The LAC Meets Corzine

ss with corzine_wm(The following is a statement from the LAC). The LAC had the honor to meet with Governor Corzine in SCHI this morning.  While we are not involved daily with the State Administration, we were invited to the meeting as representatives of the taxpayer and Homeowners Associations. We are therefore happy to announce that we took this opportunity to press the Governor to commit to a timetable for widening Route 9. The Governor responded that he has committed 100 million dollars to this project. He has committed to push it into the coming years’ budget.  The exact timetable for implementation is really based on the amount of legal problems the inevitably crop up. However barring any extensive legal battles, the project should begin by the end of  2010. while Chris Christie has endorsed the voucher idea,  we feel that it is both improbable and not in our best interests. Our reason being that Elementary and High School public education funding in New Jersey has been historically covered by local real estate taxes.  Any voucher plan for private school children, even if ever passed, would surely be no different.   There is not a single Senator or Assemblyman who supports State funded vouchers.   We would of course love to see a State funded Voucher bill for private school kids, which would make a fundamental difference in our lives.   None of the candidates support such a bill, its passage won’t happen, and State funding for it is non-existing.  (Even current State Mandated services are being paid by local taxes without the State reimbursing what they promised.  Mandated busing gets 15% reimbursement with the local district paying 85%). The LAC feels that rt 9 expansion is a MAJOR  need for our community and ask that everyone consider this before they vote for Governor. Our achdus in voting together on this will ensure that the RT 9 expansion moves forward as promised.

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  1. You make it sound as though on Corzine is alone amongst the candidates in his support for widening Route 9. I don’t believe this is the case in reality. To portray it as such is disengenious as points to other agendas in play.

  2. Agudath Israel of NJ is of the opinion that vouchers are within reach and are a legitimate goal for the tzibbur, one which will make a measurable, positive difference in lives of all families in our community – R’ Josh Pruzansky has been widely quoted on the subject.

    – Unlike the LAC, they DO work with the state government on a regular basis.

    – Unlike the LAC, we DO know who they are are.

  3. widening rt 9 is almost as old a campaign promise as moving the american embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem .
    both never happened and never will happen.

  4. naarunim bnei naarunim

    destroying the kehilas unity as a voting block we are surely doomed.

    maharsayich umachrivayich mimcha yetzeyu


  5. Mark dear: In case you missed, there are many people in Lakewood who rely on the state funded aid programs. Don’t you think the Democrats are more commited to sustaining the programs?

  6. “if vouchers is only going to be payed by local funds so we don’t need that!” than what did we fight for the safty(less the 1.5miles) bussing all these years (to come out of a local budget) & were we fighting for schi’s money (from local budget) we were to take all that money out of our pocket, just like we do for our reg.tution??
    the anwer is Lac is repeating AK’s talking points
    The TRUTH is!
    that if 12000 kid will get ‘LOCAL vochers’ of $4000 each (that will cover tuition for most yiden it cost ‘$48 millon’ add that to the B.O.E. budget of $120millon=$168 millon NOT even a 50% inc.
    b.o.e. is 55% of your property tax that means you will get about a 25%inc. in property tax (if your bill is $6,000 it willbe $9,000) BUT “no” tuition . not a bad deal for local yugerman (homeowner) with 4 kids with a tuition bill of $1200 tinck about that Mr.(homeowner)LAC!?!?

  7. Aaron Kotler had gotten corzine to commit to widening the 9 and it was promised by corzine way before the LAC had thought of the self boost plan of taking credit for it, so dont sell me any lukshen please.

  8. there is no denying that there is only one person who runs this town and truly has the most influencial power, we all know its AK and i believe we shud thank him for getting corzine to make that comitment

  9. “Took this opportunity to press the Governor…”

    The only opportunity the LAC took with this was to once again insinuate that the work of others was their own.

