Tonight: Bonei Olam Dinner At Lake Terrace

bonei olam logo tlsThe Bonei Olam dinner will be taking place this evening at Lake Terrace. The dinner, beginning at 5:45 p.m., will feature several speakers – including words from the founder Rabbi Shlomo Bochner – a film, a choir and a new song created for this evening’s dinner, sung by Shlomo Taussig. A raffle will also be held at the dinner.

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  1. Am I missing something but any reason their is being a raffle that is totally insensitive to people without children , or those that weren’t zoche to have boys . Are we so caught up in being successful that we lose sight of our real mission.

  2. Although I understand your thoughts, when running an event it could slip someone’s mind.

    Bonei Olam is one of the most sensitive organizations out there working directly with couples who are seeking a miracle to have children. They are devoted selfless people and some of them have not yet been zochei to their own children. But they dance besimcha when they are successful in helping others to have children.

    May the people who are awaiting the miracle of having children be blessed with many, many healthy children.

    There are people who are praying every moment for the chance to be a parent. There are also people who have had child/children and wished they could have more, yet they have not been zoche. Yes, these 2 cases are different but both parents are hurting (different ways) and praying to be a loving parent of a child or another child/children.

    Please be mispallel for all those who wish that they can be zoche to be a loving parent to a beautiful neshama.

  3. The Raffle is the best idea EVER!!! No other Mossad ever did such a raffle

    It isnt about putting Pushkas in front of Gedolim it is about spending an uplifting Shabbos with the Gedolei HaDor. For those who are fortunate to enter the raffle and take their son along they will think about all our unfortunate brothers in Lakewood that cannot share this wonderful prize with their own children.

  4. Rabbi Bochner and Rabbi Kleinbart who are the founders of Bonei Olam have given away their entire life to help others the least we can do is go for one night and join them and show our support to Bonei Olam.

  5. rav arye leib didnt seem to have a problem with it neither do rav vozner. and geuss what? neither di all the childless askonim that are involved in bonei olam. so stop with alll the nonsense already

  6. As someone who was helped by Bonei Olam I want to remind you that we are living in a time similar to 1944 today for a few measly dollars one can buy Yiddisher Kinderlach. Many people dont proceed with treatments because they dont have the money for it and for a few thousand dollars one can buy Neshamos and Nitzchiyus.

  7. Rabbi Bochner works Lshem Shamayim he doesn’t take one dollar in salary from Bonei Olam. I also hope the food is as good as the last couple of dinners

  8. Rabbi Kleinbart will be speaking and introducing the honorees. the keynote session speech will be given by Rabbi Bochner who is the best speaker I ever heard

  9. Although I usually never go to dinners I will be going this year because of the amazing raffle and the Mesirus Nefesh of Rabbi Bochner and Rabbi Kleinbart. They both know the tzaar of infertility and are committed that others don’t go through the same Gehinnom

  10. To date the Gedolim haven’t opened up their houses for Shabbos like they are doing for Bonei Olam this shows that the gedolim really respect bonei olam. My neighbor who didnt have children for many years and then had children begged me last night by maariv to go to the dinner

  11. They purposely didnt say the time of hte raffle for the shabbos by the gedolim because they want me to sit thru the whole dinner and i really dont have the patience for long speeches

  12. does anyone know what Bonei Olam spends a year in lakewood ,vis a vis , local organizations like Bikur Cholim , Hatzolah , Tomchei Shabbos , Pearl Plau , Tiferes Devorah Lekallah .

    I Like to make informed decisions not based on hype .

  13. I personally know what great work Bonei Olam dose. The cost of all the doctors we go to is out of this world. Myself and my wife both have a decent salary but cant even think about paying the bills. Bonei Olam, you are a life saver, thank you.

  14. I wonder if there is such hype when it comes to other organizations like chai lifeline ?,i am not saying its bad, i think its just a matter of effective advertizing rather then being more important then any other organization out there that helps jews in need.

  15. they are giving out one free ticket for everyone who attends.but one shouldnt just attend because of the raffle they should attend to help out the couples who need the help

  16. what about the winners poor wife? Which one of his sons will be zoche? Btw most gedolim will let you eat by them anyway, when we were bochurim we ate by many.

  17. I know that this will irk some and outrage others, but if you haven’t paid your child’s tuition, you should not give a penny to Bonei Olam or any other Tzedaka. Don’t rely on me. Open any halacha sefer or ask any competent Rav.

  18. Who said your right, who said its assur to give tzedekah if you haven’t paid your tuition? And Bonei Olam is incredible organization, please go out and give double.

  19. A lot of us have children but have to go through a lot to get there…you would never know because it seems like everything is ok, but we can only have our families thanks to them. Even some of us with 3 or 4 kids, who didn’t seem to have to wait many years, need assistance with every single child. So they help many more people than it seems.

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