UPDATE: More Yeshivas, Batei Midrashim cancel Purim Mesibas due to Covid

Last week, TLS reported Rabbi Rotberg’s Shul in Toms River had announced it cancelled its Purim Mesiba over Covid concerns.

TLS has learned that multiple other Yeshivas and Batei Midrashim in the Lakewood area have cancelled this year’s events as well.

Earlier this month, Agudah released guidelines for Purim.

Among the guidelines: Mesibos and Seudos: Community Purim seudos, mesibos, or other gatherings, even with appropriate precautions, should be avoided.

Collecting and Distributing Tzedakah: Both givers and collectors of tzedakah funds in each community should minimize contact and social interaction this Purim. Of course, matanos l’evyonim and tzedakah should remain at least at the same level as previous years. Bochurim should not go out in groups to collect money. Mosdos whose talmidim usually circulate through communities might consider, this year, setting up a phone bank where the bochurim can call the yeshiva’s supporters for donations.

Indeed, some Yeshivas have already announced they will not be sending out groups to collect, and are working on other methods for fundraising.


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  1. TLS,

    Stop your agenda! A bunch of power hungry individuals. If we don’t cancel our weddings and Davening in shuls then useless to cancel our Purim gatherings. Maybe get ppl to wear masks in Groceries etc. or kids should social distance in schools. If someone did not have the virus or is at risk they are free to close they’re door and stay home.

  2. Hashem in his rachmanus and wisdom made the temptation to party together easier to resist. Purim is EREV SHABBOS in the WINTER. You can stay home, enjoy you family, and no you don’t have to show off your matching costumes, and YES you can drink and enjoy yourself without your buddies/family members. And in the zechus of being nosei b’ol chaveiro (which could end up being your own family members) may this mageifa come to an abrupt end and we will celebrate Pesach in Yerushalayim this year.

  3. This is sad on many levels. I understand the shul & Yeshivos have to do this, but it’s still sad. Bochurim LOVE Purim & sometimes build a very strong Kesher with their Rabbeim on Purim. Also, Many people can really use a dose of cheer after this very trying year. I’m hoping people have an enjoyable Purim with a MUCH smaller crowd – although it’s gonna be a different vibe, for sure.
    Happy Purim to all !!

    • Unfortunately I had a Covid outbreak in my home and while in quarantine I had someone knock on my door from a local yeshiva collecting. I kindly told him through the door that we had people who had Covid in my house, but he tried to insist on me letting him in regardless. I mentioned I would give him a significant check if the yeshiva sent me something in the mail but he insisted on getting money right then. I asked him to back away from the door as even though he didn’t care I didn’t want to be responsible for him getting sick and threw out $10. It was a bad look for the yeshiva in my opinion.

      The point was that it’s probably not the smartest thing going from home to home right now and I know many are in the same position as myself where we would be more than happy to give to our local mosdos if we get something in the mail.

  4. 2 weeks ago thousand boys and men splashed and played in the water park of American mall, didn’t seem to bother anyone, the next night the lady’s and girls did the same, but when it comes to mitzvos all of a sudden we are very concerned about covid

  5. Problem is that people don’t know how to do the right thing. Wear masks and social distance. Young people think they’re immune so they don’t care about anybody else. Truth is that young people are getting covid at the moment with serious symptoms. What’s are people not understanding ?

  6. dear fed up, not sure where you live, but every yeshiva in lakewood has been in full gear including full contact basketball etc… inter yeshiva games on friday and motsei shabbos, full avos ubonim programs , where do you live why is purim any different then any other day??

    • So I think what Fed up is saying is that if people followed medical protocol that even our frum doctors are saying is proven to either stop or cause a milder case of Covid, we could probably have mesibos in town. If they had been trained to do the right thing from the start, and do it at avos u’banim, basketball, water parks, chasunahs, kiddushim and everything else we wouldn’t have to “cancel” so many purim related events that are proven to be dangerous without masks and distancing. I this is inaccurate info but a Hatzalah member shared with my husband that Lakewood may have the highest percentage of serious Covid cases overall, including deaths, people who were on ventilators or who are still suffering from debilitating after effects than communities that took precautions. It seems that these kehillos can foresee that without these precautions there will be a rise in serious Covid cases and since most will not follow the rules then if we can prevent even one death or serious case, they are probably mechuyav to make this move and cancel their mesiba. A true gibor is not one who bends to what society demands but who does what is right as per their daas torah even if it will cause an outrage. These shuls and mosdos, including BMG are being giborim by cancelling mesibos despite the outcry

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