The Historical Connection Between Lakewood and Big Pharma | Aharon Bendavid

The richest man in history created the Pharmaceutical Industry. John D. Rockefeller. His expansive estate is now called Ocean County Park in Lakewood.

Rockefeller is the “father” of modern medicine that focuses on drugs, surgery and radiation and he had a reason for that. Today, the emphasis on preventative diets and holistic practices which have been used for thousands of years are highly discouraged by doctors. In fact, health practitioners who prescribe these things are seen as “quacks” and cast aside, or worse.

The Rockefeller Estate – Ocean County Park

Arguably, In the US, we are not really in the practice of healthcare, (as defined by Rockefeller) we are in the practice of “sick care.” For Example:

  • 70% of US adults are overweight or obese
  • 1 in 3 Americans are pre-diabetic
  • 7 out of 10 deaths are caused by Chronic Illness
  • Heart disease kills 500,000 Americans yearly

Consider that we are in a prescription drug epidemic due to ties with Big Pharma and Doctor’s tendency to over-prescribe:

It was John D Rockefeller’s who created Big Pharma which the foundations of Western Medicine that are ostensibly destroying our metabolic health.

A bit of history about John D. Rockefeller: He was an oil magnate and one of the richest men in history. He was America’s first billionaire and amassed a fortune of $418B adjusted for inflation.

Rockefeller grew his company, Standard Oil, into a monopoly which controlled approximately 90% of all oil refineries in the U.S. Standard Oil has since broken up and has now become Chevron, Exxon, Mobil, etc. Standard Oil was huge in its prime.


Here’s where is gets interesting. Scientists were discovering various synthetic vitamins that could be used to treat illnesses such as Scurvy and Rickets that were caused by Vitamin deficiencies. Rockefeller thought that Petrochemicals could also be used to create vitamins and medications. Rockefeller began thinking that perhaps petrochemicals would allow him to monopolize another industry: Pharmaceuticals. His thinking was he could then patent these petrol-pharmaceuticals and sell them for immense profits. He almost immediately purchased part of I.G. Farben – (presumably Bayer) a German manufacturing company. You may recall that I.G. Farben supplied the Nazis during WWII, including the crematoriums.

Rockefeller faced a major dilemma: Natural & Herbal medicines were incredibly popular at the time. Many doctors and medical schools in the US were advocating holistic practices as a treatment and cure.

Like his oil monopoly, Rockefeller viewed natural remedies as his “competition” that needed to be eliminated. He hired a man named Abraham Flexner through the Carnegie Foundation.
Flexner’s role was to travel the US and review medical schools & hospitals across the country. This led to the infamous Flexner Report which resulted in the closure of almost 50% of all medical schools.



The result was that Homeopathy and Natural medicines were decimated in the report. Some holistic doctors were even jailed. Rockefeller donated a whopping $100M to colleges and hospitals under his philanthropic group called the “General Education Board.” Medical schools & hospitals were indoctrinated as well. Medicine became about patented drugs, not utilizing holistic & natural approaches as a form of treatment.
Rockefeller launched a smear campaign targeting his holistic “competitors.” Homeopathy and Natural Medicines were quickly discredited by the newspapers and media outlets.


By effectively removing the holistic competition he single-handedly created our current medical system. This system continues today. Is widely known that Big Pharma makes large donations to medical schools in exchange for these schools to prescribe their drugs.

University of Toronto Donations “for research agreements only”

Company: Apotex lnc. – Years: 1995 -2004

Amount: $2,875,077

Company: GlaxoSmithKline Inc.: – Years: 1994-2020

Amount: $4,566,930

Company: Janssen Inc, – Years: 2014-2,019

Amount: $11,642,998

Company: Bristol-Myers Squibb-Pharmaceutical – Years: 2001-2005

Amount: $299,930

Company: AUergan Inc, – Years: 2000-2003

Amount: $272,697

The Cost of Medical Care in The US Is #1 In The World, Yet Our Quality Is Ranked At #37:

The Rockefeller Foundation devised a scenario called the “Lock Step” that appeared in a document titled “Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development,” with more authoritarian control and leadership during a fictional response to the pandemic to which various nations they emulated the extreme measures taken by the Chinese government. The Rockefeller Foundation wrote a 77-page book in October 2017 titled “The Spars Pandemic 2025-2028. Bill Gates Bill Gates, a eugenicist and advocate of drastic population reduction, promoted global “vaccination” in response to the declared “pandemic. The history and risks of vaccines are described at the link,…

Where Are We Now: The Covid-Plan / Rockefeller Lockstep 2010

A global outbreak requires steps, various phases, overall timelines, and expected outcomes. This was posited in the Rockefeller Lockstep 2010:

