Updated BREAKING NEWS Pedestrian Struck

Photos below BREAKING NEWS Hatzolah is responding to a call on Madison between 7th and 8th for a pedestrian struck. Medics are being dispatched at this time. We will keep you posted with further details.
U/D 8:20 a.m The bachur is being transported by Hatzolah medics to Jersey Shore hospital in Serious condition R’L. Traffic and Safety officials are on scene and CIU units are being requested. The┬ádriver has been taken in for blood alcohol level testing.
U/D 9:20 a.m B’H the bachur is in stable condition at this time.
U/D 9:35 a.m Route 9 has been reopened in both directions.
U/D 9:48 a.m The name for tehillim is Betzalel Elisha Ben Reitza Baila.
U/D 5/21 1:38 a.m Baruch Hashem the bachur is doing well and is expected to make a full recovery.


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  1. Lakewood first aid is not in compitition with hatzolah! they both do great jobs! the only ones creating a little bit of a problem are the jewish kids on LFA. I am a hatzolah member and i have nothing but praise for the non-jewish members of LFA.

  2. Why would anyone in their ripe mind have a problem with Lakewood First Aid or EMS? They are a wonderful organization and are there to help YOU when YOU need them. And frankly, who the heck cares who was there first?? They work as partners with Hatzolah and not as a competition who can get there first. Everyone is there to try and save lives so stop bashing people especially when you don’t do the amazing work they do. and no-i am not on either of these organizations. Keep up the great work all of you.

  3. Lkwd does great work and they always worked great with Hatzalah but now u have a bunch a teenagers on the lfa who think they know more then the wonderful paid lfa crew And they think they know more then the Hatzalah guys !!! Let the 2 great squads work together as always and hope that the little ones who just past the test(and think they know everything) don’t mess it up for the paid crew on lfd who does a great job.

  4. Hatzoltah created this competition by not taking on new members. If they were to retire the old and put on a neww fredh crew theses guys wouldn’t be joining the LFA and than bash hatzolah.

  5. to anon 11:17
    who would you want treating YOUR SPOUSE in YOUR BEDROOM? a 19 year-old “new guy”? or a “old member”? take a poll!

  6. to 11:17,
    Hatzolah does not need to take on new guys to satisfy your lack of self esteem. If they need new members, I'm sure they will be happy to take on mature b'nei torah who can be an asset to the hatzolah and the community. Now please grow up & take some time to say tehillim when you read such an article – that is what most Hatzolah members do!

  7. to anon 11.17. This Old guy was a young guy when he started off and you didnt have a problem with him then. . Make your point please .

  8. To 11:17 are u one of the little ones on lfd whose not even on long enough to drive or just upset u couldn’t get on to Hatzalah and therefore make them look bad ? And just bec they don’t take who u want them to take doesn’t meant they don’t no what there doing ,,, maybe learn from the OLDER MEMBERS ON LFD OR THE PAID CREW how to act they are the ones who are doing a great job and making both organization work together

  9. hatolah need new members(they only have 43- bp has 100 fltbush200 &they both cover less miles) desprtly!! if they want to takeon only bni torah ?fine BUT do it! &do it fast!PLEASE

  10. no one is saying the old guys have no experience, the fact is that the old hatzolah guys have the radio etc.. but are not that active as the younger new members however the fact is that lakewood has grown by leaps and bounds yet the old hatzolah guys are a tight nit click that don’t want to let anyone else on they are not proactive at all in recruiting new members
    FACT there are areas in town that are not covered by hatzolah members at all since all the old guys are concentrated in the older areas of town.
    they need new members desperatly they are not growing fast enough with the town and response time is down in certain areas is a little kavod worth to play with lives??

  11. Being a member of both EMS and LFA (hamaivin yovin) I absolutely agree with Anon 10:42. Saving peoples lives is not a contest, and I can tell you first hand that EMS and Hatzolah work hand in hand very very well. Its the outsider wannabes that cause all the trouble.

  12. Being a member of LFA I can tell you that we work hand & hand with Hatzolah & we get along great. I am herby asking all readers & writers to understand the following: The Lakewood Scoop administrator is doing a great job with keeping our community up to date. I also know for a fact that there are non-jewish people that jump onto the lakewood scoop as soon as they hear something going on in the community. I am therefore asking everyone to refrain from writing against Hatzolah and LFA. Think of the CHILLUL HASHEM it may cause. Is it worth it????

  13. just to prove that hatzolah works well with lkwd there are current and former members of lkwd that are members of hatzolah

  14. No one is bashing anyone here its called healthy and constructive critisisim ,we are pointing out areas that could use some improvment .no one ias airing the infighting or general politics that go along with any org.

  15. I can’t believe that a tragedy like this turns into a bashing contest. Unbelievable what a little honor or slight thereof will do to people!!

  16. It is very shocking how a member of Hatzolah can take the comments of some “19” yr old so personally and feel the urge to vent online in some stupid immature debate. FYI Lakewood Hatzolah has members under the age of 25, some of which joined several weeks following completion of the course. The bottom line is: All these excuses are just excuses. there is nothing wrong with Hatzolah. There is just too much internal politics which hold them back from moving fwd in a normal manner and in an reasonable time frame. I would like to wish Hatzolah lots of success in everything! keep it up guy!

