They Deal Drugs In My Neighborhood But I’m Afraid To Call Police, Resident Says

drugA resident tells TLS he witnesses drug-dealing on his block on a daily basis, but is afraid to call police. “I’m personally disgusted by the criminals that roam our streets. I can literally look out my window and see numerous hoodlums every day dealing drugs from their car. I don’t call the police because I’m afraid”, the resident says. “I hope that if I don’t bother the drug dealers than they won’t bother me”.

Nevertheless, the resident says, he doesn’t blame those ‘hoodlums’, but the people who rent to them.

“The people I am most disgusted with are the slumlords who rent to these lowlifes”, he says. “I know numerous articles have been written about the slumlords and they continue to rent their houses out to gangsters and thieves without any regard for the other people who live in that area”.

Ne acknowledges that many have appealed to landlords not to rent to people of questionable character, “but the slumlords listen to their g-d, the almighty dollar”, he says.

But, says the resident, he doesn’t expect anything to change anytime soon.

“I know that the only thing I can do is accept the fact that sometime during the afternoon my block becomes a place for drugs to be dealt”. “I only hope that I can protect my kids from being influenced or involved with this scene some day”. TLS.

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  1. I guess he’ll afraid – wouldn’t you be. I imagine the “slumlords” who have already rented out to these folks are also afraid to kick them out for the same reasons.

  2. Dear resident: my heart bleeds for your pain. Even if you did call the police nothing would happen. It is a well known fact that lakewood is flooded with drug dealers. Just go to 2nd street at any time after nightfall and you can get whatever you want. Til we send these creeps to jail and or ship em back where they came from this will continue. We have a great police force but a lot of money is wasted on ribbon cutting ceremonies and capturing hasidic women with gd forbid an expired registration card while these lolives run loose. I wish our town would crack down full force. The problem begins in the public schools and once these kids are into drugs, it never ends. Thank-you for writing your post.

  3. I think this resident needs practical professional advice on how to alert the authorities without jeopardizing his/her family’s safety.

  4. “I hope that if I don’t bother the drug dealers than they won’t bother me”. – DIDNT THAT MENTALITY ALREADY PROVE ITSELF UNRELIABLE?(

  5. I’m sure Camden and Newark have such nice reputations because people refuse to stand up for their community as well. Lakewood is going to head down the same path unless people are willing to speak up, to protect their families and their neighborhoods.

    Speak to someone you trust, get advice, get involved.

  6. Did u by any chance look into the neighborhood before u built or bought a house in? I can’t imagine this just started now. But I wish u good luck anyway!

  7. There is more drug selling going on in high point than any place the cops need to do something. I’ve called the office here and the police and nothing is being done

  8. If he is afraid then they could have a gun fight and shoot the person window. If you see drug problems. Pick up the Phone Daill 911 this will be the best results. Because helping the Crime Rate in Lakewood, NJ will be much better than otherwise of the crime growing. We don’t want gun fights and shooting around here. My Point is if you see something don’t delay it just pick up the Phone Dail 911 this is the best thing to do.. We want safe commuinty than dangerous area… Please call the Police today. YOU ARE HURTING THE COMMUINTY PERIOD…

  9. something is fishy about this letter
    a)i dont think he lives thier and if hes worried about his kids he would have long been out of that neighborhood

    b)how would the perps finger him after all their are more then 2 houses on the block i hope unless he makes the call from his front porch on a cell phone their is no way to connect him to the call especially if hes indoors when placing the call

    c)the police are obligated to respond to every call if he and his neighbors keep calling the police will need to respond and if necessary call a meeting with the brass call our elected representatives and complain if you feel this issue is being ignored call ocean cty internal affairs to do an investigation as to why lkwpd isnt responding or enforcing the law that should rattle the local pd to be on top of their game as no one wants to be critisized from above
    but as i opened the comment seems this guy is aiming his complaint against the landlord more then he’s interested in cleaning up the drug problem my feeling is even if these tenants werent dealing drugs he still would have complaints against the landlord for renting out to people he isnt happy having as his neighbors

  10. I love the “I’m a victim” stance you take. If you act like a victim you are a victim. We had drug dealers every afternoon dealing at the same time everyday on our corner. We called the police, told them what was happening. We thought nothing was being done because it went on for another week or so. But one day while they were dealing on the corner, there was a bust. Cop cars came out of nowhere, surrounded the perps and had them laying down in the middle of the street, and arrested them. We never saw or heard from the drug dealers again.
    Don’t be a coward. It won’t solve anything. But it will help you remain a victim. Unless you like being a victim, some people thrive on it, embrace it, own it. That sounds like YOU!

  11. why not go to the police station and tell them in person, then you don’t need to be afraid, or call from a pay phone, the sooner this is done, maybe they can do something to clean this problem up

  12. Noone will know that YOU called. It could be a person who drove by…. I can’t figure out why on earth you think they’d think it was you that called.

    This isn’t Mexico where the Police are corrupt and you’d need to be scared to call them.

  13. I called,cause they’re destroying our neighborhood,had ’em arrested,they somehow found out who complained and came back,destroyed my home,and they are very proud of themselves!

  14. maybe he is the only house on the block thats not a “hoodlum”?
    so if the cops come and start searching people from drugs, based upon an ANONYMOUS COMPLAINT – guess who the hoodlums are going to single out as this “anonymous” complaint?

    you guessed it- the only household on the block that actually works for a living, and has a clean normal family

    criminals are very aware of who is a threat to their criminal enterprise and who isnt. its easy to narrow down your choices in a lakewood neighborhood.

  15. #14, well said. The more calls that pour in to 911 statistically proves Lkwd is a “community at risk” we are all to blame for this mess. I wont risk my family’s upbringing for this nonsense.

  16. If they legalized all drugs, there wouldnt be the need for drug dealers, it would be like buying alcohol or cigarettes!
    It would be taxed, and we would be out of debt in no time! It will also solve the prison population, as 80% of prisoners are there for drug related crimes!

  17. #23 Resident: Any brilliant ideas about what else they might be dealing? Even my young kids recognize the maneuvers of drug dealing – and that’s from witnessing it OUTSIDE of my very safe wholesome family neigborhood. (No, I did not call the police because the dealers were operating out of cars and I found out hours later when they arrived home.)

  18. why is my comment being held in Moderation ? (14.Anonymous says: says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation. )
    many others have been poisted past mine
    is it because you may not agree with my own thoughts on why this is taking place in this town , does this site allow thoughts that may not be in line with those who “moderate” this site

  19. #24, if you want YOUR child to be able to go in and buy drugs at any 7-11 or Wawa or Exxon station, legally, then go right ahead.

    I, for one, actually want my children to grow up and lead normal lives! Not be subjected to sitting around in their room for 5 hours with a sitter, staring at a wall with their pupils dilated and watching the hallucinations going on in their mind’s eye!

  20. to with tears – just because its legal it doesnt mean your kid(s) will be doing every drug in the world. are your children alcoholics just because its easy to buy booze? do your kids smoke non stop because its easy to smoke??? if you bring your kids up right they wont go try the drugs! Or they may try them (without getting shot at) when they are old enough to understand the ramification of an addiction like that may cause. Ultimately your children have the ability to CURRENTLY get any drug out there. The difference is if its legal they won’t have to question the quality, what potentially chemicals were added whether they will come back alive, and it will more likely happen at an age when their judgment isn’t clouded by the “you can’t”.

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