TLS Offers Free Advertising to Supermarkets Offering Separate Hours at Least Once a Week

There has been much discussion over the past few days about Tznius at grocery stores and other places around Lakewood.

In addition to the poll about separate hours at supermarkets, many readers have reached out to TLS stating how they believe having the option to shop during separate hours – even just once a week – would be a good idea.

As of this post, approximately 70% of the nearly 7,000 votes were in favor of the idea. Which means, there is an apparent demand to have some separate hours.

In an effort to enhance the Kedusha around town, TLS – the largest media outlet in the Lakewood region – is offering free advertising to those supermarkets and other businesses who offer separate hours at least one day/night per week as a result of this offer.

A list of the shops offering the separate hours will be published across multiple TLS platforms at no charge, reaching tens of thousands of readers and over 150,000 social media followers.

To take advantage of this offer, reach out to [email protected].


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  1. Dear TLS
    Why are you supporting the idea of separate hours before hearing from multiple Gedolei Yisrael? This negatively impacts many people- as obvious by the fact that there is an issue in the first place!

  2. Wow!! TLS is leading the way on this amazing project. At the end of the day whether you are for this idea or not… no one can disagree that this will give a tremendous nachas ruach to HKBH and isn’t that in of itself worth it? ….and of course like with every דבר שבקדושה there will be those both from within our city and from the outside that will poke fun and make ליצנות, but before long BE”H this עלי-ה in קדושה will bring tremendous ישועות to all of Lakewood and to the surrounding towns. And it won’t be long before other cities both in New York and all over the US will do the same..
    כל הכבוד to the Lakewood Scoop for spearheading this worthwhile project that can bring with so much good to our מחנה..

  3. Please make sure to publish a list of all the stores that do such, so I will know the names of the stores that I will no longer shop at!!!! All the men who until now shopped at the time which will be turned into women’s hour will be inconvenienced and vice versa. Keep your chumras to yourself and don’t inconvenience other people.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Imagine you are on your way home and get a call from your wife to pick something up from the grocery. As a good husband you go to the store only to be greeted at the front door by a security guard telling you it’s womans hours.

  4. What a Kiddush HaShem! We can’t do enough in strengthening Kedusha in our midst
    And it only brings Shmirah & Bracha
    The Satan must be boiling mad
    Way to go!
    This town is finally on the right track back to what it used to be
    Just for the record NPGS Had it for many years and nobody had a problem It was looked up to

  5. Popular Men’s Hat Store To Offer Separate Hours In Exchange For Free Ads On TLS
    Upon learning that TLS is now offering free advertising to supermarkets offering separate hours at least once a week, popular men’s hats store owner, Michael Headerman, announced that he will take up TLS’s offer and institute separate hours in his hat store in exchange for free advertising from TLS.
    Upon hearing Mr. Headerman’s announcement, Lakewood resident, Devorah Shaitelstein, told reporters on Sunday that she cried when she heard Mr. Headerman’s announcement.
    “I’ve always wanted to wear one of those beautiful black felt hats that my husband wears,” Mrs. Shaitelstein said, “but I didn’t feel right going to the hat store during regular hours, to try on the hat and make the purchase, when the men frequent the store. However, now I can visit the store during ladies’ hours, and purchase that beautiful black hat I’ve always dreamed of wearing!”
    “I’m happy to accomodate the women,” Mr. Headerman later told reporters. “As a matter of fact, I just placed a huge order for extra-large felt hats that can easily be worn over their shaitels.”

  6. It sounds great but something is NOT being addressed. The cashiers. How tznius are they? Can this please be addressed? EVEN with men’s hours this problem exists. Why can’t there be higher standards of dress for employees of the many grocery stores in town? Please discuss!

    • you should always buy things for your wife and don’t write a comment as if you are a hero, you are obligated by the kesubah to buy her nice things,

      also,why don’t you go mop your own floors instead of hiring shmutzike “cleaning” help? many tzadikim used to mop their own floor to help the sholom bayis, they meant to make it easier for the woman of the house, but today it helps the sholom bayis by making it easier on the man of the house to maintain his kedushas hamachshava, by not having shmutzike “cleaning” help around the house when he is at home with family or alone.

      • Well all the lace shaitels are good for is mopping the floor, so obviously he is buying his wife a mop and not hiring shmutzike “cleaning” help!

  7. The security people at our institute have determined that your poll was run dishonestly and the 70% number for this item is false!

  8. oysh this is such a mistake. Fooling everyone that if only the world around them would change they would not have to struggle so much. Hashem put us here to struggle. if your willing to create the inconvenience of separate hours, than you can be willing to find a different store that suits you (i promise they exist) – this is not about kedusha this is about Ego.

    • I really don’t know what your issue is. Someone wrote a letter to TLS on this topic and there was lot of passion in the comments section for and against having separate hours so TLS conducted a poll and the results of the poll showed that a majority of the people here in Lakewood would love to see separate men’s hours and so TLS did what it does best (works to strengthen קדושה in our town) and as such made an offer to the businesses here in town. So not quite sure what your issue is…

      • Hi!Cool Masmid!I am Just Saying
        Your comment is a loaded comment.I will try within reasonable space to give perspective.
        1)The issues of Kedusha ,Tznius, Shmiras Ainayim, and how we ALL should dress, as well as HZL and OCD are some of the most sensitive complex issues on this planet.If you would ask RMF ZL you would prob get a much diff answer than if you asked the Skulener Rebbe and a third derech if you asked R Gissinger.
        2)Every bar bay rav can clearly see that the original letter was some imaginary figure who goes to the city every day but considers himself a regular lakewood guy.sweet dreams.let’s be honest.this was prob a combination of a few peoples experiences or some Askan writing in to create change.or someone with an agenda
        3)Rabbi Ifrah’s point can be combined with the idea ,that in 2024 it’s just a very backwards problem to place the onus on some harried lady wearing gym pants or some cool ex-chusid dressed to the just needs a little sounds weird.and disrespectful to women in 2024.
        4)the idea of offering financial incentive for the greater good is nice only once there is a rock solid explanation why we are doing it.being that these issues are so complex I think it would be impossible.

