PHOTOS & VIDEO: Thousands Join Rebbe Of Bobov In Hachnosas Sefer Torah, Chanukas Habayis Celebration

PHOTOS & VIDEO [UPDATED]  Thousands of Bobover Chassidim and others from around the tri-state area this afternoon took part in a historic celebration marking the opening of the Bobover Shul in Lakewood.The Rebbe – along with twnety five busloads of Chassidim – traveled from Boro Park to take part in the momentous occasion which included a Hachnosas Sefer Torah and Chanukas Habayis of the Shul, ‘Tslosei D’Shloime’, in memory of Reb Shloime Halbershtam Zatzal, the Rebbe prior to Reb Naftulche Zatzal.

The event began with a lively Hachnosas Sefer Torah procession from Princeton Avenue and East Kennedy Boulevard, which made its way to the new Shul on East Kennedy Boulevard near Squankum Road.

Upon arrival, the throngs of people made their way into the designated tent where the dancing and music continued, with the presence of the Rebbe, Reb Bentzion Halbershtam.

The Shul and Sefer Torah were dedicated by the family of R’ Tzudik Schonberger of Boro Park. TLS.

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  1. Regardless of which Bobover Rebbe one follows nowadays, the previous Bobover Rebbe was Reb Naftultche, the son of Reb Shloime. Please stick to accurate reporting.

  2. can someone explain where they take people from to fill up 25 busses? that’s about 1300 people!
    are these bachurim taken out of yeshiva? baslei batim taken from work (or maybe from the one day a week that they have a learning Seder)
    aren’t there enough people here in Lakewood without having go be mevatel so much Torah?
    what kind of message does that teach a bachur?

  3. heard TLS editor back home.
    The dangers of the job- i guess.

    If not for TLS i would not know the Lakewood SCOOP. Thank you and keep up the great work you do.

  4. it was a handful of 15 year old animals the rest were really nice people as their rebbe reb benzion is as well, those few kids should have been pulled out and given a good beating by…..

  5. In twenty years, when men and women will need to walk on opposite sides of the street in Lakewood (like KJ and New Square), we will ask ourselves why we ever let them in.

  6. In respone to number 15

    his is waht previous means:
    ‘Just preceding something else in time or orde’

    What ever you assume, this is what previous means The last Bobover Rebe was Rav Nafatli Zt”l . You for sure do not follow Harav Mordchai Dovid Shlit’a.

  7. If you read the last line in the first Paragraph. He did write that Hrav H’ Reb Naftuli ZTL was the last Rebbe, I guess you don’t under stand what Prior means.
    Or you just cant stand the fact that Bobov is BH Growing while you are busy hating.

  8. “we in Bobov dont like when pics are taken from our events no matter where it is. Pics are only within the chasidus.”

    If that’s the case please stay in Brooklyn and don’t bring your monsters and bigotry to Lakewood. We have enough of our own to deal with. Thank you

  9. One of the symptoms of a cult is that they feel it necessary to prove to everyone else that they are “growing”.

    If you were truly confident and proud of your way of life, you would feel no need to show it off, or convince others of your specialness or growth rate.

    I say that as a proud Orthodox Jew, but one who doesn’t flaunt it.

    v’hatznea leches im Hashem Elokecha.

    To the Lakewood Police Department: THANK YOU VERY MUCH for providing for the safety and security of the people of Lakewood. You do your job with the decency and respect that many of us have to take for granted. We appreciate your hard work, especially when dealing with people of a different culture, which can be quite difficult.

    THANK YOU!!!

  10. TO MR BOBOV BP: I was standing next to a lakewood photographer all i heard again and again was “make sure we get good coverage in every paper” one guy even told him they should make a seperate pull out section just with pictures from this guys were dieing every news paper in the world should be there and cover it.

  11. To # 32 lakewood backs you all the way.”We” in lakewood could do without the “them” from Bobov. The add nothing to our town. Maybe the yeshiva should offer them to build our suka & we’ll teach Them how to make a hachnosss sefer tora with true kovod hatora

  12. The Ramban writes in Igeres haramban- “vchol odom yiye godol mimchu beineichu” that goes for when you see bobover chasidim too.
    This is the yesod of humility

    One who learns Torah and does not perfect this trait- is chas vsholom included in the group of balei gayva and is holding up the arrival of Moshiach. Please do your part in speeding up his arrival rather than the reverse chas vsholom.

  13. They came to give kovod latorah. They shlepped here to give chizuk to their Lakewood Chasidim, who are much more then the twenty that they stated before

  14. to # 46 the fact of the matter is there are not more then 20 bobov chasidim , in lakewood that live in the vicinity of the new bobov shull ,I am a chasid and know allor of these chasidim.

  15. watch the middle video. 2:28 into the video the rebbes vehicle strikes a double stroller with two children in it and another holding on!!!!! are u kidding???

  16. Depressing to read the kin’ah and sin’ah from some of the contributors.

    Be happy that frum kehillos are expanding. If chasidim have nothing to offer to Lakewood, why are the Roshei Yeshivos on good terms with the Rebbes? Because Litvaks and chasidim need each other today, whether in Mir of BMG. As the Mirer Mashgiach says, we the Litvaks have won the yeshivishe world and the chasidim have won the baalebatishe world. Lakewood is a total mix of both of these worlds.

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