those feelings in her heart. Almost no one else would do what she has done. And as for her question, it was legitimate.

  18. #34,
    Don’t tell me you are just seeing that we are in a town divided. When was the last time a service was added that would benefit everyone in town? Oh yeah the Blue Claws, and most people are still questioning it.
    1.Low income houses are being built, and guess what, only one set of people get in them at a low income price.
    2.New stores built, one set of people get in them.
    3.New schools are being built, who are they for? Should I keep going?
    There are still public school kids having classes in trailers, this has been going on for years, even before they sold the school on Princeton.
    Now you tell me, isn’t this a town divided with all the added services heading in the same direction. If I’m wrong tell me something different….

  19. face the facts: the influx of money and economy in this town is coming from the orthodox jewish population. they also employ many members of the other minorities in town. they also have many children and pay the most taxes. the other minorities are shrinking and dont pay nearly the same taxes (the illegals surely dont contribute anything).
    based on the above doesnt it make complete sense to anyone with an ounce of grey matter between his ears (read – brains) that the new schools, housing, stores etc should be going to the orthodox jewish community???

  20. and by the way the orthodox jewish community pays tuition to their private schools that by the way they pay to build unlike the other minorities…..

  21. you’re wrong. and have no clue what you’re talking about. private people build private schools, and private stores. the public (i.e. taxpayers, majority of whom are in that unnamed group you are referring to) build public schools. Private schools are almost all using trailers for many classes, having difficulty with books and other materials. Stop thinking the grass is so green on their side, they have far less in facilities than the public schools. As for affordable housing, call the housing authority or the other groups who are supposed to be building more now. its ALL for you. go get one.

  22. To Dandyman –

    1. “Low income housing” – All low income housing being built follows government eligibility rules. If you have evidence to the contrary, I suggest you take it up with the attorney-general. Of course, you have no such evidence.

    As to why those lower income individuals moving in may typically be Orthodox – Gee, Could it be because EVERYONE moving into town these days – rich, middle income, lower income – is Orthodox? Any new housing is going to be filled with Orthodox – It is no secret that the Orthodox like living here and many more keep coming to join their friends and relatives. Is that a problem for you?

    2. “New stores being built – one set of people get in them”. Oh – you mean you attempted to rent a store and were turned down, because you’re not Orthodox? What kind of foolish comment is “One set of people GET in them”? Would you like to GET IN one? Come down with a checkbook and you can rent out any store you like – you can GET right in!

    3. “New schools are being built, who are they for?” Huh??? You see a conspiracy in the fact that PRIVATE donors pay for a school building to be used as a religious school? You mean you expect that after an Orthodox school is built by Orthodox Rabbis with donations from Orthodox philanthropiststs – you expect the school to serve little Catholic children?

    If you want to attack the Orthodox special treatment perhaps complain about extra garbage pickups or something like that. The examples you chose make it sound like either you are not the sharpest tool in the shed, or have an agenda against the Orthodox (actually, I am guesiing it’s both).

  23. Yellow trash bins. Oh forget it. People dare to question that choice.
    The questions about the Blue Claws are not about whether there
    should be a stadium. The questions are about corruption and highly suspicious sweetheart deals with a team that dropped the word “Lakewood” from their name.

  24. You dont know what you are talking about.All the new members including Silver voted against Mr. T for president..only the old 5 voted for him, Look up the minutes the facts speak for them selves

  25. #34 by know means am I blind about whats going on here in Lakewood I have lived here all my life (32 years) and I have seen first hand the growing problems here.By the way I am not a jew I am what they call a goy ,but anyway my daughter attends the high school and I was there when they siad it wasn’t enough books to go around. Im just saying that if all of us could work together to come up with a solution so all the children in Lakewood are tooken care of.

  26. All private schools that had been built was built with private fund raising (EXCEPT SCHI) You should get your facts straight before you type.My kids all go to dumps for private school because their schools dont know how to fund raise.Not one dollar of tax money goes to build private schools

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