Tragic Petirah of Hayeled Shmuel Brog A”H, Victim of Accident [UPDATED]

Tragically, another victim of today’s accident in Jackson has passed away, Hayeled Shmuel Brog, four years old.

Shmuel is the son of Reb Avrohom, of the head staff at Oorah.

UPDATE: The Levaya is scheduled to take place at 1:45 PM Friday at the Bais Olam on East 7th Street (not at the Chapel).

Baruch Dayan Ha’emes.

Submitted: Mishnayos for Hayeled Shmuel Brog A”H.

(Note: The child’s name was published only after all the family was notified.)

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    • To RP and everyone else

      what a horrific tragedy to befall klal yisroel and another neshama leaving us behind for the olam haemes….

      In regards to your question on why Hashem would put so much tzaar (pain) on his loving children klal yisroel in such a short time filled with non stop horrific tragedies rachmana litzlan….. Welcome to the major issue facing the entire world of today’s generation. Called FACING REALITY…. Let’s be fully honest. What happens in today’s generation when tragedy strikes???? As high as 98 percent (yes you read correct almost everyone) with block the wake up call message directly from Hashem our loving father from their
      Faces and ask themselves what does Hashem want from me? I have nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic mageifa that has already killed millions Rachmana litzlan or with 9/11 a day that will never be forgotten I don’t work or even visit Manhattan. BUT in the back of our heads everyone gets Hashems wake up call for serious teshuva and Achdus together as one loving nation like we did in the story of Purim and our lives were saved.

      May we all finally wake ourselves up from living in denial and instead FACE REALITY so all tzaros in klal yisroel can come to a complete stop and Hashem can send mashiach already bkarov.

      May his neshama have an aliya.

    • Do you have the same question by good news ?
      What is the root of 50+ children being born every week, BAy”H ?
      What is the root of 5 weddings every night in Lakewood ?
      What is the root of 10 mosdos HaChinuch opening up every year ?
      What, what, what ?
      We don’t know.
      That’s what.

  1. We don’t have answers just like we don’t have answers for the tragedy of hundreds of girls and their parents crying themselves to sleep at night because they can’t find a zivug or the many couples who never were zocheh to children.

      Hashem already setup your sons and everyone else’s son/daughter zivug 40 days before they were even born. Forget about the fact that now they are holding at around 20 or so years later since they were born. Hashem has their zivug waiting for them and can send it to your son/daughter immediately but is just waiting for each person involved in shidduchim to do their RUCHNIUS hishtadlus of Bitachon and Emunah(faith and trust in Hashem) together with Tefillos/Prayers.
      Mrs. Seminary girl,/Mr. Learning/working boy Are YOU doing your RUCHNIUS hishtadlus? Not just your gashmius hishtadlus of dating and speaking to shadchanim etc….?
      Start turning directly to Hashem for help in all your needs, especially shidduchim that they say is a bigger miracle than the splitting of the Yam suf.
      Why are we not putting our faith and trust directly in our loving father, king of kings, ruler of the world Hashem? Especially when we all know the truth that Hashem has everything down to every person’s breath and penny of income already decreed since Rosh Hashanah for the entire upcoming year? Of course we need to do our Hishtadlus but the ultimate secret for success in our needs is to turn Directly to the source Hashem for help in anything. as we say in bentching from Tehillim “ודורשי ה לא יחסרו כל טוב” i.e. for one who seeks out Hashem directly lacks nothing that is good.

      (Every tragedy has a wake up call message directly from Hashem that you’re not going to find in any sefer in the world or read in any newspaper from a Gadol Hador or speaker saying about the tragedy.)

  2. Having recently suddenly lost a very young relative to an accident, my heart is with the family. May Hashem grant them the strength to get through this heartbreaking tragedy

  3. We don’t know cheshbonos Shomayim. The only concrete action that everyone should undertake, follow harrowing news like this, is to drive more courteously, carefully and legally. That will be an ilui neshoma for the niftar and an “ilui” conduct for the living. (And you can privately, between you and yourself, make cheshbonos of teshuva. But please stop reading into every accident your projection of every ill of society.)

  4. Kudos to the one that said to stop reading your agendas into everything.
    I think the idea that we don’t have big people to explain to us why things happened should make us pause and think how big people know Why tragediessm happened?
    They actually stop think and think again and judge again and again blast opposed to just quickly shoot off their comments for everyone to read… how insensitive they want such an epic tragedy happens within a few short minutes or hours you know the reason take a step back maybe that should be the lesson

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