Senior Citizens, Off Duty Police Officers And Firefighters Pack Town Hall In A Show Of Support For EMS

Township meeting packedVIDEO of the Township meeting which concluded moments ago. Over a dozen-mostly senior-residents stood up to again protest the Townships proposal to dismantle the EMS. All had one common statement “You will not find better than our EMS”. The last to speak, was President of the EMS, Shannon Ortiz-Milne, who presented hundreds of petitions to the Township Committee, along with a large cardboard Readers Award from the APP, voting EMS “One of the best Ambulance Squads”, which drew massive applause from the audience. (Please note: Video contains women).

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  1. lakewood ems is the best!! it goes to show that Mr. langert doesnt have all his facts and is just out to make a name for himself!! can you put a price tag on a human life???? i sure can’t.. Great job by all lakewood fire, police and EMS!!!

  2. It is ashame that the committee who is trying to shut down the EMS department does not even know what is going on around them with other towns. Mayor you mentioned no one else does EMS. Maybe research why the towns like, Toms River, Brick and Howell are all doing this through the police department within the past five years. Private services failed them, Just ask your peers on those boards what happen. Jackson wants Municipal EMS Services, they have chosen not to move in this direction just yet. Give them a year, it will be municipal based there too.

  3. Who was the big financial. Adviser that decided to eliminate. EMS do.they have any degrees or experience or knowledge. On the everyday functions of lakewood EMS

  4. The town should leave the EMS department alone!! This department is essential and one of the most inportant in the town. If the town is in a budget crisis than make reasonable cuts throughout all the town!! Do NOT ATTACK LAKEWOOD EMS!

  5. it is ashame that the Mayor of Lakewood does not know what is going on around him in other towns. Mayor Langert stated that the information is one sided. Well guess what he just lied to the whole town and it’s on video. Howell, Brick, And Toms River all have full time paid EMS departments. As a matter of fact Toms River is looking at expanding the department. Maybe Mr. Langert could go to Toms River and speak with their township officials. Talk to them about why they had private EMS departments and went to paid squads. Mr. Langert doesn’t seem like you have been doing your research or you have been misinformed. Not good policy or procedure when you are running a town. So is that what you told Original Leisure Village. I bet if they knew you lied or gave false information they wouldn’t have written that letter. What other information did you tell them that was false. I hope this posts rains through Leisure Village and they send you another letter telling you how dissapointed they are in your information and your research when you are dealing with people”s lives. Mr. Langert how about sitting down with the other PAID EMS departments and finding out why and how they work. The one’s in the surrounding towns that you say don’t exist. Do your research.

  6. Mr. Mayor you sure do know how to play on words. You say no other town uses A paid dept. Then you go into talking about ALS saying monoc is the provider. When you are comparing 2 things you need to compare BLS with BLS not BLS & ALS. Remember you usually call for BLS first. Please do your homework. Also do not pull the wool over the senior residents by telling them lies. Or are you going to tell them you were misinformed & other towns do use paid. After you get rid of the paid EMS.

  7. To the members of the committee:
    Just wanted to let you know that most people in this town know
    that you have some very difficult decisions to make. We empathize with you regarding this critical decision and recognize that you have our best interests in mind. It is always difficult to make cuts in the government sector because those cuts always bring out the most impassioned pleas from those most affected. The fact remains however, that the current mandate of all the most recently elected officials is to decrease our taxes. That can only be accomplished by decreasing expenditures, as painful as that may be.
    Good luck.

  8. There are alot of paid EMS departments in the area they include Toms River, Brick, Howell, Asbury Park ( through Fire Dept.), Wall Twp., Tinton Falls, and Monroe Twp., some are set up differently then Lakewood but they all have the same thing in common THEY DON”T HAVE A PRIVATE AGENCY PROVIDING EMS SERVICES.
    There are alot of benefits of having a paid EMS Department in your town, it’s called TOTAL CONTROL, you will not have any control of a private agency, they will walk all over you and everyone in the town and they will do alot of demanding as well.
    Mr. Langert you really need to do your research before you speak to your taxpayers.