    Look at “Video 2” a few posts below this one – R’ Aaron Kotler mentions Corzine’s work on widening Route 9 in the meeting’s opening remarks! To say that the Governor was “pressed” is a gross misrepresentation of the facts. The Governor has longs supported widening Route 9 through Lakewood. No pressure was brought to bear bny the LAC or anyone else on this issue and no concessions were made… because none were needed. The Governor has never been the obstacle to widening Route 9, rather the legislature.

    For the LAC to make this the centerpiece of their press release following this meeting shows how empty their resume really is.

  10. vouchers vood be good but its aint gonna happen. rt 9 would be a major zach but thats years away if ever. corzine? christie? makes no difference to regular people. who promised more to who is the only cheshbone

  11. LAC was started and is run by Shuie Shmukler. He is the one in the picture. He never was hiding his name. It has been mentioned b4 in the paper as the head of LAC. They are not affiliated with AK at all. When it was first formed they worked with the city to legalize the roads in the developments making them eligible for services like snow removal. (He also started swavecard)

  12. LAC should stay local first, don’t jump on state level, try to fix the town first, we still have a long way to go, before you go out on state level, control your self

  13. How can you say you arent affiliated with AK when you re taking credit for his accomplishments.If you want to be taken seriously you should speak (or write) the truth

  14. route 9 is not the problem, the problem is allowing devolopments coming up all down rt 9 south, when are we gonna say enough! trying driving down there in the afternoon ,no better than brooklyn

  15. Interesting that TLS is reporting that the ‘lac” meets Corzine but failed to state that more important people that actually make a difference represented the community in expressing our hakoras hatov, etc.. I mean, these kids didn’t even get a seat at the table..

    At least they kept their mouths shut!

  16. I heard from those involved that they were invited to attend by schi to have a bigger crowd showing. The governor never even heard of them. and btw, who got the leftovers?

  17. With all due respect to all the “endorsers”. The bottom line is, with Gov. Corzine your tax bill will be higher than with Christie. Period.

    Who invented the idea that the widening of Rt. 9 is the focal point of this election?

    He “put away” 100 million dollars for the project? Who’s money? His own?

    We are squeezed and squeezed for higher taxes for all his”projects” that he promises all over the state.

    Enough is enough. Vote for the man who AT LEAST CLAIMS he will try to lower taxes!

  18. LAC board members I am glad you were able to hobnob with fellow askanim and politicians.
    I was a major supporter of you guys. Not any more. You guys are totally run by others with personal agendas (and I knew this was going to happen). Who do you guys think you are, coming off spouting as you know it all. When was the last time you studied this issue (school vouchers) in depth. As a previous poster mentions Agudas Yisroel has been working on this for years, and you can spout off without any facts.
    Yeah, you have facts, whatever was fed to you by the special interests in town that you deny you are a part of.
    I have no interest in Corzine vs. Christie, I am leaning towards Dagget, but that is not the point, you guys have been tainted, politicians like the rest of em’.
    Come on, did you ask Christie what his position is on the widening of Route 9? That you decided Corzine is better for the tzibbur. Is Christie against it? Of course not. I am not saying one is better than the other, all I’m saying that you guys look foolish endorsing either of them.
    But then again you got to do what your bosses tell you to do

  19. AK spoke about widening route 9 however the govenor did not!!! He only spoke about it after Shuy Schmiuckler was introduced as a co founder of the LAC which represents the tax payers and homeowners in Lakewood. After Shuy pressed him to commit to it publicly, he did. Yes AK told him about it beforehand, however it was at the insistence of the LAC that they got it.
    I am no fan of the LAC. As a quiet member of the vaad, I think they are bringing machlokes and strife to town, but they did get the Governor to commit publicly and that is worth a lot. I am not saying we would not have gotten it without them, but they did it.
    Begrudgingly I have to congratulate them on finally doing something concrete for our town!

