UEZ Funds New Ambulances For Haztolah And EMS

New Ambul cropped_wm(Click on images to enlarge). (Second photo in extended article). In 2008, Lakewood Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS) answered 5,584 calls from a population of 60,352 residents (number of residents based on the last census).  Although its ambulances were only five-years-old, they had more than 100,000 miles from responding to an average of 15 or more calls a day. Scott Carter, RN, MICP (Mobile Intensive Care Paramedic), Supervisor of the Department of Emergency Medical Services (EMS), Lakewood, was growing concerned about the reliability of the township ambulances. Recently, however, the Lakewood EMS received a $104,000.00 grant from the UEZ (Urban Enterprise Zone) Assistance Fund for one of two new Lakewood Township ambulances.  With a Township contribution of additional funds, the EMS was able to purchase a brand new 2009 ambulance.
In addition, Hatzolah Ambulance service, a volunteer EMS group in Lakewood, also applied for a UEZ grant and received funding for another ambulance.   
New Hatzolah Ambu Funded by_wmMayor Robert W. Singer says, “The UEZ with its Zone Assistance funds provides a tremendous tax-saving benefit for the residents of Lakewood Township.  In addition to 911, the staff of our EMS works with the Fire Department and other emergency response teams to give the kind of on-the-scene care, no matter the weather, that better ensures the health and wellness of all our residents. 
Patricia Komsa, Lakewood Township’s new UEZ director, says, “The EMS Department, manned with 16 full-time staff, provides emergency medical services seven days a week, 24-hours a day, to more than 60,000 residents and businesses within the 25-square miles of Lakewood Township with only three ambulances and two first responder units.”
With the help of former Urban Enterprise Zone (UEZ) director Russell Corby and Patricia Komsa, the new Lakewood UEZ director, the township submitted a request to the UEZ for a grant since a great deal of the ambulance call volume falls within the zone of UEZ projects.  Committeeman Meir Lichtenstein is the liaison to the Lakewood EMS services.

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  1. So glad to hear hatzola got an ambualce. Bit isn’t the point of the uez to help with projects that help business?I guess when you have the right connections you can get what you want

  2. Per the Township website, this may be illegal use of funds:


    In 1983 the New Jersey State Legislature created legislation establishing the Urban Enterprise Zone program, which is intended to stimulate job creation in economically distressed areas. In 1994 the Township of Lakewood received Urban Enterprise Zone designation – the only Ocean County municipality with such a designation.


    In the United States, Urban Enterprise Zones (UEZs), also known as Enterprise Zones, encourage development in blighted neighborhoods by offering entrepreneurs and investors tax and regulatory relief if they start businesses in the area. It is an area where companies can locate free of certain local, state, and Federal taxes and restrictions.

  3. I love hatzola but I think #1 is right. business are struggling and that money is designed to help spur business, lately I’ve seen many a police car with the label funded by uez. what’s up with that . but still I’m happy for hatzalah, they deserve all of our support . just memo to lakewood township: let’s try to stick to the book in everything we do . its what the people want . including zoning laws etc

  4. Well the politicians can say look we were able to get money to the community….. SCHI…… We are helpiong you. It is all wonderful but why with our tax monmey that everybody is choking on? What right do they have to do this?

  5. to tls. you have to be careful what you post here. you can take what’s seems like an innocent story and turn it into a controversy that spreads like wildfire. (really) think before you post app is watching and uses the comments as fodder fuel against lakewood. they are often saying” sources tell us” when actuality its some bored guy blogging on a post

  6. I really don’t see a problem. If you don’t have people, you don’t have business. EMS makes sure the people stay alive and able-bodied so they can continue to produce more business..

    After all, this doesn’t seem any different then all the hundreds of millions of dollars being doled out by congress to almost anything under the sun as part of the economic “stimulus” plan..

  7. Oh great. We just started a new scandal over an ambulance. Use it in good health fellas. And keep up your fantastic work. You are all our heros. You work tirelessly only for others.and deserve only our full support.

