Ticketing At BMG Again, This Time For Sidewalks

bmg ticketingPD is once again enforcing the law at BMG this morning. Moments ago PD were ticketing vehicles illegally parked on the 7th Street sidewalk-across the Bais Eliyahu building of BMG (near the mailboxes on Private Way). Le’toeles Harabim, we would like to once again remind the BMG students, that unless your vehicle looks like a pedestrian, please take the extra minute to find a legal spot, or you will get ticketed.

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  1. tell the cops to go sunday morning to saint mary of the lake and give tickets or during the week to clifton ave grade scool and give tickets and stop harrasing bmg!!!

  2. It’s actually in the oilam’s best interest if they would ticket evvery single day.

    As it stands, guys play Russian roulette parking illegally, gambling that they won’t get a ticket. Usually they’re right. Often, though, they’re not and this costs them $$$.

    If they knew with a 100% certainty that if they parked illegally they would get a ticket, they’d never take the chance and this would save them $$$.

    The ba’alei mussar discuss the eitzah of k’nass as a tool to changing undesirable behaviors – this really isn’t so different.

  3. A car that doesn’t harrass women. Spit , drink beer, urinate on buildings, deal drugs, litter, or belong to a gang, gets so much police attention. If we just will keep the law maybe we can get the police to find the time to take care of serious problems.

  4. My heartfelt gratitude is extended to all the illegal parkers out there for stimulating our municipal economy. Hopefully this will assist in lowering our property taxes. Thank You!!

  5. They come to bmg cauz they know everyone will scream chilul hashen, golus etc and mosy people won’t fight but they were to dare start up with a church they would never hear the end of it!!
    We need some jewish cops!!

  6. to all says:
    December 6, 2009 at 11:50 am
    Let the cops come down rt88, by the church accros from ocean county park. Every sunday the people park everywere.
    if you want to align yourself with goyim who are dishonest and worse then you are right but two wrongs dont make it right . mabe you should not be locked up if you steal because many goyim steal and dont get locked uped? i thought we are better people but apparently its ok to align yourself with all the chaleryos

  7. Public transit, parking garages, shopping, banking & business in neighborhood centers, etc.

    This groeth thing isn’t new, people – it happened in many of the NJ suburbs of the city years ago. They lived through it and made it work and so will we.

  8. yes I agree that people have to use caution and sensibilty when parking, but there should be an even hand. Go look at the chrch on lakewood ave and the parking there, or even at the pub on lexington where the cops hang out . the parking situation has literally become impossible and out of desperation and frustion many park illegally, I’m not justifying breaking the law , but hut some rachmonis on these law abiding citizens who just wanna study the bible or pray to g-d, these guys are like vultures waiting for theie prey . Friday I saw state police hiding out off martin luther king seeking unsuspecting yeshiva liet . these guys need to fullfill their quotas to get their xmas bonuses at that’s all their is to it . a cop told me the mexicans are completely undocumented, never have any I’d , never show to court and never pay, so they take our gelt . these yeshiva people have many kids , some can barely pay for the price of the ticket. go get one of heshies money laundering , illegal drug dealers and leva e bmg alone . its bmg territory and aint none of your beezwacks .

  9. They require each house to have 4 parking spots these days but bmg is alowed to take away spots with each building they build. They obviously have some connections so maybe they can arrange with the police to leave harmless cars parked on a sidewalk that’s
    Only used by bmg people anyway alone! The fire lanes I understand but this is not called for!!

  10. Just obey the law and stop screaming “anti yeshiva”. THe law is the law and must be obeyed, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!. I had to tell this to my kids when they were in school regarding school rules and it seems that some people never grew beyong that.

  11. I agree with

    A Golus Yid says:
    December 6, 2009 at 5:48 pm

    Just obey the law and stop screaming “anti yeshiva”. THe law is the law and must be obeyed, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!. I had to tell this to my kids when they were in school regarding school rules and it seems that some people never grew beyong that.

    stop pointing at everyone else, If you want to change the world start with yourself……

  12. the sidewak was built for everyone .so stop with your hogwash that the sidewalk is only used by bmg.plain and simple if u park on any side walk you wil be towed and ticketed.

  13. To #8, I see them too, but they park on the grass, not blocking traffic. No sidewalks there either. To #13, Elvis, don’t wear your belt, speed or yak on the cell and the NJSP will get you too. To #14, 20 or so years ago the applicants of the Shuls that were built had their professionals and attorney testify to the planning and zoning boards that their members walk to Shuls and school and not drive, so they don’t need parking spaces and it got approved. The same goes for the developments. I think they still testify to that. Thank your developers. They only want the project to go though so they can make $$$$. To #16, how are the firemen supposed to get hoses to the building if you park on the sidewalks also or people supposed to get out if there is a fire??? Are you the only one that walks on the sidewalk? I thought there were laws for reasons, either from the Torah or the government. Maybe you should park in front of a fire hydrant and leave a note on your windshield with you cell phone number on it so they can call you to move your car so they can hook up to it with the firetruck, I’m sure they will wait for you.

  14. (N.J.S.A. 39:4-138) Unless directed to do so by a police officer or to avoid an accident, a motorist should NEVER Stop or Park:
    – On a Sidewalk

    (N.J.S.A. 39:4-71) Operating a motor vehicle on a sidewalk:
    – 2 Points

  15. To #14 & #19:
    You both have it right. As someone who lives on 7TH street on the BMG block, I’m sick and tired not only of the sidewalk parking, but also of the blocking of my driveway. I don’t fully blame the individuals, although it’s very inconsiderate of them, but it’s BMG’s responsibility to provide parking for their students. Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe the yeshiva owns a bit of unused property in the area. I’m under the impression that part of the block between Clifton and Lexington, and between 9TH and 10TH, is expected to be dedicated for parking. I hope that is true, and I hope the students will be instructed in a very persuasive way, to use that lot as opposed to blocking sidewalks or driveways in the yeshiva area. It would be greatly appreciated. Believe me, nobody here wants to have the police ticketing or towing the students cars.

  16. I think that there doesn’t even have to be a sidewalk there and let’s just make like its not there and have a few more spots for the students and teachers. Can’t we ignore some minor infractions and focus on real issues ???? I sense that all the negative comments are from people that don’t go to a school that has 5000 students and maybe 200 parking spots! I personaly am machmir not to park on the sidewalk but who really does it bother?

  17. I hold that sidewalk has a din of “metzer shehichziku boi rabim” those cars have been parking there before these policemen were born and before all the chachomim posting here ever heard of the town called lakewood. If rav shneur z”l didn’t think too much about it then I don’t think we need to lose sleep over this issue. Let’s find something better to hock about even if its a slow news day b”h.

  18. #25, I hope that’s a joke. Please let it be a joke.
    #24, Do you think these “important” people will actually walk a few blocks when there’s a convenient spot on the sidewalk that’s closer to yeshiva? Did you ever see the lengths to which people go when they see a parking place closer to a store, opening up? THey’ll wait, and wait a wait (and block traffic) rather than CH”V park a little further and CH”V walk a bit.

  19. if your whole learning torah evolves on making a chilul hashem due to your atzlus then shame on you.
    and to LPD for having their DOUBLE STANDARDS for not ticketing the chrch parkers shame on them as well.

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