  20. The LAC met with the vaad a few weeks ago and said that we will not endorse a governor because we have nothing to do with it. However, if Christie would explain how vouchers would help us here in Lakewood, or Corzine would commit to actually widening 9, then we would let the oilam know what is at stake. The Vaad delivered their end of the bargain, now we are keeping ours.
    What really bothers me though is the selfishness if some of the posters here. I pay income taxes, however 90% of Lakewood does not. The state does not collect one penny of property taxes, and Lakewood 3.5% sales tax goes to the local govt. this means that 90% of Lakewood pay nothing to the State coffers. We only take. Hence COrzine can raise taxes all he wants, as it will not affect us. The one sho spoke about him raising taxes is thinking about hispersoanl income tax. Very very selfish.

  21. to chesky and shuie
    great meeting you both today.
    thank you for setting me straight on certain issues.
    wishing you guys hatzlochah in all your endeavors.
    see you tomorrow night at 6 pm
    good night

  22. “that if 12000 kid will get ‘LOCAL vochers’ of $4000 each (that will cover tuition for most yiden it cost ‘$48 millon’ add that to the B.O.E. budget of $120millon=$168 millon NOT even a 50% inc.
    b.o.e. is 55% of your property tax that means you will get about a 25%inc. in property tax (if your bill is $6,000 it willbe $9,000) BUT “no” tuition . not a bad deal for local yugerman (homeowner) with 4 kids with a tuition bill of $1200 tinck about that Mr.(homeowner)LAC!?!?”

    You dumb idiot. There are 17,000 children in lakewood yeshivos! You know that from the bussing numbers!!!! Vouchers will be for 8-9000. Now lets do the math. 17,000 x 9000 = 153,000,000 that is more than doubling the BOE budget!!! Let’s get the numbers straight. If we are paying for it why don’t we just do it without Christie. We run this BOE. We give money out to everyone like it grows on trees. Lets just pay everyone’s tuition. If it is illegal, no probelm. MI will call up Catapult and tell them every yeshiva student is now learning disabled and it will go into the BOE budget that way. Why just Tiny tots, RSG, Oros Yisroel, Schi, Kanareks schools. Let everyone join in and nobody will pay tuition. The answer is because it will cost astroniomical amounts of money and evne MI knows it will never pass.
    Get real and get the facts

  23. Thank you Hershel for being there for the Oilam. I hope we can work together to actually see some changes take hold!! Chazak V’ematz!

  24. I would also just like to add(not that my opinion means anything)
    that after speaking to chesky seitler for the first time,and shuie together that they have no ulterior motives,other than to help our town grow in a healthy and safe manner.I don’t know why anyone would discount their ability because of their age.we were all twenty years younger once.
    The only difference is we didn’t care about issues that would have affected our future.
    Had we only done what they are doing now ,we would be much better off today.

  25. 1. Schmuckler didn’t “get” anything. He asked a question that he already knew the answer tro. It was a classic political softball. Now the LAC wants to claim credit as if they had actually extracted some promise from Corzine. It’s complete shecker.

    2. 90% of Lakewood doesn’t pay property taxes???? Please. I sincerely hope you’re not a LAC member or it’s worse than I feared. You’re seriously misinformed.

  26. You have got to be kidding me!!! Do you realy think that the governor consideres what shuey brought up to him about widening the 9? He had already made up his mind when AK discussed it with him, no question about it. AK has the power that noone else in this town has, and yes, if he asks corzine for something he will get it, lets not forget that corzine knows him well & knows good and well that he hold the voting block in lakewood, and of course if AK asks him for something chances are hes commiting to it. The fact that shuey brought it up in front of the few people there doesnt mean acorzine hasnt already made up his mind, so please dont make it sound like that…Also wondering. Where did this hershkowitz guy pop out of all of the sudden.

  27. it just so happens to be that sen(mayor ) singer: said at the last township meeting (about smart grwoth) that the the d.o.t. will be wideing the 9 inthe next 2years & he has the comiment from the state on that!
    p.s. its in the transcript! go check!
    now he’s no domby just saying things last week . that were just squized out by s.shmuchler & LAC from the gov. today?!?!
    so something is funny !
    Its called POLITICS at its best
    LAC following the talking point (the meeting w/the vaad 2weeks ago) from AK
    like they say: now we know who NOT 2 vote for!

