TLS Poll: How Would You Rate The DPW’s Overall Performance During The Recent Storm?

How Would You Rate The DPWs Overall Performance
During The Recent Storm?

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  1. If you can do it better you are more than welcome to come and do it and get stuck in every corner like Mr.Langert was.Everybody is good to complaint but nobody can give them any credit for nothing.Hope all of them read this site and get sick for Passover.Then you will have a better poll.

  2. I think with how many streets have been added to this town in the last few years they did great it is a big job for a small good of people. And to number 3 why don’t you give a try in the Kitchen! Its easy to say you could do it better without trying.

  3. then stay off the roads when it snows! when you get stuck and abandon your car in the middle road the plows cant get by. the more cars on the road makes a difficult job tougher.

  4. in neighboring Brick township 11 DPW workers called in sick as part of a union work slowdown same was done in NYC should we think lakewoods slow response was any different?
    Some roads were not plowed for 3 full days there is no excuse for that.and stop blaming it on cars that were stuck on streets.That was only after it wasn’t plowed for a few days.
    why didn’t the dpw prepare or learn from last years blizzard.
    Something is wrong here.we want fuL accountability on what went on.

  5. Remember, they warned all the residents days in advance to stay off the roads and even park your cars off the road if you could. When the plow trucks go down the street and there is a vehicle in the middle of the road..that is not the plow drivers fault he can not complete the road..its the person that left their car there. So no matter what you do its not just DPW that was at fault, if at all. That storm dumped a lot of snow on the ground fast, no agency was able to keep up, NOT State, Not County, Not the Parkway units..No one. It was going to be messy for everyone, it was snowing almost 3″ an hour how can you keep up with that? Hey DPW remember you are never going to make everyone happy so why try. Just do what you can as fast as you can

  6. Complaints, Complaints, Complaints. Well I think they did a heck of a good job. If you didn’t like it, then move to Jackson where you must pay for your garbage and only the main roads were cleaned and not the side streets were ignored. So hasta la vista baby!!!!!!

  7. I went to brooklyn for shabbos, and it was a disaster. Actually anyware outside lakewood was much worse. Lakewood DPW did a greate job! The storm was a natural phenomanon and wasn’t coused by DPW, so stop kevetching and give them some thanks!

  8. Wow!!!! great poll !! maybe its time to Fire Al Burdge!!! Another Great manager in one of the depts in town that cant do his job satisfactorly!!! Kenny Dix should be given a shot!!!! Atleast PRIVATIZE THE PUBLIC WORKS!! 30 MILLION DOLLARS WORTH OF EQUIPMENT AND BUILDINGS FOR WHAT???? LOOK AT THE POLL .. THE WORST DEPT IN TOWN!! TIME FOR A CHANGE!!

  9. To #1 phoenix:
    Most people agree that in the grand scheme of things Lakewood did a pretty good job. 

    Are there areas for improvement. Of course!!! So is life. 

    We can all improve. But please don’t take things so personal.
    Most people are not complainers. 

    You my friend see a small sample of commentators to a blog.
    Please understand that most residents of Lakewood are appreciative.

    Thank you DPW

    Happy New Year

  10. I take it personal cause i have friends there and i know they care.They put long hrs away from their families amd this is what they get.Its not their fault that the equitment was breaking down too.Also you have ppl running the show that never done it before like Mr.Lamgert,Mr.Arrechi and Mr.Burdge and this is what you get.For the next one bring Franklin and he will show them how is done.Like him or not.

  11. Did anyone notice how bad the surrounding areas were, for instance STATE HIGHWAY 18? Give me a break, it was horrible out there, Lakewood DPW did a better job than most other places.

  12. What I found fascinating as a Shabbos visitor to Lakewood was that I did not see even ONE shoveled walkway. If each Lakewood resident was ticketed for not shoveling there might be more money for snow removal next time.

  13. I suggest all you complainers apply for public works jobs so you can do the job the way you want it done. Oops I forgot! None of you would work for those measly salaries.stop griping.

  14. Terrific job bt the DPW! For all those that arent happy: you are probably the ones that left you cars on the street and expect the snow to disappear with a snap of your finger. Hey why not you pay taxes! Idiots!

  15. I noticed that the ppl in my development who complain the most about the plowing are the same ppl that never shovel their walkway!
    Bunch of kvechers.

  16. Snow came down fast and the workers were not adequately prepared. There was none or little pre-salting or whatever liquid chemicals they put down. Smarty pants people were using their 4 wheel and all wheel drives which was not helpful. When we know a storm is coming, stock up and enjoy time spent together as a family. Instead of the kids in the developments each building their own snowmen, they first can help clear the paths in front of their own houses or apartments. Apartment Buildings should be responsible for clearing not just the public sidewalk but also the parking spaces in their private driveways. My block all worked together shoveling each others driveways (we do not have sidewalks) and making a path to each others homes. We are a very mixed block, religion and age wise, just working together.
    Lakewood did have a better response than NYC and Jackson (you saw the street before NPGS Jackson, they never even got to it. Encourage and help the workers who make our lives a little bit easier. They are not responsible for our tax rate and they are not stealing our garbage cans, they are following instructions from their bosses, our committeemen. Believe me the snowplow drivers and garbage men are not getting rich quick in their jobs.

  17. for the once in 5 year snowfall it is better to have a poor job and lower taxes.
    However, don’t say that it was a good job. The priorities were way out of line. some of the busiest intersections such as 7th and park and 4th and park and route 9 were not really done well. In general the corners were not plowed well and there were too many main streets that were one lane only for both directions to get through and I am not talking about streets with parked cars. Those with parked cars just can’t be plowed.
    I would still rather have fewer workers an a poor job if that means loess taxes

  18. Phoneix could you or TLS please get us the facts?

    How many trucks where out plowing at each shift?
    How many hours is a shift?
    How much salt etc. Was used?
    What size trucks were used?
    How much does the dpw pay an hour for plowing and how much is overtime? Do they pay the same rate for each hour when just sitting in the truck for over 5 hours stuck in the snow without doing anything (without trying to dig out)?
    When was the first plow truck send out? When was the first time they started spraying salt etc.?
    Which streets got plowed first and for what reason?

  19. listen as someone who drives a lot ive been to other places and lakewood has been much better than all the surrounding areas so everyone stop complaining and whining its not healthy

  20. The snow is gone life is back to normal. Get over it. Its not the end of the world. So what if your street wasn’t plowed last year.


  22. Too many roads, too many cars, too many people. This town has grown too fast to keep up with the many needs. You wanna be here? You want to develop as many areas as you can in the shortest time you can? This is what you get. Stop complaining, you made the mess now live with it. They did a good job for a bunch of whiners and complainers who appreciate nothing.

  23. Our town is constantly approving new developments with narrow streets – not wide enough for snow plows & not even wide enough for school buses. Even though new homeowners are paying property taxes, they are also renting out their basements to other families. This creates expenses such as garbage pickup, busing, etc. for double the amount of families who are paying these taxes. Then there’s the traffic… and the the problem of getting all of these new kids into schools! In Jackson Township, the developer Toll Brothers was told that before they build a new development of homes, they mst pay for a new public school to accomodate all of the new children. Infrastructure must be in place before we allow new developments to be built.

  24. howell did a great job

    by the way I hope that there wasn’t a slow down like in brooklyn
    there were much much more cars out and stuck in brooklyn hampering the plows than in lakewood.

  25. lakewood DPW did a great job, where are you gonna push 24+” of snow to?????? the Dpw men were out werking all weekend on the problem to get it ready for monday morning. how many frum men would werk on their sabbath????? great job guys!!

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