  9. Why arent the EMS members willing to get paid the same amount as the EMS members make in all the surounding towns?! And dont give me this garbage about a negotiated contract. If you wan’t to rely on pure legal arguments like a contract, legally the township can fire you. (You can litigate that if you feel otherwise but let’s face it, on the face of it, it would seem that the town has the right.)

    Why should our EMS get paid more? If theyre not willing to settle and take a pay cut to bring their salraies into line with the amounts Toms River pays, Brick pays, Howell pays, FIRE EM!!!!!!!

  10. Will the new recycling cans be equipped with a first aid kit and emergency care pamphlet for the tax payers if Lakewood EMS shuts down?

  11. the new recycling cans are going to have first aid kits and aed’s for the community!!! Spend 800k on recycling cans and cut the Ems Dept!! Mr. Langert where in the right mind would you do a foolish thing like that??? I guess the recycling cans have more of a value to you than a human life??? Wow!! you as a person really amaze me with your thinkings!! Lakewood Ems is the Best and i hope you saw that last night with the award they were presented by the Asbury Park Press!! Has any of the these private services obtained any of these awards?? Better do your homework Langert!!! Great Job LEMS!!!


  13. To all pro EMS, let’s get the record straight. Don’t bring us any facts from other towns who have paid EMS or not, it doesn’t matter what they do or have. There is only ONE thing that matters, and that is saving the town money. The committee has nothing to gain from getting rid of the EMS other then saving OUR town some money.

    And to all those that say Langert is a liar, let me remind all of you of the false rumors you started about langert gaining because of a family member taking over the EMS, so watch who your calling a liar.

    And by the way, although Steve is the mayor he is not the only one making the decision, and cannot make it on his own so stop bashing him; he is doing a lot more for the town since he has been elected to the committee then any other member that was there.

    I am sick of you guys talking out of you know where.

  14. Don’t bring us any facts from other towns who have paid EMS or not, it doesn’t matter what they do or have.There is only ONE thing that matters, and that is saving the town money.

    You don’t really believe that. Do you?This is the first time I’ve ever seen someone try to argue, don’t confuse me with the facts- my mind is made up, in the real world.And this is also from the first times I’ve seen someone openly say that saving/making money overrides all other considerations.

  15. Are any of the EMS members willing to get paid the same amount as their equivalants make in the surrounding towns? The answer is no!
    I want to know how come?

  16. Too all of the people who question what the EMS is willing to do to save money maybe you should wait and see what they have already proposed to the town. If they were indeed pay cuts to even them with other towns then we should keep them. tell the Committee that and wait and see what already has been proposed by the EMS department. I think all residents would be quite happy and surprised to see what concessions they have already presented to the committee. To Number 22 anonymous. You are wrong and don”t know. They are willing and trying to work with the committee to cut everywhere they can. To save the town and the department money even at their own expense.

  17. It is so sad that ONE person can make a decision affecting thousands of seniors and not care what the seniors think or say. The seniors supported the commitee and most of them were responsible for voting them in. Now it is time for the committee to support the seniors. The committee claims that the reason is to save money, well, look into the spendatures of the Town and see how much money is wasted on nonessential things. The EMS is essential, the seniors want to keep them. Give the seniors what they want FOR A CHANGE and let the EMS stay. Cut all the frivilous spending on salaries and new jobs for friends and family of politicos.

  18. I think that if we do privatize Lakewood EMS, we should insist that the new company continue working with our wonderful network of first responder volunteers and supply them with the equipment necessary to do there life saving work.

  19. #22 is correct. They are not willing to take the pay cuts that would even them up with the other towns. Instead they want to head back to the negotiating table.

    Let’s cut the garbage out: Yes or No? Would they agree to the very large pay cuts that would be necessary to even their salaries with the surrounding towns? (The reason I say “very large pay cuts” is because that’s how much more they are getting paid currently.)

  20. Who is 324? is he a community member, or an EMS member? Keep lakewood EMS going, you are making a HUGE mistake to even think about eleiminating their services. Good luck mayor lawsuit.

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