Tomchei Tzedakah: Fraudster Altered Ishur To Solicit Funds

The following alert was submitted by the Tomcehi Tzedakah: Many people have received a mailing asking for Tzedakah for ‘Dsouza Geetha’, with a copy of an ishur from Tomchei Tzedakah of Lakewood.

Please be aware that Dsouza Geetha was refused an ishur by Tomchei Tzedakah. The ishur in the letter is a copy of a good ishur, with the pertinent information altered.

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  1. seems the ishur program needs an overhaul
    A)those that receiver the isshur are using past the dates valid by either covering up the date or not even opening the isshur at all just holding it to show they have 1
    B)recently a meshulach received a letter from tomche tzedoka that he WASNT APPROVED AND USED THAT LETTER TO GO AROUND figuring people wont bother reading it
    C)their have been cases of isshurim being forged
    check them over carefully, dont feel guilty.
    the only way to save your hard earned money from fraudsters is by being vigilant and suspectful chabdhu vchashdeyhu be respecful and suspectful
    their is absolutly nothing wrong to check and verify the person who comes asking you for a donation any legitemate mushulach will understand and have nothing to hide otherwise that itself is a reason to pause and perhaps pass up this individual a ploy often used is i just came to town recently and havent had a chance to get it or it wasnt reeady yet they told tomorrow etc
    their are many valid meshulochim that do carry the isshur
    EVERYONE should insist before giving anything to any meshuloch to show the isshur

  2. Mr perhaps….. With all due respect, but you also have to take into account these individuals and their feelings. I had someone from EY who came to me last month and he was basically crying to me how hard it is to collect here in this town and the bizyoinas that he has to go through – people reading the ishur up and down only to pull out a quarter,or people stuffing a dollar into the isshur and handing it back in a demeaning way.
    I gave him a hundred bucks and no I didn’t read the isshur- at all. And I don’t give everyone who comes a hundred bucks….not even close, but I felt do bad for him. I guess my point is that while the ishur serves as a deterent to would be fraudsters, but let’s show a little compassion too, and use our sechel too. And maybe for a lousy quarter one need not read the ishur as if its some long lost manuscript, so not to build up the hopes of the individual who is standing and hoping that he is about to get a nice donation.

  3. Did you tell your choshive guest that before the advent of the ishur, there were so many fraudsters in town, that people like you and most gvirim were simply not giving to the meshulachim unless they knew them personally???

    Maybe you weren’t in Lakewood yet, but I remember those days like yesterday. There were so many stories of frauds and hoaxes, people literally stopped giving. The meshulachim THEN were crying to the Rabonim and the askanim in town that they should set up some sort of ishur system so that the frauds shouldn’t make everyone suspicious of the genuine meshulachim.

    So think about that before knocking the entire ishur system.

  4. To give a guy 1 dollar, don’t be mevazeh him and check his ishur with a loupe. You want to write a check for a couple of hundred bucks? Alright, check the ishur.

  5. How much are you giving the standard guy anyway?? Is it worth it for those few dollars to make bizyoinois to another yid?? Do you want the Eibeshter to be makpid with you for every little thing???!!! Get a life, just give the guy your few dollars and make them happy. Most of us will spend that amount of money on shtusim in a heartbeat without thinking twice.

  6. all of the above make sure to be very careful what you say and how we treat a meshulach u never know when u will be on the receiving end it happened to me and i never believed it !!!!! you could have 100 million dollars and can chas v”shalom loose it in on second —- hatzlachah raba

  7. 2#3
    please dont take this the wrong way
    im glad you had sympathy and are b’h in a position to help
    but most of us are struggling and working hard to barely scrape by we dont have 100 bucks to give out even once a week .our hard earned dollar we give is perhaps as someone giving 50.00 or 100.00
    the meshuluch is here in many cases (not all)on his rounds of our town walking out with between 5-8G and this is a verified conservative amount.
    this is his way of earning his living (tax free) and yet has taanis why one is asking to see and verify the isshur???
    many are here 3 times a year and will approach you besides your home and business 3-4 times a week in shul
    dont know where you davan but an average schacharis is between 5-15 meshuluchim each day thats only 1 tefila even if only giving .25 is $3.75
    now if you make a cheshbon how many of us are taxed by local mosdos,tuitions and yes local anniyim( who for the record take precedence over all these out of town meshuluchim )
    their is a limit to what we are able to give we dont have printing presses in our homes to keep printing money as the GOVT does.
    the guy who came crying is also welcome to take a job here (but he wont as its easier to cry and get someone to give him $100.00)
    #5 didnt use spell checker but considering the length of my comment 1 word off is pretty good
    #6 thats on purim only not a whole year
    #8/#9 its the point of having each meshulach have an isshur. if they feel they can flaunt the system as people will give regardless it defeats the purpose.and no its not worh being mevayish another yid but then again the fact that one must come onto others is itself a busha but im sure they expect people to question them or at least check the dates on the isshur (when they flash it quickly at you)

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