Toddler Pinned Under Vehicle Backing Out Of Parking Spot

child_run_over_by_vehiclePHOTO: A vehicle backing out of a parking spot knocked over a toddler, pinning him under the car, an official confirmed to TLS. Hatzolah and police responded to the Route 9 area housing complex at about 4:00 PM, where the two year old was pulled from under the car.

Hatzolah Paramedics transported to Jersey Shore Medical Center with a head injury. The child is reportedly in stable condition. TLS-00/TLS-CCP/TLS-6466.

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  1. Walk around your vehicle before pulling out of any parking spot, especially with children around. Use your rear view mirrors and back out slowly and cautiously!

  2. parking lots are not playgrounds

    thank you lakewood planning board for allowing these developments to be built in such a fasion.

  3. hey, what happened to the first part of my post? I didn’t say anything bad, just that people need to not just put their car in reverse your supposed look what your doing.

  4. i rented a new minivan recently and it came equipped with a view of the rear of the car when you put car in reverse. It was super helpful but of course you still need to look to your sides. i wish there was a way that we could do something for our older vehicles that don’t come equipped. I know they sell an alarm to warn people you’re backing up but that is not helpful when a child is too young to be seen, understand or move in time. I wish a refua sheleima to this child.

  5. Most of these posters probably dont have any 2 yr olds! I do! and let me tell you that before I put my car in reverse, I have another adult go behind my car and direct me that no child is behind my car. A 2 yr old can run behind a car in a split second and the driver wouldnt even see him!!! Hashem Yishmor!!!

    I hope the toddler has a refua shlaima!

  6. i have been backing into my driveway and most other parking spots for a few years now – it’s much easier to see what you’re doing going in because you see in front of you first and coming out it is much safer – you do have to get used to it but i urge all people to switch to backing in – refuah shlaimah to the hurt child

  7. I hope the parents have family and friends who are currently by their side, giving emotional support and ensuring them that their child is going to okay.

    May the child recover quickly!

  8. Although the problem is people not looking behind them when they back up, the BIGGER problem is parents letting a TWO YEAR OLD wander around on their own. I see this in developments all the time and its a horrible horrible trend.

  9. it’s not the fault of the complexes! Driveways are dangerous no matter where it is! I did not grow up in a complex, yet I always knew a street is a dangerous place. Yes, the drivers have to be extremely careful. You have to really look as you back out. Parents also have to be vigilant. Driveways and streets are dangerous. We feel so safe in complexes that we allow our children to run in the streets. We have to teach them otherwise!

  10. I agree with 12. Also, why are people being so negative? Who says the driver was negligent? Perhaps the child ran out at the last minute and should have been prevented from doing so by whomever was watching him/her (hopefully a responsible party). Not always is another adult available to back you out and within the time you get into your car after your walkaround the child had darted behind your car. Bottom line, it’s up the driver to responsible and, for goodness sake, it’s the parents responsibility to watch their child. A child doesn’t belong in the road, parking lot or wherever with out supervision!

  11. Just that you know the driver happened to have walked around his car before backing up and the mother was outside with the child….but in a split second the two year ran into the path of the car….chased Hashem the child has injuries but nothing major considering….may Hashem watch over all of his children

  12. This could have happened to anyone- regardless of whether the parent or the driver was negligent people need to always be extra aware of their surroundings when children are present. I’ve heard of it happening is wealthy neighborhoods to soccer moms- you just never know.

  13. all the children know me as a “rule enforcer” and im proud of it! why you ask?

    because all day i see near misses with cars and kids and i make it my goal when i see any kid weather the mother is there schmoozing on the sidewalk or nowhere to be seen i scream and sometimes at the mother/father to get out of the street and i tell the mother strait to her face do you care about your child!!!! this is the biggest problem in lakewood developments,kids and parents think the street is there playground i personally speed up when i see kid’s in the street when im driving to scare them (i don’t speed all the way to them just a rev of the engine so they get the message) this is the only way to get these kids an parents scared so maybe thay will teach there kids that the street is dangerous!!!!!

