The Gym To Offer Free Entry To 2 New Mens Classes

gym lakewoodTomorrow, Monday, The Gym Lakewood located in the Shoprite plaza will be offering members and non-members a free trial as it begins new classes for men. The first class, Spin, will begin at 7:30 a.m Monday at their new Spin studio at the gym.

The Spinning® program is the global leader in indoor cycling training, education and equipment. Uniquely tailored to suit a wide range of abilities and fitness goals, the Spinning program and patented Spinner® bikes manufactured by Star Trac® deliver a personalized workout, incredible calorie burn and personal challenge—all at a self-directed pace.

The second new class beginning tomorrow, is Krav Maga. (Click here for their schedule)

Krav Maga is the official hand-to-hand combat system of the Israeli Defense Forces. It’s also the preferred system for U.S. Military and law enforcement personnel. Krav Maga is not a traditional martial art. No katas. No rituals.

Krav Maga classes will take place at 3:15 pm Monday and Thursday.

Both classes will be free tomorrow.

To reserve a bike, call 732-364-4404. TLS.

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  1. I doubt krav maga is necesary for the average upstanding, toradiker lakewooder. We usually shy away from physical confrontation and do not go to ‘wild’ places. Still a good work out never hurt anyone. …

  2. correction, US Military utilizes more Jiujitsu then krav maga.
    krav maga is for the most part, impractical. way to many moves, and not street fight friendly.
    Jew-Jitsu (krav maga) is more flashy then effective.

  3. One needs to review the gemorrah concenring the roman seige. Who said to surrender and who said to fight? The young hotheads said fight and since they did not listen to the chachamim caused the destruction of Yerushalyim. Hakol koach Bietzem yodi is NOT A JEWISH CONCEPT. please don’t moderate this out. Rabbosai ASK a Shaila on this one please.

  4. Reply to #4 maybe next time someone starts up with you in the street you should go ask a shaila about declaring a milchemes mitzvah and call out the cavalry.

  5. People, CALM DOWN! Its just an exercise class! Its a great way to get in shape and learn some self defense. I personally know several victims of violence whose situations may have turned out differently had they known some self defense. No need to turn this into a hashkafa issue.

  6. mr. conservative, you don’t seem to be too familiar with krav, because actually most of the moves are designed to help regular people get out of regular dangerous situations. Ex. what to do if you are grabbed from behind, from your hair, if you are confronted with a weapon. Most of the techniques are simple and krav is focused on teaching the average person to sharpen his instincts and learning ways to quickly disable your opponent. “Krav Maga” by David Kahn is an excellent book.

  7. People, CALM DOWN! Its just an exercise class. Its a great way to get in shape and learn some self defense. I personally know several victims of violence whose situations may have turned out differently if they knew self defense. I read a story of a woman who was able to fight off a male attacker who was double her size and weight while two other women unfortunately became victims of this man. It is certainly proper for a person to do hishtadlus to protect himself and has nothing to do with kochi biotzem yadi. NO NEED TO TURN THIS INTO A HASHKAFA ISSUE.

  8. Not a violent as the Womens Kick Boxing class.

    Just a great way to get in shape, develop focus.
    Krav will engage your minds important decision making skills in split seconds. Life skills, different packaging.
    Great warmup for 2nd seder.

  9. Number #4
    The rest of the commentators reflected your quick to judge pervasive opinion.

    This is not for offense, at its most defense. Just usually deescalation of possibly bad situation, awareness training, a great upper and lower body workout.
    Regarding your BarYonim reference; the Krav Maga class is not going to thwart the Taliban hordes that are invading Lakewood without DAAS TORAH.

  10. to #7
    krav maga is a good fighting form, but certainly not something that is practical. it requires a lot of strength & muscle to perform, and very often is used for stand-up fighting. (standing soldier against standing enemy) “Krav Maga stresses staying off the ground at all costs”

    Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(bjj) on the other hand is more grappling, and pain techniques that go against the natural maneuvers of the body parts/joints using leverage, most notably by applying joint-locks and choke-holds, NO MATTER: STANDING, LAYING, OR KNEELING. (if anything BJJ wants you to off your feet and on the ground. [on the ground you always have an advantage. the ground can help you pin your opponent. its like having them against the wall]

    -just to make a closing statement, there is a reason why mixed martial arts mostly uses: BJJ, wrestling, Judo, or Sambo, as well as strikes based upon Muay Thai, kickboxing, and boxing.

    -but the best lesson i can give to anyone reading this: as someone who has experience in various fight forms, the best defense you have is your mouth & brain. you can often talk or think your way out of a problem. if you see someone shady, walk the other way/cross the street immediately. if you get into a hairy situation thats out of your control, create distance(past arms reach) and keep moving slowly, and talk your way out of it, while maintaining distance. throw your wallet towards the mugger far enough for him to change his course(away from you), and make an open for you to run.
    [i suggest to the FRUM community who walk at night; to carry an extra ‘hoax wallet’ with $5 or $15 inside with no ID, and use that as the wallet to give to the mugger]

  11. Mr. Conservative Shlit’a

    The reason that Krav is not a form of choice in Mixed Martial Arts is because of the real world, (read street) applications to save your life. This is not competition stuff. Which unfortunately can be eyes, groin, throat to save yourself.
    This addressing your untrue assumption of strength and “muscle”
    Soft tissue is that on a 160lb. attacker or a 250lb. attacker.
    Eyes are eyes, throat as well.

    Great workout, focused training, good sweat, and some Chas V’Shalom practical usage. Beats a treadmill.

  12. Always give a mugger your money.
    as mentioned toss the wallet away from you and get lost quick.

  13. If more were serious and worked out instead of running their mouths the would would be better; there is also a mitzvo not to stand by as your brothers blood is being shed.

  14. krav maga is a grate for a fighting but its all about killing its not about self defence i think they should teach martal arts to defend ur self not to kill someone

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