TLS EXCLUSIVE: Christie Directly Addresses TLS Readers

TLS EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: (VIDEO below):  TLS met with candidate Chris Christie this afternoon, just one day before the elections, to discuss some of the vital issues surrounding the election. In a direct video message to The Lakewood Scoop readers, Christie talks about his positions on Abortion, Marriage, School Vouchers and finally about his role in the recent prosecution in NJ’s largest corruption scandal. (Mobile users click here to view video on youtube).

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  1. While i normally follow the Vaad’s endorsement in it’s entirety this year i will be voting for everyone the vaad tells me too except for corzine. i will be voting for christie

  2. Tell him to come here tonight for an hour . He will get a thousand people toisten and probably pick up 5 thousand votes . It will be worth it for him

  3. All you “lower taxes” guys out there – listen up! The best way for us yidden to save money is if our government will aprove the school vouchers! Can you imagine how much money each and every oneof us would save if we were to receive 3/4/5K per child! That is what we need to advocate for! Forget the stupid taxes etc. If we were to convince legislators to aprove private school vouchers that we put an average of $25,000 back into our pockets EACH YEAR!!!!
    Now for reality, this aint happening so quickly. Legislators accross the state of NJ/NY have been opposed to such vouchers for years. The Agudah has been advocating for vouchers for a long time. They have made soem leaway, but not nearly enough.
    By Christie saying that he will “bring vouchers to the state of NJ” is absolute stupidity! He obviously doesnt know the first thing about it. He would have been better off saying that he will advocate for it.
    It just sounds like he was just saying things to make us vote for him without knowing the first thing about it! He is a politician – and politicians are liars. End of story!
    My vote – Dont vote!

  4. how can anyone not vote for christie if you don’t vote for christie you are doing avisreyhu daraiuos toaiva marriage avisrouhu of retzicha supporting retzichas ubar and supporting obamas death panel and supporting obama against isreal corzine didn’t change the school formula it was senater singer did it when corzine wanted to raise the sales tax he couldn’t pass it until singer agreed only if he would change the formula to give more money to lakewood corzine took away property rebates not only from so called wealthy people making over 70 thousand but also he took it away from the tenents EVEN IF THEY MAKE NO MONEY used to get it so CORZINE TOOK AWAY MONEY FROM YUNGERLIGHT HE ALSO WANTED TO RAISE EVERYONES ELECTRIC RATE 20% IN THE SUMMER CORZINE IS STEALING THE PROGRAMS FROM THE YUNGERLIGHT FOODSTAMPS, HUD, WIC, JERSEY CARE ARE ALL FEDERAL PROGRAMS CHRISTIE CAN’T CUT SO FOR MORAL REASONS AND MONEY YOU MUST VOTE FOR CHRISTIE DON’T LET THE VAAD TRY TO TELL YOU SOME LIES OTHERWISE DO THERESURCH YOUR SELF ANY ROV THAT DOESN’T OWN A MOSAD THATS MESHBED TO AK SAYS TO VOTE FOR CHRISTIE

  5. We have to daven we get school vouchers its not going to be easy.But if Lakewood votes and we show the state that we vote they will help us.

  6. i’m sorry to mr anonumous jersey care is run by the state but its mandated by the federal goverment and payed for by the federal goverment its called jersey care since the state runs it

  7. How is making JerseyCare more difficult to get not the same as ending it, at least for those who lose it as a result? Prior to Corzone, there was no JerseyCare, just Kidcare/FamilyCare – only children and expectant mothers received coverage.

  8. well if hes not gonna cut any programs HOW CAN HE LOWER TAXES???money doesnt grow on trees , its either low tax/low programs or high tax/high programs . its not complicated you decide what works for you.

  9. YOSEF: Only the Medicaid portion of JerseyCare is paid by the Federal Government. JerseyCare provides coverage far beyond what is mandated by the Federal Government (and it’s in this second tier that the vast majority of those benefitting from it in our community fall). The cost of providing coverage for those who are not otherwise eligible for Medicaid is 100% funded by the state. Prior to the Corzine administration, funding had been curtailed for these recipients. Corzine (re)expanded the program to cover these moderate-need families.

  10. to yoseph u have zero comon sence r a l shteinman said to vote for corzine there is no dispute over that. second cristy went after rabonim not by chance! and even if he want vachers it will never get pased and he knows that.

  11. Someone who supports gay marriage does not have the BY”D to run a state. especially a community like Lakewood. If you do the right thing and vote for a mentch that has moral standards, and understands that its wrong to pass a gay marriage bill, that hashem will make all the money problems with jersey care etc… all fall into place.

  12. R AL Steinmam NEVER said to vote for Corzine . He said that you should vote for however is better for Lakewood . You decide who that means

  13. Why is voting for corzine, just to get money any different than joining the israeli govt who are jews and do a lot worse just for money for their mosdos????? There was a big machlokes then between the gedolim and our own R aron held you can join the apikorsim for money.

