Township Inspector Asks Residents To Be Considerate

shovelingAs perviously reported on TLS, the Township ordinance, 20-5 1a, clearly states that snow must be removed from properties 12 hours after snowfall has ceased, (not including the hours between 11:00 PM and 7:00 AM in the computation). Because of the large amount of snow that has fallen over the last month, consideration has extended in the strict enforcement of the township ordinance for snow removal, Township inspector Eugene Canfield tells TLS.

“However, there are many properties that still have snow on the sidewalks making it impossible to walk on the sidewalks”, Canfield says. “This has resulted in many pedestrians being forced to walk in the streets, which obviously can be extremely dangerous, especially for mothers and their young children”.

The township is requesting the cooperation of all property owners in removing any snow and ice in front of their properties that could cause difficulty in walking on those sidewalks.

“The township makes this request not as a mandate, but as a plea for its residents to exercise civil responsibility, and to keep one another safe”, Canfield says. “However, in the unfortunate event this request is ignored, official action could be taken, and the snow and ice removed at the owner’s expense”. TLS.

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  1. Why should I shovel 75ft of sidewalk now when all year long they walk in the street when its clear and I have to dodge around them in my car, all that will happen is I will shovel and they will still walk in the street, pointless

  2. It’s nice to know they want the sidewalks shoveled. One problem ! the township trucks come along and dump four feet of snow from the street onto my sidewalk. If I dare to complain they will plow my driveway in also.
    I see this all over town. Why don’t they cart the snow and dump it in the park. We pay enough taxes.It’s about time the Township is considerate of the taxpayers.

  3. I would like to do the same plea to the LAKEWOOD TOWNSHIP, please remove ice and snow in front of township owned property including sidewalk on 5th st in front of your vacant lot between clifton ave. And Madison ave. Next to flafel and chips, don’t wait untill i sue you for slipping on ice and breaking my bones

    thanks in advance
    a resident who already cleaned his side walk

  4. Last Friday night there were so many people walking in the gutter on high speed streets such as Central Ave. because people did not shovel their walks. By not shoveling, you are really putting people in danger. Be considerate.

  5. Thank you for understanding and being lenient Eugene.
    I had a hard time shoveling my walk because of the large amount of snow. My neighbors had the same problem.
    We should all shovel a few times during a large storm-not just when the snow ends.

  6. Not sure why he has to ask people to do this. It’s commen sense! And yes, I shoveled my sidewalk, eventhough they had plowed the snow over it.

  7. i have six feet of snow dumped by the twp two days late. i am considering buiding a railing for people to walk over it. would that fulfil my civic responsibility?

  8. There needs to be some common sense here , yes sidewalks should be shoveled ,however many who are elderly & have health issues certainly can’t be expected to shovel the mass amount of snow we have had . How many time do we have to read about someone having a heart attack doing just that . It would be great if others could help those out who just can’t do it themselves

  9. Mr. Canfield I never met you and I’m sure your a great guy but u got plenty of township prop to do first ! I went down 9th between clifton and lex and there were children walking in street bec the whole sq black was not touched ! So maybe start with real safety and I’m sure by the time this township gets all there own sidewalks cleared the snow will be long melted but thanks for letting us know and stay warm

  10. It might be common sense, but he sees that people aren’t doing it and instead of just writing tickets he is letting everyone off with a warning.

  11. Start enforcing instead of just warning. We make sure our sidewalks are shoveled after every’s just common courtesy..if only for the poor mailman that has to trudge through it. If you enforced the removal maybe some of these kids can earn an honest $ from the people to busy or to lazy to do it themselves. It’s a situation for all. Kids earn money and sidewalks are cleared.

  12. Something has to be done cause as the kids are waiting for the bus they have to stand and climb over mounds of snow. I am so afraid that one day a kid will slip as a bus is passing them.

  13. i shovel it clean and the town clears the street by putting very big chunks of ice on the sidewalk i have cleared. if you’d like i can take pictures. get real, in another two weeks maybe i can clear my sidewalk after some of the ice, i repeat ice melts.

  14. I clear my sidewalk after every snow. Today I received a summons stating there is snow on my property. What a joke! I am one of a handful of people in the neighborhood who actually cleared the snow.

  15. Although the township must put snow somewhere. When they put five feet of snow in front of many homes on forest avenue. They can NOT expected the homeowner to remove it. I don’t know of a better solution to get rid of snow, and on other hand it is extremely danderous to walk on road. The solution ?????????

  16. I think the township should plow sidewalks like they do in Montreal. They have a really neat system and they don’t leave the snow in the street. They cart it away.

  17. Please shovel the trail/path surrounding South Lake and North Lake Drive.

    For the safety of those of us who run, walk, and bike, around the lake practically every day.

    I have seen and had many close encounters. Please shovel and salt the area. The last thing the Township needs right now are lawsuits for injuries that could have been avoided, had the pathways been sufficiently cleared. (P.S. This is true for home owners as well. If someone slips and injures themselves walking on a sidewalk in front of your home, you are liable, and can be subject to a major lawsuit.)

  18. My taxes are too high, and I can’t afford to hire someone to shovel my snow. I feel it is enough for me to just shovel my walk, my driveway, and the snow in front of my walk and driveway that is in the street. B”H I don’t have a sidewalk in front of m house.

  19. Seems to me that the township should be issuing tickets. Not because the township has cleaned all of their sidewalks, but rather because it is the only way to motivate people to correct their bad behavior–which accounts for the vast majority of sidewalks in town.

    Township should also instruct their plow operators not to dump snow on sidewalks.

  20. less than half hour ago i attempted to clear my sidewalk. it is solid chunks of ice. it will just have to wait. my back is painful right now and a heart attack i don’t want. give us a couple of weeks please before issuing tickets. clearing a foot of snow a day is the most you can ask anyone to do. i know the town had to put the snow and ice somewhere, but come on, it is way too much to remove in a week alone.

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