UPDATE – TEHILLIM: Lakewood Girl in Critical Condition After Being Struck by Vehicle; Information Being Sought

The Lakewood girl struck by a vehicle on Thursday in in critical condition, the family says.

The girl was struck by a truck driver who reportedly circumvented a car that had stopped to let her cross at the intersection of Cross Street and River Avenue. She is 12 years old.

The family wrote, “Our 12 year old daughter Batsheva Esther b Deena Zahava is in her 2nd brain surgery now. She was R”l hit by a pickup truck on Thursday and is in Critical condition. They operated on Friday to drain the pressure on her brain but it built up again today and she stopped breathing twice. PLEASE daven for her now and do any zchusim you can. Thank you, and may we share besuros tovos bkarov.”

The family is also seeking any surveillance video or dashcam video of the accident, which could help them with the investigation. Anyone with footage around the time of 7:15 PM-7:30 PM is asked to send it in via TLS.

Please be Mispallel for Batsheva Esther bas Deena Zahava.

You can join in Tehillim online here.

UPDATE: Thank you to the multiple readers who sent in footage of the accident. It has been forwarded to the family.

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  1. May she have a refua shelaima!!

    What’s with stopping to let people cross?? I guess it’s not smart to be nice sometimes!! This is the 2nd such accident in a very short time!

  2. Hello scream at the murderous truck driver! It’s the law to yield to pedestrians in nj at a crosswalk. Whoever can’t handle a crowded city is welcome to skip town.
    Some patience is needed! It’s understood people are bust and life is hectic, but if you drive you must take a deep breath and slow down.

    • Well I believe she was crossing before the intersection, I see it all the time, and people stop to let them cross when the only have control over their car and no other traffic, we should hold a traffic safety asifa where we discuss all the issues in this town including people driving cars that are 2020 and newer with built in Bluetooth yet they are holding their phone to their ear

  3. It would be so nice if TLS would be more descriptive with locations in general. Specifically here, how would anyone know if they could help with surveillance without a clear location.

  4. The Lakewood Township is earning a ton of money through property taxes. Why can’t they afford a camera at that intersection. The cost of a camera is about .00000000000001 percent of the revenue.

  5. updating peoples awareness of how precious life is it’s something we all have to pay attention to… Whether it’s mental issues that have to be addressed… Whether it’s the ability to drive an electric vehicle in harmony with larger automobiles… Or the inability for people to understand how to drive correctly… Don’t get in the car and make your own rules every time you drive… we have Very well learned rabbis and people in this town it’s about time we started addressing the situation… Human life is very precious … good luck… And be safe

  6. Could all your Moronic commentators for once abstain from spewing nonsense. Just cor once, like when parents are pressing for information

    • I agree with you. TLS should also think twice about printing some of the comments made that show shallow and ,for the lack of a better word, stupid comments by some people.

  7. I will say a prayer for this child. I would like to see her have a speedy recovery and be at home with her loved ones. I am very sorry for what you are dealing with. Every day I see children walking or riding scooters on these 2 roads and every day I take extra special caution when driving through intersections. Even if I have a green light I still slow down and look both ways. I worry about the children in our neighborhood every day. I drive around Lakewood for 6-10 hours a day 6 days a week for work. I frequently need to make stops but have learned to be patient and be aware of my surroundings. I have young boys play chicken with me while I am driving down residential streets. It never fails. They also have a tendency to toss balls in front of my vehicle and chase after them. It never fails to happen especially in tight areas like ponderosa and other developments off of river. kids are constantly running blindly into the street chasing a ball or they playing freeze tag when they see a car coming. It’s like clockwork. When I tell them to be careful they respond by running in front of the car and yelling out that they are invincible. Then they just stand in the street testing my patience. It’s an everyday event in Forest Park. So I am used to it by now. Unfortunately some adults don’t feel the need to scold them. Instead they just watch. I am smart enough to know it’s not their fault. They are young and in the stages of learning right from wrong. I can tell you that I’m not the only one who deals with this on a daily basis because my co workers see it as well. Thankfully we are used to it and have learned to always be on alert for kids running around. Sorry for my rant but accidents and children getting hurt is becoming an everyday event. Nobody is even attempting to address the issue. This is a textbook example of “The bystander effect” I pray every night that educated high ranking members of the community bond together and let children know that nobody is invincible and it takes a second for life to take a turn for the worst. So tell those kids to be more aware of their surroundings cause others aren’t going to do it for them.

    • I just read your long post and you are 100% right , I have said many times over the years “It takes one second of stupidity to cause you a lifetime of grief”

    • Bubba has a lot of patience for those taunting little kids. Sometimes I run out of patience and start inching forward and they start laughing as though it’s the funniest thing ever.
      In Brooklyn, kids know that a street is a place to be careful, but out of the city, kids are taught that every small street – development or not – is for them to play in and to laugh as the nervous car drivers that are trying to pass.

  8. Refuah Sheleimah!
    As an aside. Crosswalks, especially the “automatic, every corner is a crosswalk, always yield to pedestrians” set-up is insane and dangeous.
    A car that comes to a sudden halt on an unmarked corner to let someone, often unseen to the car following- especially if it is a child, cross, can be rear-ended or passed, with terrible results.
    Bottom line. We need Rachamei Shomayim.

  9. I grew up in Lakewood and the amount of cars that didn’t yield or even acknowledge me was insane. My heart goes out to the young lady and her family. We need to find that truck and hold them accountable. They should get their license suspended and face legal repercussions.

    • Nobody wrote anywhere that it was a hit and run. My understanding was that the driver remained at the scene. The family is seeking camera footage / witnesses to understand what happened.

      • That’s absolutely not the reason. Most accidents should be called “lawbreaking incidents” because that’s the cause of most “accidents”. Speeding, talking, texting, not yielding to pedestrians etc. And no, we do not have to have compassion for the drivers that are breaking the law. We need to have compassion for the people that are injured because these drivers are careless and dangerous

        • @Life is Precious
          The radio hasn’t called them accidents in a long while, instead calling them crashes which is what they are.

  10. The driver did do something wrong if he passed a stopped vehicle on the right. It’s illegal for a reason! The least he should have done if he was passing on right is to slow down to make sure no one was crossing!

  11. Terrible! Every rd should have sidewalks and crossing lights and cameras for those who don’t follow the law. Hashem should protect us all. For those who like to blame everyone else, check your own driving habits! Are being careful when you drive, that someone’s life is dependent are your focus? is there 0.01% chance that little shortcut, rushing in an intersection, or rushing behind the last car when the light is red, driving down the middle of the rd when that is clearly for cares turning?! The people who are meant to see this don’t care, but if enough people are more careful, those who aren’t will be a minority, and hopefully be ashamed to do so often.

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