Township Looks To Outsource Animal Control Department

The Township’s Animal Control department could soon be replaced by a private company, the Township Committee announced during the recent Township Committee meeting.

Township officials say they are looking to increase efficiency within the department and possibly cut costs as well. The current Animal Control department sees a salary of about $130,000.

The department, which is responsible for removing dead or live animals from where they don’t belong, has received multiple complaints from residents who called for service, officials say.

The Mayor – on behalf of the Township – announced at the Thursday Committee meeting, that the Township will soon be putting out an RFP for the job. TLS

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  1. WOW Congratulations!!!
    Can’t wait to have a nice experience when I’m having a bad day with some animal. Sounds like wonderful idea to get a company that will really cater to the town.

  2. If the cost of animal removal is less per year based on the average number of calls, than the cost of the department salary(which is paid even if there are no calls or complaints) then it is more cost effective to outsource.

  3. Township Animal Control vs Outsourced private company

    24hr personalized service – vs on call out of town service
    familiar friendly twp employees – vs different person each call
    truck on road working all day – vs no visible person long wait times
    knows neighborhoods and animals – vs no personal interaction
    works well with other agencies – vs doesnt know anyone

    and who is going to do enforcement?? check on licenses, write summons, go to court???? no one, means money loss to town. and a per call out rate of service. the amount posted is over in flated, adding in county shelter costs,

  4. Remember when the BOE out sourced he busing, that cost the tax payers so much money. BIG MISTAKE to get rid of Animal Control.

  5. big mistake, Kevin does a wonderful job. he knows the town, the people and the problems. outsourcing always sounds terrific until it’s time to pay up! We probably aren’t going to save that much and in the long run it will end up costing.
    Check out what happens when a deer is run over, the state has 1 person to pick it up, it lies rotting on side of the road forever….

  6. everything should be outsourced you get better job performance with more accountability, that aside i highly doubt this will save money because the twp will never fire the current crew they have, they will just shuffle them to another twp job so actually it will cost us more

  7. Four times we had to call animal control, we were left to our own devices three times…I’ve bagged a snake, a cat, and a raccoon myself…the skunk they came for because nobody could breathe and I told them that I wasn’t doin it…

  8. Outsourcing is wasteful & does not save money. $130,000 spent on the animal control department is nada in a budget of millions of dollars.
    Our township has more important issues than animal control.

    The public wants services without paying for them. Will Lakewood become another Stockton, CA or Scranton,PA?

  9. I think it will be a BIG Mistake. Getting rid of Kevin & Scott is a major issue that will come back to bite the township (moderated)..If there is a problem with a call most companies will not respond until the morning. Animal Control has a great repor with the out of town shelters and they can bring them to any time day or night. Using a private company will not only slow down response time but you will lose that personal service that the residents of Lakewood expect and deserve..Dont think this is a good idea..NOT AT All

  10. TO Anonymous says:
    JULY 10, 2012 AT 6:49 PM
    We should do this to many more the township:

    Yes well you try doing that remember you outsource your departments you lose money by those dept that is inbound the town..For Example: EMS services- You want to cut them and bring in 2 or 3 outside services..because they will not all be able to do it on their own- result: Billing from a private agency rather than the personal touch from Lakewood EMS;
    Remove Animal Control- You take away the ability to have someone respond in the middle of the night, or when an emergency arises and you might get a company to respond sometime during the daytime hours; You can not outsource Inspections- they will be county inspectors then and monitored by no one in town..all those liaisons for these service will no longer be needed thus you can cut the township staff down.
    I have read about the complaints of lack of Police in the town at certain times of the day yet you do realize that having more police means more money going out..something the town says they don’t have.

    Where does it end

  11. ask the surrounding towns that have outsourced, it doesn’t work for every service. mark my words you will see an increase in $$$$ spent to privatize, you will loose dedicated employees for a service provider that only cares about making $$$$.

  12. Noooooooo! Don’t do it! Kevin is the best there is. I jad a squirrl problem and he came running ………..twice in one day! (could’nt find it the first time). He came so fast and was so nice and patient. He’s been here longer than anyone in the township who wants ro get rid of him. He deserves every penny. And don’t forget, yiu get what you pay for. Maybe some of thoae complaints would be better corrected if his sallary were to be raised

  13. now we know why there is place called tent city! Take food from someones table because people do not understand what there responsibilities are !!! This should be interesting to see a Private company handle this.

  14. Living across the street from Lake Carasaljo, I’ve interacted with Kevin a number of times, usually in regard to domestic animals and wildlife run down by speeding motorists on South Lake Drive. He’s a fine representative of the township, a knowledgeable and friendly presence. It would be a terrible shame to loose him.

  15. Be careful what you decide twp committee. Often there are other things involved in the complaints received?…Homeowners,property owners have responsibilities..often the twp can not be held accountable for animal in the attic,chimney,basement. There are regulations that the twp has to follow. I checked. being a homeowner/property owner sometimes means a cost to you not always the town taxpayer. take care of the services we have don’t try to get rid of the services; experience shows the town that it is more expensive in the long run i.e. legal department, engineering dept welfare department and now chip away at animal control THINK! PLEASE..

  16. to #22
    go buy rat traps bait with peanut butter, problem solved!

    also outsourcing is a bad idea it looks good in the begining then when all your people are gone you end up getting slammed by the vendor ( just like bus co`s.)

  17. Thats the best thing I’ve heard of in a while. in my opinion he’s worthless I call him because Ive found a stray he tells me to take it to the pound because Ive kept it for a day trying to find owner another time Ihave a wild animal he tells me to call a professional then what the heck is his job??? to ride around and look pretty in a new twnsp vehicle. good idea township officials keep up the good work!!!!!!

  18. To #37 good idea- please don’t slander anyone unless you want to tell the truth about what really happened when you interacted with that dept. there’s a lot more to your story you’re leaving out..

  19. Get rid of the current animal control. The sooner the better. I’ve called Lakewood’s animal control numerous times about a neighborhood dog that gets loose and chases the children. (moderated) This is a common occurance.

  20. We just had a great experience with Township animal control. A stray dog took up residence in our yard, and the gentleman came after hours on a summer Friday, chased the dog across a couple of properties, and removed it.

  21. I just called before Shabbos, the guy had already went home. He came especially to help us, and did it with such a smile. How about us providing services to neighboring towns. That should help with the budget.

  22. I think outsourcing is a terrible idea. Most people in town know Kevin for a long time & are very happy with him. He is pleasant, friendly & helpful. He is always there when you need him.
    #22 If you can’t get rid of the squirrels, e-mail me & I can give you the # of a very good trapper who can get rid of the problem for you.

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