This Week’s Gang Markings: Pine Street

gang graffiti pine streetPHOTO: Fed up with the graffiti yet? So are most residents. But the latest victims of the gang-graffiti aren’t just fed up. They’re extremely frustrated. This time it’s the residents in the Pine Street area who were targeted with the gang markings, found all over their fences and properties over the last few days. Most victims of the graffiti markings have one questioon in common. ‘Why can’t the Police or Township do something about this?’. The answer however, is more frustrating than the question. There isn’t much that can be done to prevent this type of activity.

Lakewood has seen a surge in gang-related activity in the recent weeks, as posted here, here and here etc.

On June 14, individuals incarcerated in the Ocean County jail participated in a work detail to paint over the graffiti and clean up identified graffiti sites around Lakewood, but it seems we’re back to square one.

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  1. The investors that bought up all the houses are to blame. This is the a direct result of how they disrupted normal neighborhoods. & ther families would never do this sort of thing. They should be forced by the rabonim to sell to homeowners whether frum or not and this town will get normal once again.

  2. Unfortunately the police can’t be everywhere to keep these things from happening. Why don’t the homeowners start a watch, and call the police while the graffiti artists are in the act?

  3. The Gang graffiti includes references to The ” Vatos Locos”, “18th Street Gang”, and “XV3”. These gangs have deep roots in LA. and Mexico.There are often sub-groups within these organizations that carry /display other markings. Such graffiti will often include the writer’s/member’s name(nickname).The graffiti will show how other gangs are reacting to them and if there are disputes about ownership or control of the area marked. You can google these Gang names and references for further understanding.


    The sheer fact that they are marking the township, as “there territory” is a the biggest issue here. ACCORDING TO THE PHOTO(if thats the actual damage that was created) LM is the gang La Mirada. Its a sect of the mexican gang, “Sureños” or “Surenos 13.” Street gangs that are aligned with the Mexican Mafia often use the number 13 as a gang identifier, as the letter “M” is the 13th letter of the English alphabet. (ms-13, Sur13, etc)

    Sureños describes gangs professing allegiance to be a gang set in southern California, sureños(male) and sureñas(female) are very territorial.

    BUT WHAT CONCERNS ME THE MOST IS THAT LAKEWOOD HAS MORE THAN 1 LATINO GANG- AND THEY DONT LIKE EACH OTHER, CAUSING TURF-WARS, AND DRIVE BY’S. Find on the photo the 3 blue dots in the shape of a triangle…. that means Mi Vida Loca, my crazy life. The original artwork was done by surenyo’s, then over done my LV

    This is the direct result of allowing undocumented people into the country- you never know who is who, who has what history, and who is affiliated or has a prior criminal background.

  5. Mr Conservative is right- the graffiti is only a result of the gang presence in lakewood- people should be more concerned with that, and the chaos and crime it brings than just vandalism.

  6. I posted a comment on an earlier article about the graffiti and said the police and neighborhoods should watch areas with long stretches of fence facing the street and maybe they could be caught in the act but for some reason it was not posted. Clearly I was right as they again tagged a long stretch of fence facing the street so maybe this comment will be posted. The police should set up a small task force of 2-3 cops to watch areas like this and catch them in the act or maybe cameras could be installed in areas that get repeatedly tagged. It would also be great if neighborhoods got involved and kept an eye on areas likely to get tagged and call the police immediately if anything develops.

  7. The police know the gangs.They know the leaders,they know lots about them. follow them,stake them out. They stake out highways for driving infractions let them stake out what is truly a danger to us all.
    We started kicking them out of down town so they are now showing us who is boss.
    Don’t ask the innocent people to protect us,the police are the ones who are supposed to. We now have to do their job???

  8. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to figure out that these gangs come out late at night and target fences and the like in neighborhoods around town.

  9. How long will the police take to come if they are called? 20 minutes? 30? and hour? the gangs will be long gone.
    As for the citizens watching and keeping an eye…do you want to start up with these animals? Do you want them to see you watching them? the police are even afraid,your telling us to be the brave ones?

  10. I don’t understand how a (investor) property owner is supposed to know in advance which one of his prospective tenants is a criminal or a gang member.
    When they show the house to prospective tenants in Lakewood, all they see is a lovely Hispanic, African American, or Jewish couple, smiling from ear to ear. and even if they were to run a criminal record, there is no way to ascertain if this couple plans on loading up the house with bus loads of extended family members, or perhaps children that are involved in Illegal activities.
    So I would argue that it is up to the Federal, State, and Local Officials/Police to stop crime.

  11. When I said earlier in comment #2 that homeowners should keep an eye out- no where did I say to approach the vandals. How hard is it to drive by and then call the police? Or if they can see it from inside the safety of their home, great! Don’t just complain about your surroundings- do something to help! If you see something, say something, simple as that.

    This town has bigger issues to deal with- they can’t assign 2-3 police to spend their shift watching fences for vandalism. What a great way to spend tax dollars!

    and from what I’ve seen, it never takes 30 minutes for the police to respond to a crime in progress.