      • “Majority of people in Lakewood”
        Let me fix this for you.
        The majority of people who go online for nonessential reasons. Who bother with the local action. Who use this site. Who clicked on the original letter. Who bothered to or cared enough to vote.
        As Mark Twain said, (quoting British PM Disraeli, though unconfirmed he said it)
        “There are 3 kinds of lies: Lies, D*mned Lies, & Statistics”
        Imagine a poll that asks, “Should private schools in America have any requirements for secular education?” & only asking Chasidim in Boro Park, Williamsburg & KJ & extrapolating that all of America doesn’t want any requirements.

  9. pressuring businesses to conform to an idea of righteousness is a very slippery slope.
    not my cup of tea

    everyone (including websites) should conduct a cheshbon hanefesh and so SELF improvement

  10. So now I can’t go pick up bread and eggs while my wife is at work because it’s ladies hours?
    Or can my wife not pick up milk for the baby at night if I’m still learning with my chavrusa or out of town on business?
    This was implemented years ago at NPGS and as far as I’m aware is no longer in effect. Probably not for no reason.

  11. Wow the hate. You would almost think that these guys are upset because now their wives will want them to go shopping during men’s hours but they still wanna feast their eyes… I mean it’s one thing to have a logical reason to disagree but all this vitriol!?

  12. I think it’s really good idea To copy paste Skver .
    soon we will drive Separate Street for men and separate streets for a woman and so on that will be Moshich very soon

  13. There is no way this is legal. Do we really want to be on the front page of the newspapers? The secular press will have a field day with us. Is this what we need right now?

    • first of all it is perfectly legal to have an equal rotation which does not favor one gender over the other and is not intended to disadvantage or target any specific group,
      secondly, this is being done out of socioreligious consideration which has always been granted legal recognition in this country just as are lehavdil monestary for monks and nunnery for nuns so,
      this does not break the law since the law was never intended take the place religious doctrine holds in any society

  14. When I was a bochur, a shaila was posed to my rebbe that what is the difference between pritzus in an amusement park and pritzus in a supermarket. My rebbe answered that pritzus is pritzus but however you have to live. You can live without an amusement park but there are times where you will have to go out and shop. Yes there are nisyonos out there but there are times where it’s unavoidable. Yes, certain places can (and should be) be avoided but certain places are unavoidable.
    TLS, it’s very commendable for you announcing such a thing, but seperate hours is not very practical as people come to lakewood from out of town and are not going to be familiar with such things when they go shopping. There are going to be people that need to go shopping in that particular supermarket and they won’t be able to go at that particular time (for many reasons).
    TLS, no offense, but when people submit letters, it does not mean that is the opinion of the whole community. It’s usually one person’s opinion. There is no need to make a mountain out a molehill.

  15. Dear TLS
    I have a respectful question.Imagine if you were not the biggest advertiser in town, and the big media let’s call him Yankel AI would offer more media exposure to any of the small media(in this case TLS)who would NOT get involved in inyanei kedusha in town.and you would need that extra media coverage .you would be MAD that someone is imposing their dayos on your business.and you feel influenced by Yankel AI for overreach.

    That is the truth.let’s cutout the overreach by any business especially when it is harmful to many simple non-gvirim who are just trying to go about their day.

    Please forgive me if it is sharp I am trying to b respectful

  16. I have a very skilled therapist who is willing to come at that hour and do a group session for the men who apparently have untreated issues. It’s $19.99 and a $3 discount for the yungerleit in kollel!
    Everyone in one place at the same time… best time to do an intervention!

  17. The USA is a capitalist country. Let the market decide. If the people want it, it will succeed. If they don’t want it and don’t shop then, or they don’t adhere to the guidelines, it will peter out, as it did years ago.

  18. I want to know how many of the 70% are ACTUALLY going to shop during men’s hour???

    The solution is – Ladies shouldn’t wear enticing clothing, make up etc.

  19. Wow amazing! Will there be male only cashiers during men’s hours? I hope so as I would love to send my husband but he’s been using prizes as an exscuse for 8 years and watches football instead

  20. This is really special – thank you! seems like a lot of men in the comments have too much time on their hands! The real people that will appreciate this move are B”H not on the scoop and not reading the comments either –
    As for inconveniencing people- when i was in seminary in E”Y i walked into a store in Mea Shearim not realizing that it was mens hours. It didn’t take me long to figure it out, and some man nicely explained to me what was going on. I left and couldn’t get what i wanted to get, but i was very impressed. I wasn’t inconvenienced at all.
    Lastly, its hard to believe but there are still men out there who dont go to target or walmart, and wont go online either – hard to believe – but i know them personally.
    @LTS you know you made a good move when you get so much ‘positive’ feedback

    • I’m glad you are such a tzadeikes! But not all women are on your level, and we should not inconvenience them. Also Although I do go onto the Scoop, they don’t have the pritzus that they have in Target or Wal Mart. So I don’t know why you think Going online with a filter is synonymous with going to Target or Wal Mart.

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