UPDATE: Lakewood Rabbonim clarify Eruvin position

See updated letter below. The original letter was published in September.

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  1. The Rabbonim in our town need to realize that not all neighborhoods are the same. Although they live in areas where the majority want to be machmir on various chumros, there are areas that are different. Every neighborhood Rav should be able to decide without pressure from others where and how he wants to give Hashgacha on an Eiruv. In that way he will be comfortable to publicize his Hashgacha. There are many places that the Rav removes his Hashgacha days after giving it, but the petiole continue to carry. There are other areas where people put up Eiruvin without Hasgacha altogether because they don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy. Then there are areas with an eiruv on a block or two but no one publicizes the boundaries and therefore people carry out of it. I live in an area where no one wants to say who and where the Eiruv is. I’ve seen people carry outside of these boundaries many times.
    Once again, the point is every Rav should decide what is right for his community. He should not be looked down for this and bothered by other Rabbonim

  2. It’s def a problem, people just carry. Interestingly enough, our children don’t even know carrying is not allowed on shabbos. We live in a small complex that has an eruv. When we were away for shabbos, my seven years old had a really hard time comprehending why he couldn’t carry if we carry at Home. He never heard about this before.

    • Chazal did not not have that problem of kids not knowing about not carrying on shabbos. you just created a new issue. that’s your problem, you should educate your child.

    • When Rabbi Teitz Z”L from Elizabeth made his city eruv, one of the conditions was that he took down the eruv one Shabbos a year so that children should understand the concept of not carrying on Shabbos.

    • This is what I tell my children:
      “We’re allowed to play in the street on Shabbos because we have an eruv and there are no cars.
      During the week there are cars in the street, and in other places, they don’t even have an eruv.
      Aren’t we lucky to live on a street where everyone keeps Shabbos together?”

  3. Eruvin have become a political issue in some neighborhoods. People who don’t want the eruv for their own reasons fight against those who want an eruv even when it is allowed l’halacha. I live on a block where we saw chillul shabbos every week with people mistakenly carrying out of the eruv, yet people fought putting an eiruv there for reasons a reputable rav said were chumros at most. (Eventually logic and halacha won and the eruv was put up).
    If it is decided an eruv can be put up and someone doesn’t feel it meets their standards, feel free to teach your family not to use it, but please don’t force the chumros on others – especially when it is indirectly causing chillul shabbos.
    All neighborhoods and shuls should have clear signs hanging that show the eruvin boundaries in the area and the person in charge so anyone with questions can contact them.

  4. Whats the issue with Hope Road eruv? Reb Yechezkel Roth was here a few years ago we showed him the eruv on Hope Road he said there is no problem in making a eruv there. If someone holds differently they should publish their biur halacha not say it’s not the place to elaborate

    • If you are really concerned and want to be informed on the issue, why don’t you contact the Rabanim who signed the letter, at least of a few of them a readily available, and I doubt they view TLS.

  5. It’s impossible the read the pdf documents posted, when on mobile.
    When clicking on them, they don’t expand to full page.

    Please fix this common problem.

  6. According to this letter from our gedolei harabonim which should be listened to, is Hope Chapel Road the same problem as County Line and Route 70? A different problem? How should we be cautious? Probably best to speak to the Rabbonim directly……

  7. The big question everyone has to answer ( for themselves ) is: when in come to halocha and Shabbos, do I follow the Rov’bonim or the olem? And what I see?
    Most posts here are ‘I see’ I hear’ etc.
    what difference does it make what you see by others who in turn say what they see be you?
    Do you what to be oveer esuri shabbos ? Maybe some chumros have a reason?
    I just met an eruv expert that went around( notin lakewood ) he couldn’t beleave the mistakes some local rabboim have made!! Some times there are very good reasons for chumros in the real practical world beyond what the dry chalocha says . Rabonim are out for you good

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