  8. I recently used hatzalah and my insurance got billed for the ambulance transport. Is this always done , or is it new . It didn’t cost me anything and Hatzalah got reimbursed I think its a win win.

  9. Ok. Let’s try this. Did ada gonzalez get something in return? Ok tls is that vague enough for you?we alll love hatzolah.but I still think people use the uez like the dor hamabul was oiver genevah. Each took pachus mshevah prutah. But in the end the person was left with nothing. That is how everyone uses the uez. Alittle for this friend alittle for that one. at least we got an ambulance this time.

  10. Thank You Hatzalah .TO answer your Questions… NO Hatzalah does NOT get reimburse by insurance nor do any of the members get paid (volunteer) if Chas Vishalom you need a Medic then MONOC bills you and they get paid (not the Hatzalah medics).
    Second of All … All you people complaining about why Hatzalah got an ambulane you are all hypocrites..How many times did you call hatzalah or did a family member or friend call hatzalah. They are always here for all of us. They don’t need a new ambulance..WE DO we need the ambulance for OUR remember OUR community. Yes and we need more ambulances. The UEZ is here to help OUR community with OUR needs!!!!! So a little Hakoras Hatov, and stop Bashing everything!!!!!! Yes we are a nation of CHESED, there is no room for resentment!!!!!


  11. Is the problem that Hatzolah got a new ambulance or that Lakewood EMS got an ambulance. I don’t have a problem with either one. I’m glad that both were able to get available help so as to be there for us if we ever need them. Now you all bored critics get a life! Maybe spend some time learning CPR instead of posting dumb comments.

    To billed, Hatzolah sent out a brochure explaining the whole process how they work with MONOC. I’m sure you can call them and ask them to send you one. It will help explain why & by whom you were billed.

    Thanks to all emergency ppl who are always there for us.

  12. to shlomo l.
    i think the townships website describing the work of the uez needs to be changed drastically.
    here is the original:
    Lakewood’s historic downtown evokes a leisurely, bygone era. The district features red brick sidewalks lined with antique-style street lamps. During warm months, the beautiful town square is the perfect setting for afternoon strolls and occasional outdoor performances. There’s plenty of free parking (no meters!) and many businesses enjoy the benefits of the Urban Enterprise Zone’s 3.5% Sales Tax!

    here is the updated version:
    What used to be Lakewood s historic downtown,is now only a remnant of its bygone era.The district features broken sidewalks .graffiti stainedwalls,plastered with posters for mariachi bands and old chinese auctions.During the warm months mental patients and homeless people crowd the square while hispanic men block traffic along the entire sidewalk all day.Outdoor performances include evangelical preachers telling jews they will burn in hell or graduation ceremonies for english as a second language for hispanics.there are plenty of trees and lampposts to keep your bike tied to all day.and parking is free and available as long as you are willing to walk all the way from 5th street.many businesses enjoy the benefits of laundering drug money in the urban enterprise zone.and you will never have to wait on line in any of the many cd stores and money transfer spots.as a matter of fact,no one ever walks out with a purchase.Lakewoods uez ,truly a home run for uncaring landlords and drug dealers.

  13. This is a win win for the community, and not the first time emergency response equipment was purchased for use in the Industrial Park and other parts of the UEZ. Both Police and Fire have benefited in the past with grants to purchased equipment that protected life and property in the zone. Any time we as tax payers only have to fund HALF the cost of an ambulance for the paid EMS and the volunteers squad – that’s not a bad thing.
    I just worry that we will lose the UEZ designation in the industrial park because its becoming more of a school zone then an actual business/ Industrial zone IMO.

  14. The reason a hatzolah ambulanc e can be funded by the uez is because property tax bills are processed downtown. And the leading cause of heart attacks is when people open their tax bill. And of course you call hatzolah. So you see the source for the need of anew ambulance is in the center of downtown lakewood. Now that makes sense. Money well spent. Hope I nor you ever need to see it inside.

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