Township Explores Idea Of Installing Red Light Cameras

red-light-camEXCLUSIVE: Police Chief Rob Lawson tells TLS they are looking into the option of installing red light cameras at several intersections in town. The cameras – designed to catch motorists running red lights – says Chief Lawson, would save lives as well as bring in revenue for the town at the same time.

“The primary reason for the cameras is to save lives by reducing Motor Vehicle Accidents”, says Lawson. “But why not generate income and increase safety on the roadways at the same time, it’s a win-win situation”, Lawson says.

Should the program be approved by the Township Committee, the pilot program would install cameras at several high-speed intersections which would be determined based on Traffic & Safety studies, paid for by the company installing the cameras.

Some intersections likely to get cameras, as per the Chief, would include Route 9 and County Line Road, Cedarbridge Avenue And New Hampshire Avenue, Pine Street and New Hampshire Avenue, and Route 70 and New Hampshire Avenue.

Over the last few years, the above intersections have seen dozens of serious accidents including multiple fatal ones.

“Accidents which occur at such intersections usually result in someone getting severely injured or killed”, says Lawson.

However, the cameras would not be installed on roads such as Clifton Avenue, the Chief said.

Red light cameras were installed at Chambers Bridge Road and Route 70 in Brick Township last year and during its 30-day probationary period caught over 1,000 motorists running red lights.

Motorists caught by the camera running a red light, would be subject to a summons mailed to their registered address. The summons would be around $80. No driver’s license points are associated with these tickets.

Summonses will only be issued when the camera shows that a motorist’s car completely passed the white stop line after the light had turned red.

There would however be a grace period before tickets are actually issued. Once the grace period ends, summonses are issued without warnings.

The Chief says that the installation of the cameras would be at no cost to the Township, as it would be paid for by the State.

Should the Committee approve of this idea, an RFP would go out for the contracts.

The plan would take at least a year until it is finalized. TLS.

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  1. People are going to yell and scream about this but the simple fact is: don’t go through red lights! The best reasons being that you’re endangering the lives of other people including the many children in our community and you are breaking the law.

    And this may even help lowering (or at the very least stabalizing) the township portion of our property taxes.

  2. Great idea! It’s about time. The intersections listed above are notorious for severe and fatal accidents. Hopefully this will remind motorists that there is an eye in the sky and someone thinking of trying to speed through the yellow to avoid the red , will think twice before doing so

  3. While everything the Chief says is correct, there is a problem caused by these cameras.
    When someone is driving at 45 MPH (say at the speed limit) and all of the sudden they see a yellow light, when normally it would be safe to continue throught the intersection because they are practically in it already- due to the camera they slam on their brake and get rear ended by the car behing them.
    This is a real situation that occurs specifically because of red light cameras.
    The city is happy to have them to increase safety and earn $$ at the same time, the company is happy to install them and make $$,
    but at the end of the day it does cause accidents due to peoples fear of getting a ticket causing them to stop short in an unsafe manner.

  4. another way to make money in the guise of law enforcement. keep law enforcement and revenue raising separate or Lakewood will end up like NYC with quotas and a budget line at the begining if the year of how much money they plan to raise through tickets. Enough is enough! (By the way, I have not received a red light summons in 18 years).

  5. While the idea sounds noble, statistics are inconclusive at best and all reports show that rear end collisions increase dramatically at such intersections as drivers slam on their brakes to avoid the camera, further studies showed that most serious collisions do not occur due to people “catching the green”.
    Additionally most towns/cities that have installed these cameras have done so for the primary reason of raising revenue, and hide the revenue aspect behind claims that the cameras are a safety issue as such I believe everyone should vehemently oppose the installation of these cameras in town .

  6. I agree with #3. There is a big problem with the yellow lights in some areas, as they are too short for a person going the speed limit to stop fast enough. The township would have to adjust the yellow lights to a fair length.

  7. All the lights are now LEDs. You could have it turn yellow and then have it blink faster and faster until it turns red. This would be a trivial and inexpensive circuit to add to the existing timing, either centrally or per unit. One could buy the items necessary at Radio Shack. This would give enough warning to help prevent rear enders.

  8. A study was done showing that making the yellow lights longer is much more effective in preventing accidents then red light cameras.

    Question:If a police car goes through a red light when not on call will
    he also have to pay the red light camera fine.?Somehow I doubt it.

  9. Who is kidding who here, red light cameras in Lakewood. This will never happen because you would see for yourself on video the violation you committed, and you wouldn’t be able to plea bargin. And just like the video in police cars you still dont believe it..

  10. We should use cameras to enforce traffic laws and save money by cutting down on the LPD budget as they will not be needed as much to enforce traffic laws.

  11. Ditto # 3.
    The only way to have safe redlight cameras, is if the camera is NOT activated for the first 2 seconds after the light turns red.
    The camera should ONLY be activated for the entire duration that the light is red except for the first 2 seconds.
    However these cameras don’t work that way.
    The underground sensors only activate and detect the moment it turns red and not after.
    Safety is not the issue here only money.
    If safety was really the issue the sensor should not activate until the light is already red for a few seconds

  12. I really don’t understand what people are saying. It is illegal to go through a red light, period. Not only after 2 seconds but when the light turns red. Yellow means slow down not speed up and try to make the light. If people would take the lead foot off the accelerator and slow down when they see the light change to yellow they would have no problem stopping in time without causing an accident. Who cares if the impetus behind this initiative is revenue, it is enforcing the law, isn’t that a good thing?

