Township Committee Asks Police To Crack Down On Day Laborers

muster lkwdThe Township Committee this evening asked the Police to crack down on the day laborers. At this evening’s meeting, a resident got up and requested that the Township reinforce the law by moving the day laborers out of the Second Street parking lot and into the designated Employment Zone located at the intersection of 1St Street and Madison Avenue.

The resident, who owns an office nearby, said the men in the area are taking up the entire lot and are overflowing into the street. He also said, women are afraid to walk in the area.

Committeeman Meir Lichtenstien acknowledged the issue, and added that vehicles which stop for seconds outside the Employment Center, are immediately surrounded by Day Laborers.

The Mayor and Deputy Mayor requested that Police see to it that the issue is resolved. TLS.

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  1. But of course nothing will be done, cause nothing CAN be done, it’s easier for the cops to keep on ticketing legal citizens (yeah yeah, I know, if if your perfect you won’t get tickets), then to bother with the illegals. The federal govnmnt let’s them in, & then the local govnmnt (and the legal citizens) have to deal with all their problems
    A pretty good deal..

  2. Just this morning I was walking to through the parking lot with my held up high making believe that I am not scared for my life (like I do every morning) and I thought to myself there is no reason these people are allowed to be loitering like this and it can’t possibly lead to any good actions or ideas by these men. I dont recognize them but I wonder if any of them have figured out my schedule and know when I come and go…. It really gives me the creeps…
    So… I was literally thinking of calling the Lakewood police non emergency line to discuss all the terrible things that can happen. I wonder if its worth a try?

  3. just like they got them off clifton they can get them out of the parking area and if they let tem get away with this they will be back all over clifton

  4. we should open a huge prison to house them all. then ship em back. this is crazy and its a big reason why crime has gone up. The renters dont have a prob with this. But the people who live on 4th ect, are scared stiff!!!!

  5. i myself have walked through that parking lot many times but i’m not so scared of them. but today i decided that i’m gonna try not to do that anymore. just because they don’t do anything or say anything to me doesn’t mean it won’t happen so i’m choosing to be more cautious. and i do agree that they should go to an area which will please the town. certainly not standing around in the parking lot where i’d like to take my shortcut to town.

  6. While I agree that illegal immigration is bad and that there is a real problem at our borders which must be fixed these comments are disgusting. As Jews we ran from country to country many times ILLEGALLY!! Even if not you can oppose something without the venemous slurs. You can say the same thing nicely.

    Btw I wish you guys would visit the utter bombed out slums these Mexicans come from. The hunger filth and lack of basic services and goods is horrific. I’ve seen it and it would give u some context!

  7. V’ahavtem es ha’ger kee geirim hayisem b’eretz mitzrayim

    “You shall treat the stranger who sojourns with you as the native among you, and you shall love him as yourself, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt: I am the LORD your God”

    They obviously turn a blind eye to out of state driver’s licenses as identification, and never come back to check up on the rental properties to see if more unauthorized adults occupy the rental.

    these “slum-lords” give illegals, and criminals a place to live. It happens to be Lakewood, and they dont care who doesnt like it. They dont care who gets hurt by these vermin. They dont care what happens to the town and its values. THEY WANT MONEY!!!!!

    1) so if you know anyone who is a landlord/rental property owner- SPEAK UP. ASK THE QUESTION: do you rent to illegals/criminals? Do you do background checks?

    2) or if you know of a rental property that is owned by someone, that has illegals or criminals living inside- SPEAK UP, SPEAK OUT, AND SHUN THIS MONEY HUNGRY PERSON- BECAUSE IT IS HIM WHO IS ALLOWING THIS TOWN TO ROT AWAY!

  9. some comments here are a chilul Hashem. Get over the fact that there are people in this world who don’t dress or act like us.
    it’s Galus baby. If they agree to follow the law let them stay and work. That’s what made America. Immigration reform is badly needed. I have no problem with them being here as long as they behave. Crime and gangs I have a problem with, Radical Islam I have a major problem with, but honest hardworking hispanic people, I have no problem with. Let them come and let them work. This is America baby.

  10. I’m with Frum guy, and the others that commented similarly. I say live and let live. It seems to me that *most* of the illegal immigrants are law abiding people that only want the opportunity to work for a decent living and give their children opportunities they did not have. I wish the federal gov’t would find a way to give these people a chance here while also having them pay their fair share. Stop them at the border, check if they are criminals and if not give them social security cards, work visas and make them pay taxes. You break the law, you go home.

  11. Wow, what makes most of you so much better then them. How would you feel if they said that YOU should be shipped out of Lakewood. It goes both ways.

  12. There are plenty of people here “legally” that are more likely to rob me. I consider them more of a danger to me than “Maria”… besides, I clean my own house and my husband mows our lawn.

  13. they cost to much to keep we dont have enough for the people now, look at what is going on, am sick of giving giving. there are poor people here to that live without nothing.

  14. To #23 – honestly: I’ve had cleaning people in the past, quite a few when I was working a lot. Never had one named Maria. Who’s Maria?

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