The Hidden Danger of Stopping for Pedestrians Outside of Crosswalks

Last Thursday’s tragic incident in Lakewood serves as a stark reminder of the importance of road safety and the potential risks of stopping for pedestrians outside of designated crosswalks.

A young girl, Batsheva Esther bas Deena Zahava, was left in critical condition after a driver stopped to yield to her, but another driver apparently failed to recognize the situation and swerved around the stopped vehicle, striking the pedestrian.

This heart-wrenching incident highlights an often-overlooked hazard on our roads. When a driver stops for a pedestrian outside of a crosswalk, other drivers may not be aware of the reason for the sudden stop and may attempt to pass the stopped vehicle, putting the pedestrian in grave danger.

Interestingly, this girl’s father has been a vocal advocate for road safety, specifically promoting the use of reflector belts to increase visibility and prevent accidents. His dedication to spreading awareness about road safety is a testament to his commitment to protecting his community.

As we Daven for the girl’s recovery, we must also learn from this incident and recognize the importance of prioritizing safety on our roads.

May the family’s efforts to promote safety be a Zechus (merit) for the girl’s recovery.

Please continue to Daven for Batsheva Esther bas Deena Zahava.

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    • We should be more cautious for things that happen often than things that happen sometimes. Just pass around slowly. Pedestrian should also be cautious when passing the stopped car.

    • Can someone explain where everyone is rushing to? Rushing for the sake of rushing. When did driving slowly and carefully become such a goyishe thing?

  1. Unfortunately, I’ve had it happen when I stopped for a pedestrian who was IN a walkway. The car behind me honked a few times and when I did not go, swerved around me and passed me. Luckily, the pedestrian did not get hit.

  2. Moral of the story: Dont swerve around a car that is stopped. First stop, then see if he’s turning or if there is a pedestrian going accross. Only then can you safely go around. Enough with the swerving & cutting across yellow lines. This should be a hefty ticket + points. Its not like not fully stopping at a stop sign or unbelted. Its a huge sakana and that should be the next campaign.

  3. Dear Scoop – you failed to address that passing on the right (or left) on a one lane road and not following rules is what caused this accident. Most people in Lakewood pass on the right. There is a reason it is illegal.
    You’re saying the pedestrian should have followed the rules, when no drivers in Lakewood do….

    • Sometimes the truth of the situation that is the reason for this unfortunate tragedy is painful to acknowledge , but you are spot on in your post . I am afraid despite seeing almost every day posting of vehicle accidents with both pedestrian and other vehicles nothing will change , it is all preventable if only if those behind the wheel would drive with more care and show some patience, I see to often everyone in a rush to save what amounts to just a few minutes time ,Is it worth it?

    • It’s actually the law that you are allowed to pass on the right if someone stops to make a left and there is room to pass.
      See NJSA 39:4-85

  4. Yes seriously don’t give ppl the brights or honk when they stop.. obviously there’s a reason the car isn’t going.. like traffic or a car turning or a person crossing.. ppl gotta use their head and chill a second.. a life is more important then getting there on-time. Savlanusss is an important skill to practice

    • False. Maasim bichol yom people stop in middle of the road for no reason at all. I agree that the law was created by Democrats. That doesn’t give it the power to stop a car. I see all the time chevra walking into the street without a care in the world, don’t assume anyone is stopping for you.

  5. Another contributing factor is the lack of blinkers being used. People see someone stop and assume they are simply not using a blinker when intending to turn.

    This can be stopped if people start using blinkers. Then when someone stops in the roadway it will be no doubt for a reason other than turning with no blinker.

  6. This article is really insensitive to the family. Maybe post it in a month or two if you really think it’s important – cause it’s really not important. FIRST and FOREMOST every single driver in Lakewood should learn how to drive – while following the law. In this specific instance the driver who swerved around the stopped vehicle was violating the law.
    NEXT if you want to assist in preventing accidents do the following get the township to:
    – put in pedestrian crosswalk all over Lakewood so you don’t need to walk a mile out of your way to get to a traffic light.
    – abolish “right turn allowed on red” law – I’ve crossed on River and Cross and the cars turning right onto the 9 maybe it really difficult for pedestrians to cross.
    – add in another 1000 traffic light and turning lights around Lakewood to make it safer for drivers and pedestrians.

    And in case I didn’t state this clearly – the number one problem in Lakewood is the insane drivers who don’t follow the law and in many cases don’t even know the law.

  7. Use your 4-way flashers, they are called “hazard” lights because there is a “hazard” in front. Warn the car in back of you.

  8. i live near cedar bridge, they just made new pedestrian landing in the middle, they claim there are many accidents there (total buba maysah, the few accidents were when drunks tried running across the street)my question is why did they make crosswalks every 20 feet , cant people walk to the closest crosswalk, why must the drivers now have to stop every 20 feet for another crosser….no seichel!!!

  9. The additional danger is the possibility of rear-ending a vehicle because it wasn’t anticipated that he was going to allow a pedestrian to cross the street. Of course, one has to maintain a safe distance between the 2 travelling vehicles in case of such instances.

  10. On Amazon they Sell a thing that lights up on back window that you can control in the front that shows pictures or sends a message to the driver in back.
    Maybe someone can create a thing like that so if your car stops you can have a message “pedestrian is crossing”
    Or “I am not turning traffic ahead of me”

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