  13. For all those who don’t understand: Did you ever try to take your side of the story to the Judge for a parking or moving violation that you felt was unfai. That’s right you have to take two days off from work costing you over $200 just to plead your case to an unsympathetic court. That’s the result of revenue driven ticketing. Just to bring it home to those who say violaters deserve the ticket, say you try to stop but the pavement is icy. Say there are two 18 wheelers in the lanes in front of you obscuring your view of the light. Say there is someone tailgating you and stopping in the yellow will cause them to rear end you. Say you swerve through to avoid an accident. There are numerous other such examples. A police officer on scene can make ajudgement call. With a camera, you get a ticket in the mail weeks later, and the only way to dispute it is took take off from work, costing more money than the ticket. That is why revenue driven ticketing is wrong. We should let out committee members know that we are strongly opposed to the cameras. There is the option of putting in SAFETY driven cameras. For instance the first two tickets in ayear would result in a warning, with the third violation in a year indicating a habitual offender and resulting in a well deserved fine.

  14. Hmmmm. I wonder who is going to be in charge of that study. Get real. With all the political (moderated) that goes on in this town the red light camera will never happen. The PD and the township should focus on other problems like making 9th st and 10th st between clifton and lexington one way. Every other car on those blocks is missing a mirror.

  15. to #16
    Who cares if the impetus behind this initiative is revenue, it is enforcing the law, isn’t that a good thing?
    Answer: In this case No. It causes potentially dangerous rear end collisions.
    No one is questioning or doubting that going though a red is illegal even within 2 seconds.
    The question is should going through a just-turned-red-light-2-seconds-ago be enforced. And to that the answer should be no because it can cause the serious rear end collisions.
    The Transportation Deptartment and Police Department have to show unbiased statistics that show:
    A) How often do red light accidents happen just when the light turns from yellow to red
    B) In cities that have such cameras, are there an increase in rear end collisions
    A sensible solution other than #14’s might be to have a delayed green.
    Except where is the money in that.

  16. How right you are!!!

    Chief, if you happen to read this blog I beg of you, please, try this: Drive east bound on County Line Road and try to make a left hand turn unto Route 9 Northbound and please tell me if you can do it at the green light.
    It is impossible!!! 

    Why cant the STATE (since RT 9 is a State Road) install a green arrow turning light BOTH eastbound and westbound?

    Wouldn’t that help?

    James Street and Route 9 is unfortunately no better!!

    You can’t make a left unto Route 9 North because there is too much traffic Westbound on Pine Street. 

    The State was kind enough to install a left turn lane on both these intersections but no arrows? 



  17. Hey pal-
    You ain’t no lawyer!!!

    The evidence against you is quite strong.

    Try using another screen name.

    “camra’s” huh??

  18. You are not supposed to make a left from 9 onto county line. Unless you mean county line onto 9, I agree, there should be an arrow. Also at Pine & 9 there needs to be a left arrow desperatly!!

  19. IF You are IN the intersection of rt 9 and county waiting to turn left, and the light changes red you ARE allowed to finish your turn into order to clear the intersection. The camera will not ticket you since you were past the light before the light turned red.

    If you are in the turning lane, but not in the intersection, and the light turns red, you CANNOT go anyway simply because you are tired of waiting.

  20. I love the idea and now maybe you can hire more cops with the money that comes in! Chief you need to start thinking about the safety of you officers they should have back up to their calls if their are not enough police on a shift they cannot back each other.

  21. First and foremost, a yellow light is your signal to evaluate if you have sufficient distance to proceed through the light or to prepare to stop. It does not mean for you to accelerate to make the light.

    To No. 14
    The underground sensors are being phased out for the sensor cameras on the light stanchion. The camera is designed to activate upon the vehicle passing the “stop bar” which is the proper and safe stopping point. This will most likely be an issue, due to so many drivers preceding a full car length past the “stop bar”.

    How can you justify delaying the camera for 2 seconds after it turns red. 1 second after it is red a crash could cause a death or serious injury. If you wish to view how yellows and red lights are disregarded, spend 20 min at the Exxon at Rt.70 and New Hampshire Ave and see how many people are still crossing the intersection when it is green for the other direction.

    To No. 27
    Each and every violation is reviewed by a person; it is not just photographed and mailed. If you’re in the intersection and the light turns red, the camera may activate; however, it will be viewed and no summons will be issued. The camera gives the person viewing several factors; it includes a video, still photos and a speed measurement.

  22. Now only if we can get cameras at every stop sign too, maybe that would stop these drivers from doing 40mph then slamming on the brakes into the middle if the intersection or running the stop signs like I see EVERYDAY!!!!

  23. I would like to remind all the drivers out there that a Yellow light does not mean one should drive faster. It is meant to alert drivers to slow down, unless one is too close to the intersection to stop in time due to speed and/or weather.


    When you are driving on Sunset Rd towards Central Ave, and the traffic light turns yellow, if your car is at the intersection of Caranetta Dr. and Sunset Rd, you MUST be slowing down at that point. When driving 35 MPH, which is the legal speed LIMIT for that road, you are easily able to STOP your car in under 150 Feet. Caranetta Rd is well over 300 Feet from Central Ave.

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