This is probably the most emotional and chilling picture you’ll see this Chanukah

A Hatzolah of Central Jersey member on a call this evening couldn’t help but wonder why right there next to a Menorah, sat a potato waiting to be lit.

What he heard next is chilling.

“As we wheeled the patient out of the house, we stopped with the stretcher for a minute for her husband to light the menorah,” the Hatzolah member relayed. “When we asked what that extra light was, he mentioned that in addition to lighting the menorah, he lights a wick in a potato to commemorate the menorah he used while hiding and running from the Nazis Y”S.”

The member added, “We asked him to give a brocha to all of the Hatzolah members.”

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  1. If you’re buying luxurious food, at least donate the equivalent amount to Tomchei Shabbos Meals on Wheels. That $14 or however much will go a longer way and feed more people who can’t afford to buy even the basics. Elderly people don’t get EBT either.

  2. Why does everyone care if someone is buying a donut or whatever. Its none of your business and not an aveira (and still none of ur business). Every time a person makes a purchase thats luxurious or gives them pleasure should they be yelled at. No-one is forcing you to buy it so Mind your own business!!

  3. I think what @old soul is trying to say is…there were people who suffered such horrors (that we Baruch Hashem can’t even fathom!!) & were happy just to have a potato to light menorah (the true meaning of Chanukah) & here in 2019 are free to even have such gashmiyus like $14 donuts. Can you imagine that today it takes gourmet food to make us happy? Food for thought.

  4. The potato is a symbol of his personal neis! Its Hallel in a spud!if anything, it means thank you H-shem that you have brought me to safe shores and i have a family and a legacy, rather than being ashes in Auschwitz!

  5. Wow. Indeed, this is a chilling picture. This guy’s mesoras Nefesh at that time to be mikayim a d’rabonon is awe-inspiring. Also, that he remembers. how many do we have Nissim with oarnasshah, refuah, Shidduchim or whatever and a week later forget about it ? And this Tzaddik makes a zecher every single year. And it’s over 74 years ago !! Mind blowing. And please stop trivializing this to use as a mussar for $14 donuts, as if it’s in the same stratosphere; it’s not.

  6. why is everyone caught up over purchase of expensive donuts
    one can ask the same question on costs of housing. how many people buy expensive houses while others can barely pay rent
    cost of prime meats
    costs of restaurants
    cost of clothing
    cost of trips
    why do people go to florida for mid winter vacation (even people who are not working …)
    and the list goes on and on.
    why can’t the donut maker make some extra money on holiday season foods ? it is a mitzva to help him make a living . many times the season pays for the other months of regular business
    why can all other business charge what they want and make a living and many times a very good living?
    many businesses make a business from selling luxury items
    if one feels they can not or do not want to pay such a price fine but why hurt another persons business
    i am sure if the person complaining stands back and reconsiders they will realize they spend money on things that others feel is wasteful, not necessary, a luxury etc.
    each person has to do the best in their decisions but do not choose one persons business to run after and hurt.
    as a rabbi said many times the worst midos come out in kanaus lshem shamayim
    if one wants to talk about how our community is going after luxuries… write an article in general terms not signaling out one persons seasonal item
    maybe whomever spoke against the persons business should go and buy extra as to give the person an honorable living
    if not donuts then go all year and buy from that store the ” non luxurious
    items” so you make up for what damage you may have caused…

  7. Thank you Mr Hatsalah man for sharing this most inspiring story.What a wonderful gesture to God, from a man that went through the horrors of the Holocaust and still remains a connected Jew. The lighting of this special Menorah for his family and friends that did not make it, is beyond words. His way of connecting to God through this Mitzvah is very uplifting.

    We can eat the 14 dollar donuts just remember to never take anything for granted, and thank God for all that we have.

    May this Tsaddik and his dear wife see lots of Nachas from his family and the entire Klal Yisrael. .

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