Tired of Forgetting the Daf? Try Zichru, the Revolutionary Memory Program for Daf Yomi!

Discover the memory power you never knew you had and join the thousands of lomdei Daf Yomi worldwide who now remember what’s on every blatt they’ve learned.

Try Zichru for Sotah and you’ll be able to review the entire Masechta by memory on Shavuos.

You’ll be able to:

  • Go through a Masechta by memory, daf by daf
  • Instantly recall which Daf a sugya is on
  • Review tens of blatt while driving to work, walking to shul, or waiting in line

Don’t believe it’s possible? Watch lomdei Daf Yomi be tested on 1,000 blatt. 

What is Zichru?

Zichru is a revolutionary memory program that employs the Torah’s master strategy of Simanim to make a kinyan on one’s learning. It was launched at the start of the Daf Yomi cycle, and our members from around the world can now recall the topics on over 1,000 blatt.

How does it work?
Three topics are selected from each Daf and incorporated into a creative story that links those topics to the “os” of the Daf. This enables you to easily review and recall what’s on every Daf.

What if I don’t have a good memory? I’ve never been able to remember my learning for the long term.
Most people underestimate their memory because they have never been taught how to use it. We provide 14 days of coaching to teach the most powerful strategies for memory, mastery and review. We also employ a variety of resources such as audio shiurim, illustrations, and even animations that make it easy for people to remember the material in different ways.

But I already go to or listen to someone’s shiur and/or have a chavrusa.
That is ideal. Zichru picks up where the shiur leaves off, and only focuses on helping one retain what they’ve already learned.

But don’t I have to set aside a lot of time to do chazarah?
That’s the beauty of Zichru. On average, it takes less than thirty seconds to recall the topics on each Daf. This means that one can review ten blatt in just five minutes, twenty blatt in 10 minutes. And since it is a memory program, review can be done anywhere, anytime. In the car, walking to shul, sitting at a chasunah, and standing in line at the supermarket.

Can someone not doing the Daf, do Zichru too?
Of course. Zichru works for every Daf and for any learning pace.

How much does Zichru cost?
Zichru is absolutely FREE!

Wow! What do I have to lose? Where do I sign up?

Simply go to Zichru.com or download the Zichru App. You can also access the audio shiurim in English and Yiddish on the Zichru Hotline: 929-447-0033

Sign up Today to receive 14 Days of FREE Memory Coaching and see for yourself that you can remember 14 blatt in 14 days. 

Just go to www.zichru.com or download the Zichru App. 

“Zichru is a dream come true. I just chazered all 120 blatt in Pesachim over the course of one single day.” – Rabbi Odom Silverstein, Lakewood

“I started Zichru with Berachos and now know what’s on every daf for over one third of Shas. I review on average 80 blatt a day.” – Mordechai Golombeck, Passaic

“I joined Zichru with Arvei Pesachim and chazer close to three hundred blatt a week. If someone told me a year and a half ago, I could do such a thing, I would have told them they’re crazy.” – Sheya Seidenfeld, Williamsburg

Sign up Today to receive 14 Days of FREE Memory Coaching and see for yourself that you can remember 14 blatt in 14 days.

Just go to www.zichru.com or download the Zichru App

Our members experience breakthroughs in their memory.

“I am a kollel youngeman from Lakewood who just started doing Daf Yomi for the first time. Zichru has made this learning experience like no other! I can’t even imagine what it would be to do the Daf without Zichru. The clarity that I have gotten of the first perek so for is unreal! I haven’t known the pieces of an entire perek so well before, that in seconds can say over what topics of every single blatt! I highly recommend anyone doing the Daf to join Zichru ASAP!”

Reuven M. Lakewood

“I have an average memory and have always struggled with chazara methods or the lack thereof. But now I walk away from each daf of gemara with tangible, retrievable facts etched in my memory. My U’vlechtecha Badrech learning has never been greater!”

“I am now able to review many dafim whilst driving, whilst sitting by a simcha, whilst waiting in the line, whilst trying to fall asleep by night.” – Mordechai Weiss, London

“I tried Zichru’s twelve day challenge at the beginning of Brachos, and the results were absolutely spectacular, bringing my Daf Yomi learning to a whole new level.  I now know over 1,000 blatt.”

Rabbi Shlomo Weissmann, Passaic

“In my wildest dreams I would never have believed that this program can work (at least for me) but it definitely became my wildest “reality” dream.”

S.H. Tom’s River

“Zichru has revolutionized my learning. I’ve spent almost ten years in Yeshiva and Kollel, and have never remembered anything this well.”

M.R. Yerushalayim

“Zichru is the single biggest thing to make me excited about learning in 15 years. I love it and look forward to it every day. I use about 10 minutes to run through 40 blatt. It’s really amazing. Can’t believe it.”

Mordy Goldenberg, Boca Raton

“Zichru has increased my confidence in my ability to retain exponentially, and may I add, my wife is very impressed as well. (I play the quizzes out loud on purpose so that she sees that I really am remembering it all.”

J.S. New York


“Incredible!  I am such a huge fan of Zichru. It is my favorite part of Daf Yomi.”


“This program is fun and it leaves you feeling amazing. A miracle it is when I actually have down 150 different topics in my head that I can recall. I walk twenty minutes to shul daily and get to chaser 120 or so topics. Whenever I see someone learning the Daf I want to scream at them, TRY ZICHRU! It’s been amazing.”

Moshe Wach, Far Rockaway

“I have been doing Daf Yomi for many years and felt that even though I was expending much time and effort, I was retaining very little.

“The program continues to amaze me as I can go from the beginning of the Masechta till where we are up to within minutes.”

R.M, Hamilton, Ontario

“Thanks so much for all you do for us. It’s unbelievable the impact the program has had on me.”


To learn more and to subscribe for Zichru videos, materials and updates visit www.zichru.com OR download the Zichru App.

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