The Rockefeller Lockstep Plan

  • Create a very contagious but super low mortality rate virus to fit the needed plan. Using SARS, HIV, Hybrid Research Strain created at Fort Dietrich Class 4 lab from 2008 to 2013 as part of a research project to find out why corona viruses spread like wildfire in bats but have an extremely hard time infecting humans. To counteract that, they added 4 HIV inserts into the virus. The missing key to infect the human is the Ace-2-Receptor.
  • Create a weaponized version of the virus with a much higher mortality rate as a backup plan. Ready to be released in Phase 3, but only if needed. SARS, HIV, MERS, Weaponized Tribit Strain created at Fort Dietrich Class 4 lab in 2015.
  • Transport the Research Strain to different Class 4 lab, the National Microbiology Lab in Winnipeg Canada, and have it “stolen and smuggled out by China”, Xi Jang Lee, on purpose and taken to China’s only Class 4 lab which is Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan China. For added plausible deniability and to help cement the wanted backup public script as something to fall back on if needed. The primary script being its natural. Backup script being that China created it and released it by accident.
  • Fund all the talking heads: Fauci, Birx, Tedros and agencies, World Health Organization, NIAID, the CDC and also the UN, that would be involved with pandemic response prior to the planned release of the Research Strain to control the wanted script throughout the operation.
  • Create and fund the vaccination development and roll out plan so it’s capable of being rolled out on a global scale. Gates: A Decade of Vaccines and the Global Action Vaccine action plan, 2010 to 2020.
  • Create and fund the vaccination, verification and certification protocols, Digital ID, to enforce/confirm the vaccination program after the mandatory roll out is enacted. Gates: ID2020.
  • Simulate the lockstep hypothesis just prior to the planned Research Strain release using a real-world exercise as a final war game to determine expected response, timelines, and outcomes, Event 201 in Oct 2019.
  • Release the Research Strain at the Wuhan Institute of Virology itself and then blame its release on a natural scapegoat as the wanted primary script. Wuhan wet market, Nov 2019. Exactly the same as the simulation.
  • Downplay the human-to-human transmission for as long as possible to allow the Research Strain to spread on a global scale before any country can lock down respond to avoid initial infection.
  • Once a country has seen infection in place, lock down incoming/outgoing travel. Keep the transmission within the country spreading for as long as possible.
  • Once enough people in a country/ region are infected, enact forced quarantines/isolation for that area and expand the lockdown regions slowly over time
  • Overhype the mortality rate by tying the Research Strain to deaths that have little to nothing to do with the actual virus to keep the fear and compliance at a maximum. If anyone dies for any reason and is found to have Covid, consider it a Covid death. And if anyone is thought to of maybe had symptoms of Covid, assume they have Covid, and consider it as a Covid death.
  • Keep the public quarantines for as long as possible to destroy the region’s economy, create civil unrest, break down the supply chain, and cause the start of mass food shortages. As well as cause people’s immune system to weaken due to a lack of interaction with other people’s bacteria, the outside world, aka the things that keep our immune systems alert and active.
  • Downplay and attack any potential treatments and continue to echo that the only cure that is viable to fight this virus is the vaccine.
  • Continue to drag out the quarantine over and over again in “two-week intervals” [There is that two weeks spell casting again. It is a CIA program.] causing more and more people to eventually stand up and protest. Defy them.
  • [And here is the key part to now:] Eventually end Phase 1 quarantine once they get enough public push back, expected June 2020, and publicly state that they think it’s “too early to end the isolation, but I’m going to do it anyways.”
  • Once the public go back to normal, wait a few weeks and continue to overhype the Research Strain mortality rate, Aug to Sept 2020, and combine it with the increase in deaths due to people dying from standard illnesses at a higher rate than normal due to having highly weakened immune systems from months of being in isolation [Which backs up what I said: you should social-distance people who wear masks regular. That’s what they’ve just told you. They have highly weakened immune systems.] to help further pad the mortality rate and also hype the up and coming Phase 2 lockdown.
  • Eventually, enact Phase 2 quarantines, Oct through Nov 2020, on an even more extreme level and blame the protesters, mostly people who don’t trust their governments already, as the cause of the largest second wave whereby the media will say ‘we told you so. It was too early. It’s all your own fault because you needed a haircut. Your freedoms have consequences.’ [Should this all unfold in this manner, the US election will be cancelled delayed or suspended. My opinion. How can you vote with Phase 2 quarantines? You can’t.]
  • Enforce the Phase 2 quarantines at a much more extreme level increasing the penalty for defiance. Replace fines with jail time. Deem all travel as non-essential. Increase checkpoints, including military assistance. Increase tracking/tracing after population via mandatory app. Take over control of food, gas, and create large scale shortages so that people can only get access to essential products or services if they are first given permission.
  • Keep the Phase 2 lockdown in place for a much longer period of time than the Phase 1 lockdown, continuing to destroy the global economy. Further degrade the supply chain and further amplify the food shortages and the like. Quell any public outrage using extreme actions or force and make anyone who defies them appear as public enemy #1 to those who are willing to submit.
  • After a rather long Phase 2 lockdown of 6 months plus, roll out the vaccination program and the vaccine certification and make it mandatory for everyone, giving priority access to those that submitted from the start and have those that are for it attack those that are against it, saying ‘they are a threat and the cause of all the problems’ by using words like “We can’t go back to normal until everyone takes the vaccine.” And people defying them are “hurting our way of life and therefore are the enemy.” [In other words they are going to turn the people against each other.]
  • If the majority of people go along with the agenda, then let those people enter the new system, the new normal, while limiting the minority that defied the agenda’s ability to work, travel and live.
  • If the majority of people go against the agenda, then release the Weaponized SARS/HIV/MERS Tribit Strain as a Phase 3 operation. A virus with a 30+% mortality rate as a final scare to punish the minority to quickly become the majority and give a final “We told you so” to those that didn’t listen.
  • Enact the new economy model. Microsoft patent 060606 crypto currency system using body activity data which is based on human behavior and willingness to submit. It is a tweaked version of the black mirrors 15 million merits program using food, water, shelter, and other essentials as a weapon of enforcement of the new economic system. Basically, do what we want and get rewarded. Gain credits score and gain more access to things you need to survive. Or go against what we want and get penalized. Lose credits score and lose access to things you need to survive.

