Trash Sites Open 8AM Thursday And Run Until Erev Pesach

[LOCATIONS BELOW] Beginning at 8:00 AM Thursday morning, there will be DPW trash bins set up at eight locations throughout town. The sites will remain open from 8AM Thursday until 3PM on Friday, Erev Pesach.

Additionally, residents are welcome to drop off their trash at the Public Works complex. The DPW site accepts trash, recycling and bulk trash. No paint or thinners are allowed. The DPW site is open from 7AM-3PM.

The 8 locations are as follows:  

1.      Grand Chateau – Rt. 9

2.      Sunset Playground – Sunset Road

3.      PineVillage –Ponderosa Drive

4.      Villas –Champlain Ct.

5.      Old DPW – 9th Street

6.      Forest Avenue – btw 10th and 11th street

7.      JJF Public Works Complex –One America Avenue

8.      West Gate –Sanztown Road andGreen Cove Road

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  1. I find it amazing that everyone is always so concerned about always having the best healthcare, doctors etc. yet every year I see people driving down the road with children in their open trunks holding on to garbage cans. These people are totally reckless and the police should be issuing tickets for this.

  2. Get a life Curtis !!
    There is absolutely ZERO safty issue involved in a 10 year old holding a Garbadge can and the driver is driving btwn 2-11 miles per hour !!!!!

    Taking ur kids 2 amusement park rides is more dangerous !!

    Ur off ur rockers ! Stop drinking soda and stuffing ur face with mayonnaise that’s also a health hazard – way more than driving a few miles an hour with a kid in the trunk !!??!!

    “police should give tickets” ??!!?? R u nuts !? I guesss that’s y they can’t catch bank robbers or kidnaper’s cause they 2 busy “taking care of the safety of our children !!

    What a loser !

  3. All it takes is one driver texting or chatting on the phone to not notice a car going 2-11 MPH in a 35MPH zone……… a car going 35MPH hitting a car going 2MPH would give a child in the trunk a slim chance of surviving!
    Does it always need to be a fatal accident before you guys wise up??
    I agree with Curtis 100% #6- how about YOU go in the trunk and let your kids drive 2-11MPH!

  4. Why when a car drives thru a red light everyone makes a big deal but when a pedestrian runs thru on red no-one gives…? A car is bigger and more padded but a person will easily get killed!

  5. if you dont understand the safty issue of ten year old sitting in the trunk holding on to a garbage can, or a ten year old just sitting in the trunk no matter how fast or slow a car is going, well shame on you!! maybe give your kids ciggaretts because i’m sure theres something more dangerous than that too! and cops should give tickets because its illegal, maybe cops shouldnt give speeding tickets because like you say they should be out there catching bank robbers and kidnappers, not taking care of the safety of our children or any one else on the road for that matter!

  6. You should not be driving with me attached to your trunk anyway…besides anyone else attached to me! Take the bags out and close your trunk and drive.

  7. to #6: boy, do u have the right user name. you’ve got to be kidding!!! i personally know someone who fell out of a vehicle that wasn’t even moving, ,hit her head & got killed.i have also been to court here in lkwd where a father had to appear before a judge for doing precisely what has been described as” harmless” (driving w/ the lift gate open of a van while his child was holding on to a garbage pail).common sense dictates, it’s not a safe thing to do.

    U gotta B kidding – You are 100% wrong! This is a highly dangerous practice. A car going 11 mph down a busy, active street, with a child hanging out of the back, holding onto a 40 pound garbage can is a HUGE danger. The driver should be ticketed and child services should be called to ensure these children have a safe home.

  9. If you would put even a few seconds of rational thought into it, you would realize the extreme danger of this practice. The Torah doesn’t write Me’od very often but it’s there by Nafshoiseichem. Use your seichel and think of a different eitzah. For those who don’t listen I hope it falls under “Shoimer Pisayim Hashem”. Drive safe.

  10. i am o cop in lakewood this year if i see someone do it i will pull him over i am not haveing pity on anyone this year be carefull im driveing oround the hole lakewood not just one area you beter whatch out im sereious

  11. Sir Vincent – of course if s/1 who is texting while driving HE should b ticketed if he crashes in2 the 2-11 miles an hour guy not the 2-11 miles a/h guy !! DUH !what’s that got 2 do w/a !? And the texter can crash in2 regular driving cars too !!

    And Mr cop I guess all u know how 2 spell is the tickets u write – there should b some sort of criteria to be eligible to b a cop besides being gun happy 🙁

    Mr “Tracht ah bissel” try doing that sometime – and stop ur Lukshen Torah’s with ur pshetlach – the same Torah says not 2 have internet ! (so now ur gonna ask where !!!)

    Mr Observer – ur a lair !! U and tracht ah bissel conspired that baloney

    And Mr Fake “u gotta be kidding” ur a hoax

  12. Mr “just reading” y don’t u stick 2 just that !?

    As is obvious u didn’t add a/t to the sitch and n/1 is smarter than they were b 4 u commented
    So -as they say- if u have nothing (smart?) 2 say just keep reading !

  13. oh & i won’t b bothered reading people’s comments any longer since most have nothing worth wasting my time that should please u . HAPPY PESACH !!!!! 🙂

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