Up To 5 Hatzolah Members To Join Advanced Medic Program

In an effort to provide advanced life-saving services to the community, beginning in September, as many as 5 basic Hatzolah members-also known as BLS (Basic Life Support) Units-will be starting the advanced Paramedic-ALS (Advanced Life Support) course. The nearly two year course-which consists of approximately 1,000 hours of training and costs about $8,000 per member-is sponsored by Hatzolah. Last September, MONOC teamed up with Haztolah, calling it the Partnership Provider Model by MONOC, which allows for additional services to be provided while doing so in a fiscally responsible manner. In this model, the Hatzolah Mobile Intensive Care Unit (MICU) , based in the heart of the community, is ready to respond to ALS calls. Hatzolah Paramedics receive the same medical oversight, training, quality assurance and equipment as the rest of the MONOC program. There are currently 10 medics on Hatzolah. TLS.

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  1. B"H! Thats wonderful. Now that these 5 members will be very busy maybe they can take on some new members.lately I have heard several complaints about Hatzolah's response time.I am Chas V'shalom not knocking Hatzolah they are amazing!!! But think about how many active members there are and how big and spread out Lakewood is….

  2. Its time for expansion hatzolah is not doing enough to cover all areas of town lakewood needs more members, is all the infighting and politics worth the saftey of our community?

  3. If members of our community will stop using Hatzolah as thier own personnel doctors, maybe they won't be tied up on BOO BOO calls, so that they can respond to real emergency's. Every time a member responds to a call they,

    1. have to stop what they are doing (which they are proud to do).

    2. loose parnasa

    3. leave there family (dinner, swimming, waiting by a store,graduation…)

    Every member would drop everything to help anybody in trouble but the little scratch, or brused hand or leg YOU CAN GO TO YOUR OWN DR.

    Good Luck in your class.

  4. How many of u complainers have an application in by hatzolah that was rejected ?
    Are you really worried about the response time or are you just upset that you didn't get on ?!?!?!

  5. I am not a person who even dreams of being on Hatzolah.As being in lakewood fore the last 20 years and seeing its growth,its about time Hatzolah expands to the necessary amount of members.The necessary amount is,As long as hatzolah can say to them selves they had enough members that if chas vsholom something happens because it took an extra 3 min.for a member to get there.That is when they should start playing politics.Hatzolah does not belong to any indavidual it belongs to the tzibur.

  6. To Y.Scwartz,
    I think that if you asked any member they would tell you that they would rather be bothered to come out even if someone is not sure if Hatzolah is really needed then to Chas V'shalom find out later that they really were needed… But what does that have to do with takeing on more members?
    The fact still remains that the town has grown B"H and even without responding to "boo boo" calls there are not enough members.

  7. Just curious: Does anyone know an exact number of units on Lakewood Hatzolah? How about in Boro Park or Flatbush? From all the bickering going around here which no doubt is coming from bored singles dying to get onto Hatzolah I think it would make sense for us to know how many members there actually are in Lakewood and in comparison BP and Flatbush

  8. I'm not bored and I'm not single in fact I am married close to ten years. And yes I did send in an application and have never heard back from Hatzolah. I am not writing this because I am bitter but because it is intolerable. Like a previous poster wrote, it is an organization that belongs to the Tzibur. Boro Park has aprox. 150 members and that is without Flatbush. True, BP has many more people and many more calls. But Lakewood is probably 3 times the area of BP! If I could do something that would ensure proper coverage of all of Lakewood but then I would never get on to Hatzolah I would do it in a heartbeat…

  9. l-47? How many of those are active?
    People who moved to NY are included in that number as well as a member who has a number but only dispatches etc. There are quite a few who are no longer active.

  10. Most of these comments are from the loosers who didn't get on , and guess what I hope u guys never get on ! When they need they take just bec they didn't take someone u know its to bad

  11. ok to everyone complaining l-47 is the highest number now with 6 probys also there are very few unactaive members. boro park has skiped from 99 till 200 and the 300 numbers are either probys or members from out of n.y.
    the response time here in lakewood compared to n.y is much better

  12. Keep on fooling yourselves. we will all wake up when chas vsholm its to late for someone. out of all the comments only two wrote about "losers" who didnt get on.
    And that is besides the point. We need more members!!!

  13. Anonymous at 11:43.

    I don't know whether your information is correct or not. What I do know is what you said about the response time is a bald faced lie!

  14. Imagine hatz would have taken all these guys who made comments ?!!?!? Now I understand why they take all of u just from ur comments u sound like little baby's B"H they don't take thes kind of guys , maybe the sanitation has work for u

  15. Anonymous said…
    I think the problem with all these bitter ppl is that Lakewood EMS stopped accepting frum volunteers……….

    July 13, 2009 12:52 AM

    NO they still bring on frum as soon as proby's go active

  16. Just to answer the responding time
    Coming from someone that has a lot of sychut to Hatzolah, i know that many problems start from the civilians. yes also for the booo booo calls but the drivers in lakewood are unfortunately learning from he drivers in brooklyn. that is why Hatzolah is later because their is a car in the middle of the road being selfish and not moving aside for the lighted and sirened vehicle
    Please take it into consideration. Hatzolah needs all our help. But only those that are optimistic and willing to be part of the Hatzolah family

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