The Eruv Rav of our Generation – by Rabbi Dovid Abenson

rabbi dovid abensonDue to the many responses I have received from my readers around the world with regards to my most recent article:

I would like to share with you just a few of them.

Since it still in middle of the night and I can’t sleep, I am going to be very brief.

Unfortunately your point number eleven is a very sore and painful subject to myself and especially my grandchildren, What are the qualifications for hiring our rabbeim , can you answer this question real honestly, I am sure you don’t want my opinion, What kinds of salaries are we paying them. Are we paying them on time at all. Some of them or sadly enough, or perhaps most of them are disqualified to teach in a classroom to begin with , period they don’t belong in education at all as most of them have no clue what the word patience is all about and never mind the word love, feelings, sympathy, is not in their vocabulary, No I have zero respect for them and always take the side of my grandchildren, and tell them outright that they are right and the Rabbi is wrong, because that is the truth and the truth should always be told, no matter how painful it may be or whom ever it may affect,

Point number fifteen , to this day if not for artscroll , I would not be able to pray with any understanding at all, as prayer was not being taught in my days at all, and is still not being taught , sorry this is not called praying, to me it’s called mumbling or jumbling .

Last but not least, the hitting in the classroom must be stopped, any Rabbi that picks up his hand on any child for any reason, should be dismissed immediately on the spot without even listing to any excuse they have or may not have , they are unqualified and are nothing but a menace to these precious kids that we as parents struggle to raise with love, patience and above all dignity.

My children give all their strength, patience and tolerance, raising their children with the understanding that hitting or fighting should be nonexistent, here comes this young rabbi in class doing none of the above , and is trying to teach just by hitting as that is the most convenience, don’t forget this is not pre war Europe, we have a different set of values and most of all know better that whatever was done in Europe should be none existent in America .

Thanks for allowing myself to vent.


To Rabbi Abensen

My name is Rabbi C G

I have been teaching kids off the derech now for about 15 years in Israel. I usually do not read these types of letters written because i have found that most people who write them talk from their gut instead of from the trenches. I was actually surprised at your article because I have been saying this for years. I have even spoke to big Rabbanim about a lot of your points.The problem is as they say is that no one will listen to them. I think the bigger problem is that the schools have to admit that they are failing the kids. The principals have to admit that they are wrong.

The rebbeim that are are teaching do not know themselves much about the religion to be teaching it over to the next generation. A reason why they do not allow questions to be asked because they do not know the answers. But they do know how to “teach” gemara!! The kotzker also says the same thought on “tachas asher lo avaddti besimchs” if the kids are not happy in learning they will go off the derech. In fact the chinuch says it in mitzva 117 if the kids do not know the reason for things they will go off.

Thank you for reading my rant. I am not sure how to go about changes so I just do my thing in Israel. Hatzlacha in all that you do
{at least I know now I not crazy)


..This article should be printed and given out to every single rebbe – and more important to every single menahel……

……My own son struggled for 8 years and he got 60-70 on his tests In eight grade I realized he was failing I had him repeat 8th grade Today he is the top of his class b”h getting 100% on his tests. He was the youngest in the class and he belonged one grade younger and he would have had 8 years of success instead of 8 years of failure. Did any Rebbe ever think about leaving him back or the principal? No….

..That’s why I’m saying parents have to be much more aware – don’t rely on the yeshiva.’’’

….If a boy or girl is not 5 and a half years old they should wait a year till they go to primary.

This will solve a lot of problems……

….. The main thing is get help as early as possible – [not medicine]…..

Kol tuv
A Rosh Kollel


I have spoken at length to our true leaders of our generation with regards this global epidemic crisis facing every jewish family around the world.

The only comfort I can give you – these are the birth pains of the coming of Moshiach. It’s really the Eruv Rav which in the kabbalistic teachings is the problem why Moshiach is not here yet. They’ll be the leaders in Klal Yisroel preventing Moshiach from coming. Our duty is to fight them.

“The Erev Rav delays the redemption much more than all the nations of
the World” – Zohar

Rabbi Dovid Abenson is the founder and director, author and lecturer at Shaar HaTalmud, a unique yeshiva based online program. Rabbi Dovid Abenson an international speaker is the founder, director and author at Shaar HaTalmud, a unique yeshiva based online program, featuring evaluations and remediation, working with students to upgrade skills in Hebrew reading, chumash/rashi and gemara studies, consulting school principals worldwide to improve their ability to help students who possess underdeveloped skills. Also available for in house training for schools and yeshivos. He can be reached at [email protected] or 1-877-HATALMUD (428-2568)

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  1. Rabbi Abenson, I very much identify with many of the issues that you mentioned. However, in general it is an oversimplification. I wouldn’t even consider it a crash course. Many issues you mention have more variables and deeper symptoms. I suggest you focus on one issue at a time and offer both a solution for schools and an appropriate response for parents that will not alienate them from the people they need most!

  2. Rabbi Abenson,
    With all due respect, all you are doing is the regular school bashing and vast oversimplification. To say that a school that gives homework should be shut down (almost every school in Lakewood) because Rav Mattisyahu said something without checking with him what he meant precisely and without checking whom the schools spoke to about the issue is a symbolic of your entire article – choosing the path of least restriction – because the schools will not respond.
    I have heard from more than one gadol that a vast majority of children going OTD is because of problems at home (oftentimes through no fault of the parents). I ahve also heard from other people who have dabbled in sifrei mussar that there is a concept called bechira. Yes, outside issues affect the nekudas habechira, but laying the blame entirely on the schools is wrong, unhelpful and frankly harmful and psoting letters that say that “perhaps most of them are disqualified to teach in a classroom to begin with , period they don’t belong in education at all as most of them have no clue what the word patience is all about and never mind the word love, feelings, sympathy, is not in their vocabulary, ” whether you wrote it or not is ridiculous.

    Obviously, the person is in pain and his/her feelings need to be voiced – to a competent professional – but not on a blog with an agenda.
    May Hashem bless you with a wonderful new year and may you merit to be in the same place in Gan Eden as the people you shamelessly speak ill of. Most of all, May Hashem help each and every one of our children find true happiness in Avodas Hashem.

  3. @yt,

    Your obviously uneducated with your comment.

    That despicable sarcastic comment about Gan eden only fuels my comment

    How is it plausible when a child comes home from school at 5pm and has 20 minutes of homework? Imagine a family of 5 or 10? 30 minutes a child is simply too much. The Ikkur of no homework is simple: a child comes home from school and uses that time to play and bond. It removes the purpose of school!

    No homework.
    Homework is cruel.

    Regarding otd, I’m not questioning which gadolim you are referring to however I can personally tell you that my personal experience in yeshiva should have resulted in another number.

    Don’t make a comment to abolish this problem.
    It’s a problem which we have and delaying a response results in many more otd cases.

    Remember I’m a otd survivor.

    My home was the place I flourished. My friends homes were where they were when they got sent home.

    We have a major problem in our system. DEAL with it.

    Thank you for the courage to speak up.

    Enough with the cover ups.

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