Remember: Nobody cares about your health more than you.

Always research the options and decide what is in your best interests. It’s most likely that, in many cases, adjusting your food, mindset and lifestyle is the true best medicine.

May God bless us all with good health and good advice.

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  1. @ Jack
    It’s far worse than that. His own paranoia and fertile mind come up with the most idiotic theories, which are then immediately posted in unintelligible and grammatically incorrect formats. The rush to post is mediated by incorrigible desire to come up with another pearl of fiction.
    Just yesterday, the author regaled us with a story about plastic pieces of 5mm size floating through bloodstreams of some unwitting Dutch citizens. Today, we had the pleasure of reading that Ashkenazy Jews are basically impervious to Covid. It’s too bad that all the Lakewooders who died therefrom weren’t aware of that fact.
    I am eagerly awaiting for his posts about the outer space, which is certainly more familiar to the author than medical science.
    The moral of the story is that some nuts are harder than others.

  2. This valuable info maybe very new to you but before cancelling it all, why don’t you actually research yourself what is written here with an open mind I wonder what you will come up with.
    At this time it’s sad when intelligent people are still trusting, they watched the corruption for the last 2 years and are still not thinking… Sad.

  3. That was the most nonsensical drivel ever rushed to print since Mein Kampf. Just a bunch of made up garbage and stupidity. I’d love to know why people from all over the world are pushing and chalishing to come to this country for medical care if we stink so bad. People from first world countries know that in many areas we are on the forefront of medical technology and medical discoveries and treatments. These same places like the Mayo clinic and Cleveland clinic and graduates from Yale and Harvard and Stanford and Columbia medical schools are all pushing these drugs that are so toxic. Furthermore, their colleagues in France and Germany and the UK and Canada and Switzerland and all the other first world countries around the world pretty much are in agreement with the standard of care. So between the people who went through 12 to 18 years of medical school training at the top universities around the world and a guy who can’t string three coherent sentences together I’m gonna go with the former.

    • “These same places like the Mayo clinic and Cleveland clinic and graduates from Yale and Harvard and Stanford and Columbia medical schools are all pushing these drugs that are so ‘toxic’.”

      Are you in agreement? Then you are a hypocrite. If you are being sarcastic, you are gravely misinformed.

      Comparing it to Mein Kampf is so disingenuous it is frightening.

      Attacking the author personally tells all about you I care to know.

      Read the studies in the article before you comment. Then get back to us about “nonsensical drivel.”

      I wish you the best of health, mentally and physically. IYH

    • Actually, Medical Errors are the third leading cause of death in the US according to a Johns Hopkins Study in 2016. Johns Hopkins is as mainstream as can be! The study shows that medical errors is the third cause of death after heart disease and cancer.

  4. I’m gonna have to have another cup of coffee before I begin to count the number of conspiracy theories set forth in this opinion piece.

    • Can’t wait for your post. Likely as fake as you name. Amil Zola was a hero but was convicted because of his defense of Dreyfus. His work was considered full of conspiracy theories at the time. History vindicated him. Hang in there.

    • I don’t see any opinions in this post. Too many references are sourced. Maybe the last paragraph which is a good Eitzah.

  5. Wow. It ain’t a conspiracy theory, its a conspiracy. JDR sits on the Satanic dias with Harari, Schwab, Gates, Soros, and the UN-holy alliance of nations, WHO, et. al. All trying to be God. IYH Hashem will never let them pull off their agendas. (as He has in the past). It’s just a matter of time. It didn’t happen by Purim but we have to remember Yetzias Mizraim. Yesh Omrim: Perhaps we have to remember because history repeats itself. The truth is coming out. The NWO is the No World Order. Thanks for the diligently sourced background. I love the sheep in the picture of the estate. Prophetic.

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