  28. LAC does get credit for it.
    AK asked if the LAC would endorse Chorzine, so the LAC said that if he woiuld publicly commit to widen Rt 9 then yes. AK told them that he has been in touch with the governor about this issue for the last 5 months and couldn’t get him to publicly to say it.
    So give credit were credit is due

  29. 100 million has been earmarked for this project: just so that everyone should understand, this is not a problem only in lakewood. it is a problem for the rest of rt. passing through many towns as we drive south. this project will cost much more than 100,000.00. who says that they will start overhere in lakewood. we are looking at a multiyear construction project and would have been done with or without the prodding of any organization or assotiation in lakewood. if anyone thinks that shuy convinced the governor,hahaha.

  30. It is unconscionable to even give an impression of support for a person who openly advocates support for gay marriage.
    Has Lakewood deteriorated to such a point that the almighty dollar dictates all of our moral values? Why is there no grass roots movement standing up to this so called Vaad. Why aren’t posters plastered across the community declaring your dissatisfaction with the status quo.
    Has Lakewood become a city of sheep so scared of their own shadows that they refuse to cry out?

  31. say NO to the Vaad
    say NO to the LAC
    say NO to corruption
    say NO to self intrests
    say NO to gay marriage
    say NO to corzine
    Vote Christie ………at least he promised to work on vouchers which could potentialy help the ENTIRE TZIBBUR rather than some false promises from corzine that will only benefit a few mosdos by filling their coffers.

  32. the 100 milion is for widening 9 from central to the 70. the rest of south 9 will wait another 15 yrs.
    Singer was talking about widening 9 in general. Notice that the DOT didn’t talk about it, just Bob. why? because they don’t want to be held to it. Now they will be forced to give this money for Lakewood part of 9 and no toms river etc.
    Also, 90 percent of lakewood does not pay INCOME tax, they do pay prperty taxes. I am amazed at the ignorance of those who are LAC haters. I would imagine that before you attack choshuva askanim you would check into the facts. Unless all you want to do is make noise.

  33. say no to Agudath Israel of North Jersey!
    Say No to doubling our local tax rate!
    Say no to the mosods who will take the voucers AND our tuittion!
    Say no to 30 minute traffic on rt 9
    Say No to witchhunters against the frum community.
    Say no to somone who feels Lakewood ist worty of a 15 minute campaign stop.
    Say No to stopping Family Care for lakewood.
    Say no to counting Kollel checks as income!
    Say no to false promizes!

  34. How can you endorse Corzine !! He is pro abortion and for To’ava rights. This is against the Torah – as it is called an “Abomination”. If we call ourselves an Yir Hatorah – shouldn’t we at least stand up for what Hashem hates and tell Corzine – sorry we can’t vote for you because you stand for something that is totally against out believes. Or are we selling our values for a few dollars. Or maybe it doesn’t bother us that our Father in Heaven is hurt by us not even caring about this issue.

  35. ak allowed these kids to ask the question instead of him asking.This was done in order that they can take the credit and in return not break the vaads voting block.This is called useful…….

  36. AK is a master politician. A genius at his work. However, I fail t understand the logic here. Why woul he let these loony’s from the Lac take crdit for something like this. The whole town is going to be makir tov to them instead of the vaad. If it is done to avoid machlokes, the Lac hung up signs last week (baalei gaava what they are) endorsing meir and meashe, nothing about governor. They would not have been able nor would they have the chutzpah to endorse a governor without this rt 9 debacle. AK would no have done this. Maybe Benny Or MV decided to let the Lac take credit and didn’t realize the long ter effects. they prbably forced AK to do it.

  37. rabbosei keep up the pressure …the vad is running scared that they won’t deliver the corzine vote its the only way the tzibbur in lakewood will finally be heard vote christie and send a message that the people of lakewood will not be fooled or bought off for the benefit of a few mosdos getting zoning for their own gain
    the torah says “chayecha kodmin” not the vaad or self appointed askanim who USE the lakewood voting block as levarage to benefit themselves.

