Tens Of Thousands Attend Levaya Of World Renowned Rebbetzin Kanievsky A’H

PHOTO: Tens of thousands this evening mourned the Petirah of Rebbetzin Batsheva Kaniebsky A’H, who was Nifteres on Shabbos. Rebbetzin Kanievsky, the wife of Hagaon Reb Chaim Kanievsky Shlita and the eldest daughter of Hagaon Reb Elyashiv Shita, was visited by women around the world, and was known to have performed many miracles.

The Rebbetzin reportedly suffered a Cardiac Arrest. She was 79.

The Levaya and Kevurah took place Motzei Shabbos in Bnei Brak.

Photo credit: Lakewood Shopper.


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  1. She was mamesh a holy neshama. I was there w/ my son, around the time of his Bar Mitzva. She gave him a sefer, Orchos Yosher, wriiten by R’ Chaim. I asked her to inscribe it. She told me she can’t, she didn’t tzail Sefriah yet. She asked me to wait. She then went to shul, davened maariv, did sefira then came home & inscribed it for me. Unreal. TNTB”H. Dudi B

  2. may we all teshuva & get the message from hashem of anyone niftar at the age of 79-like the spinka rebbe of yerushalyim niftar also at 79 the day before the Baba Elazar was stabbed & killed -its the perek of Tehillim referring to exactly todays situation going on in Eretz Yisroel (Although it was made over 3000 years ago by Dovid Hamelech)



  3. TO” Bobby C” (whatever that title means) why are u being so rude.No need to to play with semantics, if you cant answer a simple question. I dont doubt she was a righteous woman, and an inspiration to some. But i fail to understand why its “klal Yisroels”loss

  4. I BH had the zechus to meet her a few times. 

    One thing I can guarantee you: If you only would have seen her even one time you would not ask such a question!!  

    You did not have to speak with her. If you would have only been zoiche to see her tsidkus, ehrichkeit and frumkeit you would have walked away a different person. 

    Klal Yisrael throughout our history was blessed with great people. 

    Rebitizen Kanievsky was such a person. She was an Eesha Gedolah l’Shem U’litiferes B’yisrael. 

    Any person that saw her, no matter who, Baal tshuva, chassidish, mizrachi, litvish, sefardish, or completely secular were all given the same respect and time. She loved K’lal Yisrael.  She listened to everyones t’sarros and uplifted them spiritually. 

    Our loss is unbelievable!!! Ask any person that ever spoke with her. Her brochos were legendary.   May the RBSO be memaleh our terrible chisaron and bring the Ge’ulah bimheyra. 
    A gut moed.

  5. I will attempt to answer your question re: “Klal Yisrael’s loss” 

    In my humble opinion the term  “loss for Klal Yisrael”  is reserved only for those special people that dedicate themselves with their guf and neshama to the needs of the klal. 

    Rebitzen Kanievsky AH was the epitome of a klal person. 

    She lived klal Yisrael. 
    She breathed klal Yisrael. 
    She was b’simcha with klal Yisrael. 
    She cried with klal Yisrael. 
    As #10 wrote so eloquently, “She loved Klal Yisrael.” And she dedicated her chushuv home together with yblchtovar”u Reb Chaim SHLITA just for Am Yisrael. 

    Anyone familiar with Benei Brak will tell you that there are many people that only knew one street in Benei Brak. That street was Rechov Rashbam. 

    Rebitizen Kanievsky AH further epitomized what it means to be an ezer k’negdo to her illustrious husband may he be marich Yamim shanim Tovim Aruchim. 

    That my friend is klal Yisrael’s GIGANTIC loss. 

    May we be zoiche to V’karev Pezureinu speedily in our days. 
    And may this Yom Tov be the beginning of a lasting z’man Simchaseinu. 

  6. What a terrible tremendous loss for Klal YIsroel. What a holy special tzadekes. BH I was zoche to be in her presence and receive brachos from her. May she be a melitza yeshara.

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