  14. This is not noigeia to this situation but it bothers me whenever I see it. Many families let their children climb all over their car. Whether it’s because of lack of alternative entertainment or lack of appreciation of what a car is. Firstly, car doors are heavy metal and close hard, and the imagination doesn’t need much help to figure out what would happen to a child’s hand that gets caught in it. Secondly, when you try and train a child to be careful crossing the street etc., he doesn’t have all the background knowledge to imagine all of the consequences that could happen. Now when you’re not watching him that one time (one time, right), if he goes climbing all over your car, in his mind: car = toy. This is a mindset that is not limited to this child’s family, because all the other kids that see it, either have to try it too (to prove that they can do it) or don’t actually do it, but the hot waters have been cooled off and now it’s that much less dangerous in their minds. Can we please lock our doors when we leave the car, at least long enough for this lesson to hit home (sorry, I didn’t mean that)

  15. OY! This is the nightmare I always am scared of.
    2 yr olds are hard to see regardless of if you are careful!
    (Especially when they “vroom vroom” behind your vehicle and werent there seconds before as you start to pull out!
    I have even had in some parking lots kids that think its funny (little 7 or 8 yr old boys I suppose) to not only not move out of the way when you are trying to pull out but to kind of try and block you on purpose!

    What are we waiting for… we must not let our kids out of eye sight no matter how safe it may seem!

  16. I’m looking for reader feedback. I live in a complex with a parking lot that is open on one end only. For the most part, it is not busy but of course we have cars pulling in and out of spaces. Is it acceptable if I am in the middle the whole time to let my 5 year old ride in the parking lot?

  17. No, no, no, no and no again….. streets are not playgrounds even if you are “guarding” the entrance… kids loose their appreciation for how dangerous streets are… I say this only once nicely b/c I am tired of all the complete disregard for safety around town… “please take your child to the playground to play”

  18. Uh, why are we busy discussing the pros and cons of driveways and lecturing each other on how to drive instead of davening for this child?
    Refuah shelaima!

  19. Why put yourself in that situation to begin with. Better to be safe than sorry and avoid it altogether. I’m sure you can come up with an alternative way to allow your child to entertain him/herself such as riding around the walkway if applicable and safe.

  20. to ok says
    “BIGGER problem is parents letting a TWO YEAR OLD wander around on their own. ”
    I thought the very same thing after reading this , Where were the parents ? A two year old left alone ~ REALLY ?

  21. # 20. NO!!! It is not safe practice to ride in a parking lot that is currently being used. Take your chil to an open area, ie near the 7th street school lot after hours, real cul de sacs, or let him ride on th esidewalk. good luck!

  22. If your child is going to be riding in the parking lot I suggest being focused on him/her the whole time. Not talking on the phone or reading. Also do not allow the child to go past a certain spot in the lot to allow drivers to see the tot and for the parent to see the car first. When my kids ride in the street,with my supervision,they pull to the side when a car is coming and stop riding until the car has passed.I follow the same rules when I follow my 5 year old as she rides her bike with training wheels. Hope this is helpful.

  23. #20,
    What kind of parent are you, anyway?
    You’re asking if it’s ACCEPTABLE? Are you asking about a new style of clothing or something so trivial that you want to know if it’s ACEPTABLE or not? Sheesh! Take a parental stance here and make a decision, is my child safe, or not? Don’t ask other people if something is acceptable!

  24. How about If you see a problem DO something to fix it. This child got hurt, look at how it happened and come up with a plan to prevent it from happening again! Blame Blame Blame, stop it, and do something about it. I don’t live there but maybe a small fence installed would block the little ones from getting behind the car. DO SOMETHING positive don’t let this go by without learning and preventing another injury.Also look at ALL developments there must be similar problems, talk to each and come up with ideas to prevent this from happening again.

  25. To all those who think that there is a safe way for your child to play/ride in ANY public driving area i.e. Streets, parking lots etc…, whether a regular street or development, there is no safe way unless your child is fenced in to a protected area. All you need is to turn your back for 1 second and your child can go from being in the “safe area” to the middle of traffic.
    To those who want to make their cars safer, there are a variety of products out there such back up cameras, back sensors, back up alarms (yes the truck sounding ones) that can be installed on ANY car.
    May we have a safe rest of the summer.

  26. Two things to say

    #1- I live in a complex – you can look behind – to the sides – all around- you can not see someone who is too short i.e. a toddler.
    ( if you go around your car to make sure n/o is there – it doesnt mean s/o wont be there in a minute.

    #2 It sure is a much bigger problem that the kid was in the street.

    Guess I have one more thing to say – We don’t know the whole story.

  27. people have a bungalow colony attitude in the complexes and are lazy to go all the way to the park area to watch the kids play. the kids go there alone. ther also is nowhere to ride a bike in these areas(not that there is anywhere else in town, unless you go to a park) but at least you dont have adriveway every 3 and a half feet. a lot of 50 x150 has at least 40 feet until the next driveway. just think about it.

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