  38. To the guy that asked where did herhkowitz pop out of?
    I don’t think he is a serious guy. In all this. But now it seems he became a player too. You never know the vaad and lac might cancel each other out. Hershkowitz will endorse someone and people might listen.
    That would really be funny. So herdhel who do you endorse? The legover rebbe?

  39. On October 29, 2009 at 1:42 am Chesky Seitler says:

    Christie was asked to clarify exactly how the vouchers will work and how he will get implemented. He was begged to come to town for a meeting. And for all those know it alls, there was a scheduled meeting in the Courtyard for Wed. Morning which he canceled at the last minute in favor of Toms River. Talls volumes about how much he cares about us and how much he will work for us.


    I really believed that when you spoke you were informed, now i see that sadly you have become another empty tool for AK. AK you are the king. If you go to his website you would see that the TR event had been on his schedule well in advance. He scheduled the Lakewood stop in order to have a place to wait just in case the VAAD agreed to meet with him. The VAAD was approached by ppl in the know and they FLAT OUT refused to meet with him. It was after that he cancelled the Lakewood stop.

  40. How can anybody in his right mind vote for Corzine. He is a major Obama fan and we all know what Obama and all liberal democrats have in store for us. Just to name a few.
    1. Having more tumah in the streets. Giving tumah more rights. Isn’t America’s streets bad enough?
    2. Haven’t you noticed that under Corzine your property taxes rise every single year?
    3. Don’t trust any endorsements from any organizations in town. They just might have their own interests at heart. Maybe (just maybe) like selling their investment property which is worth $1,000,0000 for $3,000,000 to the Lakewood Township. Beware of corruption!

    Also what does the LAC do for the town? It sounds to me that they look out for the complexes. What about people that don’t live in a complex? Do they say screw you? Do they say let us widen Rt. 9 (which is to benefit all the complexes off Rt. 9) and let the rest of Lakewood pay for it with more taxes?

  41. One question we all should be asking is the Money for all these promises is coming from where?????? No Money is free!!!
    If people are going to pay more taxes whether through property or income there will be less money for tuition and to help our own.
    Lower taxes = more jobs, people actually paying tuition, more maaser gelt in our community.
    Higher Taxes = less jobs, more people struggling, more sheker.

  42. the VAAD scared christie away from coming to lakewood.asidin litein es hadin!!! do they trully represent the intrest of the ENTIRE tzibbur? have they taken on any new members since 30 years ago???
    by denying christie a meeting and being selfish they potentialy or did already cause harm to the tzibbur as a whole.

  43. We should all be mispasllel that Christie does not win . After the Bizyonos he got from the VAAD by not even wanting to meet him ,I can only imagine the Nekomo he will take on our community if he gets elected Hashem yishmerinu . I am not sure who gives a few people the right to endanger a population of 50,000 or more . Everybody has the right to get favors and vote for whomever they want ,but you dont have the right to endanger others by doing so . At least meet with everybody and be nice to them in case they do wun

  44. It seems to me that know one likes anyone with some sort of power in this town so I have a question for all u people that hate every person with power who will replace them?????

    Michael I?
    Boe members?
    School owners?
    Blog owners?

    Can I get some answers please!!!!!!

  45. Christie had a meeting with mr inzelbuch about a month ago regarding lkwd I guess the vaad didn’t like what they heard and turned him down so if he does win the vaad is in bad shape but mi might be getting millions of dollars for lkwd schools and his check as long as u help everyone u deserve something but its all in hashems hand nit the vaad lac cheder so let’s all daven for our town

  46. You would think that Christie refused to widen Rte 9. If the money is set aside, it can get done under Christie also. (note the IF). The Agudah says vouchers are worth fighting for. If we keep it on the burner, it may happen one day. If we give up, it never will. Besides, under Corzine this state will become a haven for mushchasim. Is that what we want to expose our kids to?

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