  17. I personally know this 19 year old member of LFA and now Lakewood Hatzolah and he in NO way bashes Lakewood Hatzolah so I’m very curious who this 19 yr old LFA member is that a Hatzolah member commented about before.

  18. there is lots of infighting in hatzolah among the members weather its beetween the medics and the older guys or about control and power etc.. the bottom line is that there can not be an attitude and atmosphere of holding on and control hatzolah must expand meaning they have to be proactive in putting on new members and cultivating the next generation, making sure each development in town is covered not by filling it with an xisting member who doubles for 2 locations but to aggresively cover the areas.as things stand now its not in the intrest of the powers to be to add more members if they do its only to diflect critisism and its unhealthy for the future of our town as well as the saftey of our residents . They can not continue with the current mindset with out mentioning names there are other mosdos hachesed that have aggresivly and proactively expanded their services to be accsessable to all not to hold on but to give its time for hatzolah to do the same.

  19. I think it’s time for everyone to turn to the Rabbanim of our town and ask them to call in Hatzolah and supervise their system a little. They need some guidence! Any person or group that beleives they dont need to ask advice, or listen to constructive feedback, is only being foolish and will not and cannot grow. Hatzolah has some very valid points about who to take and how. On the flipside, the people of lakewood also have some valid points. There is no reason for any fighting!

  20. Hatzolah is truly concerned with the level of care of their patients! Hatzolah is exteremly careful with the privacy and confidentiality of their calls and patients! Thank You! But I would like to add one thing. If there truly is an issue for Hatzolah to accept members who are young and inexperienced then it should be a rule without exceptions. why are there exceptions? There should be a rule that every member should have a min. of ten years experience on a first aid squad before joining Hatzolah. That way you avoid “kids” from treating your spouse in addition to having only very experienced EMTs!

  21. There are exceptions because its all about protekzia and connections its whoever greeses your wheels better.thats the only way you push ueself in but they have no intrest in taking you and response time to calls has slowed in certain areas.

  22. There is no reason to stop bickering about Hatzolah! They step on people everyday and not a soul has the courage to stand up and put an end to it! Hatzolah members think they are Gods gift to humanity! sorry guys, youre just EMTs with big egos! dont get me wrong, those members who go to take care of shelly are tzaddikim! but those fresh members who think they are in charge of lakewood need to be told that they are on Hatzolah to help and only help! otherwise they should get a job for lakewood police dept. Being on hatzolah doesnt make you any better than anyone else at all so stop making people feel that way!

  23. In all honesty, this whole blog is a sad representation of what you all know.
    As someone who has knowledge of both sides of the story, you sound very angry.
    Is there jealousy between the two (really 3)? yes.
    Should there be? no.
    Are we all there to do the same job? Absolutely!!

    Instead of venting in forum that only creates animosity, write a letter to someone in a position that can answer you, or better yet, try to set up a meeting with which ever organization it is that you have an issue with.

    Maybe after sitting down with someone who is able to respond to you, you will walk away a less angry person.

    Your creating a bad taste for whichever organization it is, on this blog, is simply not productive, and simply not derech eretz!

  24. hey! thats not fair! why are you talkin about Hatzolah like that? They get out of bed in middle of the night for ppl. they leave work for the klal. they leave their families on shabbos to help others! that is sacrfice! So what if they walk around thinking they are better than everyone?! who cares!? let them have their fun! they give for us, so lets give to them!

  25. I am a member of Hatzolah and I believe there are some members who think they know everything! We dont need more members. We get to all the calls with good timing.

  26. I wonder what this bochur would think when iy’h he recovers and sees all the beautiful and heartfelt comments that were being blogged as he lay in critical condition. Let’s think about that for a minute and forget all this nonsense. If you really have an issue with Hatzoloh or any organization for that matter you gotta bring it up to the ones that can do something. Don’t hide behind your anonymous comments. That won’t get us anywhere. Honestly,I cannot believe that people can talk this way about an organization that dedicates themselves 24/7 literally. Who gives a hoot if they enjoy their lights a little. By and large they are out simply to help. Get over it and move on in life!

  27. just the same ignorance from some hatzolah guys, don’t tell us what to do ,we are above it all you guys are just angry etc…
    there are valid issues that were raised here ignoring it and mocking those who hide behind annonymous comments proves that the saftey of the tzibbur comes second to your big ego.

  28. 9:37,
    what type of sicko are you that you interact with Hatzoalh every day? Are you a buff? then you deserve to get stepped on & kicked in the pants every time you show up to a call. What type of sicko gets their enjoyment from other people's tzaros. Shut off your scanner and get a life!

  29. uh oh I think the buffs are getting to the hatzolah guys ,its not fair why should others make us feel less important since we are not the only ones who show up to a call anymore.