  14. i was on jersey care well before corzine was existed and not the medicated part i was tier 2 which was administrated through the state so how can say such a outright lie i am a male not a woman or a child the only thing he sighned but didn’t push for it was the senetor from perth amboy if you recall the vaad made a dinner in park terrace thanking him was make the application one easy form it was that senetor and the lrrc that did it but the rules and elgibility are the same DON’T GO FOR THIS SCARE TACTICTS FROM THE VAAD ITS A LIE I COULD SHOW YOU ME MONTHLY PAPER THAT SHOWED I WAS PLAN B THE SECOND TIER WELL BEFORE CORZINE .christie can cut liberal arts spending ,stop funding retzichas ubar lower taxes which badarch hatava bring more revenue to the state get rid of crazy regulations the state has to bring more business

  15. I want to hear the name of someone I can confirm with that R’ Shteinman said to vote for Corzine.Please don’t say R’ Malkiel as I don’t feel it is my place to ask him to verify the story.But I would ask any of the choshuver yungerleit in the room

  16. It is time to set up a new establishment as Reb Elyashiv instructed Rav Malkiel. Reb Elyashiv very clearly that it be composed of the 7 Tuvei Hair. So let us ask The Roshei Yeshivah respectfully to see to it that we have a Vaad and Beis Din of the 7 Tuvei Hair.

  17. Rav Shteinman did not say to vote for corzine. Rav shteiman did not say to listen to the Vaad. Here are the words of Rav Shteinman as quoted by Rav Malkiel” Maran Rav Aharon Leib Shteiman shlit”a stated that the oilam should vote for whoever will be better for the Lakewood community”. So now we must decide who is better for Lakewood.

  18. YOSEF: People who already had Tier 2 FamilyCare were allowed to retain their coverage. The tier was dissolved for new applicants, only Medicaid remained. It existed this way for appriximately 5 years until Corzine (re)authorized the Tier. It’s great that you retained your coverage, Yosef, it really is, but note that there are others whose suffering ended as a direct result of Corzine’s *state funded* expansion of JerseyCare.

  19. You don’t have to ask Rav Malkiel; you can read his account of the conversation in his own handwriting – a letter has been posted on all yeshiva bulletin boards.

  20. Why is Christie still avoiding Lakewood. He has tried to send his message. Why do we even bother putting this up? He hasn’t expressed ANY interest in us. Imagine if he gets into office. He also said clearly that he will be going after ‘Unzera’ (if they do wrong) STAY FAR AWAY…..He is a dangerous person.

  21. mr anonomus 7:07 i actualy got on three years before corzine existed its just scare tacticts that your using JERSEY CARE IS A FEDEREL MANDATE AND FUNDED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERMENTASK CHRIS SMITH OUR CONGRESSMAN DON’T TRUST THE VAAD I MYSELF SAW THE FACTS NOT LIKE THEM

  22. zolzeine 5:10,

    Either you only know how to read half the letter or you’re deliberately ignoring the ending phrase that reads “k’hachlatasam hanal” and is referring to the beginning phrase where he is discussing the “hachlatas havaad.”

    So, stop trying to fool yourself and others…

    Maran R’ A.L. Shteinman Shlita clearly said to publicly announce in his name that we should go with the vaad’s chosen candidate which is Corzine.

    Lo Sosur mikol asher yagidu lecha, yemina oi smalla.

    V’chol asher yishma ledivrei chachameinu, yun’am lo u’lchol mishpachto!!

  23. I just had a very disturbing conversation, with a very active member of the state and national Republican party who lives in Lakewood. Mr. #, as we shall call him, told me that he will be holding his nose this election day and voting Democratic for the first time in his life. The reasons he elucidated jolted me as well.

    Mr. # told me he had a two hour face to face meeting with Chris Christie and asked him to come campaign in Lakewood. Christie refused. Christie insinuated that he is totally turned off from the Jewish community of Lakewood.

    Mr. #. met with some of Christie’s biggest contributors to enlist them in getting Christie to come to Lakewood and meet with the Jewish leadership and he refused them as well.

    Based on that rather blunt and brusque meeting, Mr. # was extremely repulsed and disenchanted with Mr. Christie.

    Mr. # believes very strongly that Mr. Christie is NO friend of the Lakewood Orthodox Jewish community.

    You would think that Christie would naturally be inclined to reach out to our community which is fair-minded in moral values and fiscal conservatisms. Opting not to come to the largest town in Ocean County and the fastest growing town in New Jersey has to raise many red flags.

    Actions speak louder than words.

    Mr. # also believes that social services will be reduced as well as social service monies currently available to our kehilla in an effort to “trim” the budget.

    Mr. # believes that, given the opportunity, a “Governor” Christie would initiate tax and oversight investigations that would harm many of the mosdos, shuls and even simple gemachs in our town.

    Mr. # is not a part of the VAAD and never was. Mr. #’s only purpose in reaching out to the public was to convey his feelings and sentiments which he strongly believes are accurate and true.

    Mr. #, like I mentioned earlier, is very involved in state and national politics and is understandably choosing to remain anonymous.

  24. Yashrus: It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever that Christie wanted to come to Lakewood, but Vaad told don’t come… This is because, a candidate never invites himself anywhere or asks anybody for permission to come. Usually, you have a group of people, called greeting party, that contacts the main campaign office and invites the candidate. Then, campaign decides whether to accept the invitation. They look at many things like how much money can be raised, how many people will attend, who is an inviting party, who much and what kind publicity the stop will generate etc…

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