  12. This happens in Brooklyn all the time. The NYPD has patrol units in unmarked cars and they drive the streets looking for these guys with spray cans. If Chief Lawson would put 3-4 unmarked cars driving around at night (not in white crown vics) they would bust these guys in no time!


    guys- do you think these gangs send in top members to do the art work? they send in 16yr old kids to do the dirty work. lakewood doesnt want to spend thousands of dollars on overtime, to bust a few JV’s to only release them the same night on a summons to appear in court ticket. [you take 2 off the street for an hour, tomorrow 5 more will be ready to take the place of the 2.]


  14. to # 15

    True the town has a lot of issues that may be of greater importance and if it were every couple of weeks or couple of months that a small area got tagged fine but large areas are being tagged within days of eachother. Many police departments set up small task forces as needed for purposes such as this, a little overtime can’t hurt if it solves the problem. Besides, what we are dealing with here is the broken window theory, the violators need to be stopped and the graffiti cleaned up quickly to prevent the areas affected from becoming worse. I do agree with you however that it does not take 30 mins for the LPD to arrive especially if you call them direct at 732 363 0200 instead of 911 which goes to the county.

  15. Some people are crazy they do not kidnap your wife and children and try to leave that happens in Mexico they would never get away with it here. It is the 16 year olds you should worry about they need to prove they an asset to the gang. Also to go to jail is a way of getting your strips . Teenagers use bad judgment as a way of living and they think they are invincible so they are without a doubt the most dangerous.

  16. Thanks #18. I understand the frustration that people must have too. and I’m sure the LPD guys wouldn’t mind taking the OT, but I can hear it now- someone complaining that we are paying for the police to stare at fences. The gov’t waste, etc. While I do agree that the police should be more proactive, in reality they do not have the man power during a typical shift- which they should.

    It frustrates me (w/family members in law enforcement) complaining “where were the police?” The police in this town are not sitting around doing nothing- ignoring their duties. and so it is up to the neighborhood to do whatever they can to help keep their neighborhood beautiful and safe.

    and if all else fails, see #20. hehehe

  17. Mayor Guilianni in NY had in right. If you enforce quality of life issues, the crime rate goes down. Remember the old squeechy men he chased off the street?

  18. I am not talking about ot to sit around and watch fences I am talking about making a gang unit like they have a street crimes not extra hours but a few cops on the shift they are scheduled for going after gang members making it hard for them to move around freely. Also I am not sure what you meant by (It frustrates me (w/family members in law enforcement) complaining “where were the police?”) The family part, what do you mean family complains?

  19. Sorry if I wrote that wrong Its Time- I meant it bugs me when people complain about the police not doing enough b/c I know the ones I grew up around (including my family) work hard.

    And I agree, LPD needs more resources like the ones you mention.

  20. All these gangs, are very scary stuff, and glad that we have neighbors like Mr. Conservative to pass on the knowledge. Hopefully he is my neighbor.

    P.S.- Mr. Conservative: i love reading your comments! I always learn something new reading your posts that include facts unknown to the common person. Please don’t let anyone discourage you from posting in the future.

  21. All these gangs, are very scary stuff, and glad that we have neighbors like Mr. Conservative to pass on the knowledge. Hopefully he is my neighbor.

    P.S.- Mr. Conservative:  i love reading your comments! I always learn something new reading your posts that include facts unknown to the common person. Please don’t let anyone discourage you from posting in the future.

  22. TO MR CONSERVATIVE: How do you know that these Latinos aren’t citizens? Maybe, just maybe they are 3rd generation Americans….Maybe they just happen to have been easily influenced into a gang life. Not every Latino is illegal. There are some “trailor parks” that I wish I could deport back to wherever…

  23. While it would be great to if the township police department had a gang unit, its just not going to happen anytime soon. There simply are not enough police especially at night. The department can not afford to lose patrol man power to a dedicated gang unit. Residents need to start going to township committee meetings and start demanding for more officers to be hired so the police department would be able to have the man power it should have in the CITY of Lakewood. Whoever thinks that Police are afraid of these “gang members”, thats just a hilarious statement you obviously do not see them sitting in the most wonderful neighborhoods looking for activity like High Point or Golf View or E. 4th st areas.

  24. Mr. Conservative you referenced the “tagging” on the most recent incident photo quite well.The other linked photos are the ones I mostly referenced. Youngsters,teens,often vandalize without affiliation to the gangs they mention.However often they are members of ,or related to the gangs.Vandalism is a crime of opportunity.The person doing it has the choice of time and location , it makes catching them difficult.Not impossible.The suspects have some things in common,They share the same choice of medium usually.Spraypaint.Finding discarded cans,or juveniles/or adults with cans,or store owners seeing juvenile purchases of cans on spraypaint,are helpful.Ever spraypaint something and not get some paint on your hands?Now the issue of gangs.There are est. to be over one million gang members in the USA.Fed. Govt. statistics est. there are approx. 800,000 law enforcement officers in the US.The fact makes it own point.

  25. There is a much larger issue here ,the graffitid just a symtom of the trouble here in Lakewood . Lots of stress &frustration between all the various segments of residences that reside in this town and I don’t see that changing any time soon.
    housing has for the most part has only served the jewish community despite laws that make discrimintaion in housing illegal. You have to wonder why in 2010 this is tolerated by the officials
    If you don’t think this is a major problem then guess what these problems are only going to get worse.

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