Tips on How to Write a Solid Argumentative Essay

Part of being a successful student entails exemplary performance in your assignments and tests. One of the most common tasks is essay writing. The many types of essays have different writing styles and message delivery modes. This article will debunk the most helpful ways to write a solid argumentative essay.

How to Write a Solid Argumentative Essay

Unlike a narrative descriptive essay, an argumentative essay is an academic paper that entails the writer presenting an argument from a firm angle and providing a justification for their views to convince the reader to buy into their idea. 

Simple as it might sound, writing an argumentative essay requires intense research and effort, more than what would ideally go into writing a regular essay. As such, any online essay writing service will recommend getting into the nitty gritty of what goes into writing an argumentative essay. 

You need to pay attention to factors such as the essay’s structure, how to research comprehensively and establish an argument, how to present your evidence, and the vocabulary required for the essay. This writing unpacks all these details in the most palatable way.

When Is an Argumentative Essay Written?

An argumentative essay is written as an assignment to students. Outside the classroom, it can be written as an editorial or blog post. Other situations that prompt you to write an argumentative essay include:

1. Academic Assignments

In schools, tutors task learners to write argumentative essays to build their understanding of specific subjects. It also tests their ability to research and develop their persuasive writing skills.

2. Debates

Argumentative essays are keen on developing ideas and presenting evidence to support them. Debates take the same procedure; hence, along the same line, a learner builds their debating skills and learn how to defend their viewpoints.

3. Opinion Writings

Outside class, you might be tasked to write an opinion piece expressing your opinions on a specific matter. As such, you need to present your argument and include supporting evidence.

4. Policy Proposals

If you work in positions entailing policy-making, you ought to hone argumentative essay writing skills since they will be needed in proposing policies. The process involves floating your proposals and presenting evidence to support them.

5. Persuasive Speeches

Your argumentative skills will be needed when presenting a persuasive speech since the essay forms the foundation of the speech. The argumentative essay writing speech format also presents ways to package your points and show them.

Parts of an Argumentative Essay

Like any essay, an argumentative essay comprises:

  • An introduction

  • A thesis statement

  • Three body paragraphs with the arguments and support statements 

  • The conclusion

The structure of the essay plays a significant role in determining how your message will be perceived and whether the reader will be convinced to support your claims. Therefore, this writing aims to persuade the reader to support your viewpoint. 

Elements of an Argumentative Essay

For context, an argumentative essay has five main elements. Understanding the role of each component is essential in the essay writing process as it serves as a distinguishing point on whether to buy an essay or trust your essay writing skills. These elements include:

1. The Claim

Essentially, the claim is the argument or viewpoint. It forms the premises of your argument and the essay at large. Therefore, it is the most intricate part of the essay since it determines the trajectory of the rest of the writing. 

2. Support

The support or the evidence comprises factual details. How you package your claims determines how easily the reader will buy into your idea. It also proves how much research you have done and showcases your confidence and understanding of the topic.

3. Counterarguments

Including counterclaims cements your argument. It presents the reader with a contrasting perspective of the subject. 

4. Rebuttal

A rebuttal makes sense after you have presented the reader with a contrasting view of the argument and evidence to prove why your view makes more sense and waters down the counterargument. A strong rebuttal proves to the reader that you have considered diverse perspectives and are prepared to defend your position. 

The Format of an Argumentative Essay

Having gathered the ins and outs of what goes into the contents of an argumentative essay, this is the writing format. This format expresses how to package your ideas to develop a coherent essay.

1. Introduction

This section should start with a compelling sentence or, if possible, a question that captures the reader’s attention. The introduction should also thrust the reader into what the essay is about, usually by providing a history or background of the topic.

2. Thesis Statement

This section provides your position on the topic. However, you should ensure that your thesis statement is strong enough and showcases your confidence.

3. Body Paragraphs

The essay should contain at least three body paragraphs. Each one of the body paragraphs should focus on a specific point. The paraphs should include three to four confident sentences.

Introduce every paragraph with a strong topic sentence. The topic sentence introduces the reader to the evidence supporting the claim highlighted in the thesis statement.

The body paragraphs should also contain results from experiments, statistics, and quotes from renowned people. Providing such details makes your argument more factual. It also boosts your confidence in your work.

4. Counterarguments and Their Rebuttals

Acknowledge the existence of opposing views. Doing so shows the reader your research was wholesome and that you were keen when researching. Provide evidence and supporting claims on why you disagree with the counterarguments. 

5. Conclusion

The conclusion should signal to the reader that you have finished writing the essay. It should also jog their mind on the argument and a summary of why they should support your viewpoint. Let the reader have the final call to action and a broader topic perspective. 

6. Citations and References

Since this kind of writing relies on previous studies, it is essential to be careful when providing references and citations. Remember to be consistent when providing these references. 

7. Formatting Style

Be sure to use the correct formatting style for your paper. Your tutor usually provides the formatting style. It would help if you also strived to ensure that your paper maintains an academic tone throughout.

These tips on how to write an argumentative essay play a vital role in determining how well you will perform. Following them to the latter guarantees exemplary performance. 

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