  30. 9:44,
    yes – now you can feel important too showing up to an accident and looking on while some poor woman gets assesed. You need to get to a shrink very fast!
    and oh by the way – vent & kvetch all you want….you are never getting on hatzolah! and ….its all your own fault! In your next life learn to control your sick impulses while your flashing lights are only on your bike. Once you install them in a car, it's too late.

  31. to 9:54

    Did you forget what you felt like before you got on to Hatzolah?

    it seems that your memory is crisp you know exactly what it feels like!

  32. Unfortunately it seems that this tragedy has become an event for some of those that applied to hatzolah and have not been voted on, to come on this site and bash the wonderful work that each hatzolah member does.
    Hatzolah is a democratic organization where the current members vote on future members.
    when a prospective name comes up, it is up to each member to do the research & then decide if this is someone they want on the organization. Since a name may not be familiar to all the members, it does help to know some of the right people and also to have developed a good reputation within the community.
    Now, this may be a good forum without embaressing anyone face to face to explain to some people why they may not be considered for membership. I have spoken to many Hatzolah members and have gotten the same feedback every single time.
    If you buff calls and get in the way than you will NEVER get on Hatzolah. If the victim would have wanted you on the call, they would've called you direct.
    If you currently have illegal blue & red lights in your car – chances are you will not be voted on.
    If you spend 10 minutes every day bad mouthing Hatzolah and hatzolah members, chances are again you will not get on. (you wouldn't vote for a candidate that says bad things about you either)
    If you are currently a teenager at risk, you will need to shape up your act and then wait a good couple of years after marriage for memories to fade before you even have a chance.
    If you are currently on another squad, make every effort to cultivate a good relationship and cooperate with the Hatzolah members you work with. Nobody wants to work with difficult people and you will probably be voted down when your name comes up.
    I hope all buffs and sincere applicants find this information helpful.

  33. If Hatzolah takes on another ten members by Dec. 31, 2009 I would like to donate $360,000 to help support this great Hatzolah and much needed members!

  34. If Hatzolah members would be a little more considerate to the needs of buff members they would very easily eliminate buffs. Buffs are usually good people with good heart who have had difficult childhood years. They are in desperate need for love and positive attention. That is human nature. Everyone needs it. Buffs are usually people who have lots of time on their hands. Now lets look at the facts a moment, everyone agrees that a car the smashes into a pole can be a very interesting scene! Even Hatzolah members love coming to these calls which is totally fine and normal. So why does an EMT have more a right to watch the event unfold?! As for those people who use their lights illegally, Lakewood Police should handle them, not members of Hatzolah directly. It is not professional and not your job. I strongly believe if members of Hatzolah would give some attention to the needs of these buffs, they would be able to connect with them and be mekarev them. You hatzolah memebrs can help these lost souls. These buffs look up to you. Once you gain their respect, I can promise you that all you will need to do is simply ask your new friend to please not buff calls anymore, and they will more than glad to comply. I’ve seen this happen to many buffs in NY. Hatzolah gets called to all sorts of emergencies and situations to help people in need. Well now once again the great Hatzolah of Lakewood is being called to help teens at risk in dire need of attention and friendship, and respect. If you give it to them, they do the same in return! Hatzlochah!

  35. there are 2 issues here one of which people want to get on and join hatzolah.
    the other issue is the general attitude of current members who walk around with ignorance and holier than though attitude,as much as hatzolah keeps all the infighting and power struggles within the organization, there is still a general feeling of arrogance and control by many residents we are makir tov for the mesiras nefesh of the EMT’s but why give attitude and let your importance be known to all.

  36. This topic has generated a great number of comments, many too vitriolic to publish. We remind you not to use this forum for Loshon Hara, to poke fun at others or for posting hateful comments. Those will be not get posted. If you would like to disagree with others’ facts or views, please try to do so in a respectful and tasteful manner. This will (a) get you published, and (b) probably gain more favorable consideration for your viewpoint. Thank you for understanding and cooperating.

  37. This topic has generated a great number of comments, many too vitriolic to publish. We remind you not to use this forum for Loshon Hara, to poke fun at others or for posting hateful comments. Those will not get posted. If you would like to disagree with others’ facts or views, please try to do so in a respectful and tasteful manner. This will (a) get you published, and (b) probably gain more favorable consideration for your viewpoint. Thank you for understanding and cooperating.

  38. Lakewood Hatzolah has the fastest responce time from any other Hatzolah in the world, not BP or flatbush with there hundreds of members comes close to the responce time of lakewood Hatzolah. So the next time you see a Hatzolah Member thank him dont bash him.

  39. my bro-in-law is on lakewood Hatzolah and by the way LAkewood Hatzolah has More then 50 members not 43 like some previouse blogger. They service a community of 8000 familys. Boro Park Hatzolah has 140 members (acording to a recent article by them in the yated or hamodia) and they service 50,000 families and with a prodominatly older demigraphics. you do the math and then get back to me.

  40. there may be 50 members but a lot of them are not active its always the same ones who show up to all the calls
    and in BP they are stratigicaly spread across town not all concentrated in one area.

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