Township To Request 2 New Traffic Lights On Route 9

The Township is expected to ask the State for two new traffic lights for Route 9, TLS has learned. The Township intends to ask for traffic lights at the intersection of Route 9 and 5th Street, andat Route 9 and 7th Street.

The traffic lights at the busy intersections will increase pedestrian safety, an official tells TLS. The intersections have been the sites of multiple accidents involving pedestrians over the last few years.

The Township Committee is expected to prepare the resolution for the State during its next meeting.

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  1. not in between. I still see crossing against the red, and going 100′ up from the intersection and crossing, and when pedestians are crossing at an intersection, cars not stopping for them when the pedestrian has the right of way. How about a light at River and Spruce and River and Oak. And how about putting left turn signals at most intersections controlled by a light.

  2. Hmmm just wondering with all the comments about other intersections… has anyone come to the realization that this town is overpopulated ?

  3. I have no protest with installing new lights, so long as they’re synchronized to always remain Green when I’m traveling that section of Route 9 🙂

  4. How about the lights being programmed that every time it sees a Yeshiva student going to the Beis Medrash to learn, It turns red that all cars stop & the Yeshiva student gets to learning quicker & there’s less bitul torah.

  5. How about putting a light at every intersection on Rt 9 north of the lake..we you never get anyplace?? Really ..more traffic lights?? what about the pedestrians just go to a light in the vicinity and cross there? Great

  6. how about facing reality & putting safety as a number 1 prospective in this town (besides the mitzva of v’nishmartem meod…)
    sadly its vice versa in this town & totally a sakana to everyone, as everyone just needs to fly by, but doesn’t even look before going for safety or pedestrians R”L. is there even a minute or two that we can stop being so self-centered & think about others safety instead

  7. It’s time that the township committee should investigate public transportation. The purchase of a few buses with a couple of defined routes around town and a minimal charge of a dollar or two to pay for fuel is warranted. It could help alleviate some of the traffic in the down town area

  8. Why don’t they remove the idiotic ped. crosswalks at those intersections cause that is what is causing accidents. That is the stupidist law around, that cars going 40+mph should have to stop for pedestrians getting ready to cross a major highway! Ridiculous!

  9. How about a high walk bridge instead of 2 traffic lights. that way there will be less traffic jams. A few of them in town would help the situation

  10. Putting new lights up will not change the flow of traffic. Build thousands of new buildings, houses and what not. This is the answer. Then we can ask for subways cause above ground will not be moving at all.

  11. Ahh….. To reminisce about the days when the lights on Rt 9 were at Rt 88, 2nd, 4th, 6th, and County Line. Children, let your fathers tell you about the days when you could drive through Lakewood in less than 5 minutes.

  12. not sure if traffic lights will solve the problem. it will most certainly slow down the traffic flow. pretty soon it will take forever to get from point A to point it is the traffic in Lakewood is absolutely ridiculous. I too believe that over crowding of the township has a huge impact on everyone who must travel about town.G-D forbid, there was a reason where people had to evacuate Lakewood. it would be impossible!(food for thought)

  13. I think the town was sold out from all of us a few years ago. There is no more quality of life in Lakewood. There really is no sense in complaining anymore. Unfortunately the only ordinance left is put up or shut up.

  14. Hey wait- they missed 8th street. He will feel all left out. All the chatter from all the other street lights on all sides and no one to represent poor Mr. 8th Street. And what about 11th and 12 and 13, dont be mean include street 14. Sheesh the state has no feelings for all the roads – and they only put traffic lights on the intersections with traffic by the loads. But gee I must say if I can really talk – Id tell every one in this town “no more cars- just walk and walk.” But its not my job I guess to dictate where traffic must stop and wait, But all these commentors here sure make a good debate. Id say a traffic light at each corner that will surely make all so at ease and an occasional stop sign – for old time memories….

  15. Howsabout we dedicate every Tuesday as “Drink the Beverage of Your Choice” Day? Then everyone will be happy! Yay! Wednesday we could designate as “Drive the Speed of Your Desire” Day with limited access for all pedestrians. Thursday would be – you guessed it – “Pedestrian Day”! When citizens of all races and creeds can walk freely without the worries of losing life or limb as all vehicles would be banned from our sacrosanct streets! And whoever behaves – Jew and non-Jew alike – will get free cholent/chulent and kugel/keegel Thursday night.
    Happy Days are a-comin’ to Lakewoo – HEY WATCH HOW YOU ARE DRIVING YOU (moderated)!!!

  16. PINE AND MARTIN LUTHER KING…………..ahem…..this was approved and nowhere on the radar screen. can someone tell me what happened???????????hmmmmmmmmmm????????

  17. To #24:

    Under the new law, you are only required to stop for a pedestrian preparing to enter the crosswalk and an __uncontrolled intersection where there is a crosswalk__. Since Route 9 north of the lake went to 5 lanes, no such intersections exist – those with crosswalks are controlled by lights and those without lights do not have crosswalks (in fact, pedestrian crossing at these intersections is prohibited).

    To #26:

    Elevated crosswalks are a good idea but will never happen in Lakewood for one reason — strollers.

  18. interesting that the comitee are very quick to tell teh stazte to put lights but ewhen it conmes to our money they can’t spend it for lights. like Pine and MLJ

  19. Instead of traffic lights how about building 2 or 3 pedestrian bridges since this is in the name of pedestrian safety and aggressively issuing tickets to those who don’t use the pedestrian bridges.

  20. How about routing 9 through traffic around Lakewood like they wanted to do years ago but the POWERS to be at the time decided against it saying it would take too much business away from Madisson Ave.

  21. Some public education regarding traffic rules is needed. Drivers and pedestrians alike appear to believe that distractions such as driving/walking while chatting/texting are a good way to multitask, when in reality, it puts everyone at risk.

    Pay attention! Be aware of your environment! Be sure that you are safe and avoid hazardous situations, or drivers that are distracted.

    Your safety, and the safety of your family is paramount. Be safe, not sorry!

  22. Too many cars on route 9, too many lights now. Too much traffic
    Thats why it takes a hour for school buses to pass. Its not the state’s
    problem its Lakewood’s. I hope they turn it down. There is no money
    not till we get Christie out and we will. No money

  23. for some reason the county is putting from all intersection on pine street a new light at the stadium / pine river village intersection.
    not MLK not washington & not marc were the traffic backs up all the time.
    what a waist of our tax money!!!!!!!

  24. I’m very pro the new lights especialy when you can only cross over the 9 by a light that being said if the lights are going to be synced why not have one on every corner also the light on 6th stree takes forever which the township shouldve made a deal will have left turns only by lights just make the reds shorter! but please NO no turn on red signs! it makes no sense that the blocks that have a light all of the sudden you cant turn on red when a block over you could

  25. Exiting Westgate is becoming very challenging. And the lines on the road put people on collision course with oncoming traffic. I think the light should go there , but nobody got hurt yet so I guess you can hold off….

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