Tehillim Needed For 6 Year Old Boy In Critical Condition

chop hospital[TEHILLIM] [U/D] A 6 year old Lakewood boy is in critical condition today after collapsing early this morning. The boy is currently on a respirator at CHOP Hospital in Philadelphia. Please take a moment to be Mispallel for Refoel Dovid Ben Devorah.

UPDATE: 8:40 PM. The child’s condition is extremely serious. The family is asking all to please take a moment to say a Kapittel of Tehillim.

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  1. rabbosai lets try to do a good deed to a friend
    lets all try to do ahavas chinom istead of sinas chinom
    we should all be zoceh to go with moshiach to yerusholayim bikoriv

  2. Refuah Shelaima! There are so many wake up calls for us all & its so unfortunate. This child should have a refuah shelaimah bekorov! Do we notice the tragedies that are befalling our community? What can we do to find favor in Hashems eyes? Being raised out of town & moving in to lakewood: There is much good to say …amazing the amount of Torah that is being learned….but what about the judging? what about the categorizing individuals , hence categorizing certain neighborhoods which ultimately can cause one not getting into school because its a more “modern” crowd. Are we not all klal yisroel? are we not all striving to be better ppl? What abt the _____ that is going on in the workforce? in the business world? Are we aiming to be yosher? Are we all performing our investments & businesses with emes? are we treating our colleagues, our friends & neighbors as we want to be treated. WE ALL MUST WAKE UP IN THE ZECHUS OF THESE TEIREY YIDEN THAT NEED OUR TEFILLOS & ZECHUSIM!!!! what has becoming of our community!! its not all abt the gelt & the bottom line! Its abt feeling for one another, making a kidush hashem, being honest. SO SOME INDIVIDUALS GO TO COLLEGE!!! APPLAUD THEM CHEER THEM ON!!! dont look down at them!!! LET THEM BE IN YESHIVA SIMULTANEOUSLY WITH COLLEGE!!! there is so much to say & so much to do….lets start with kiddush hashem & honesty in the zechus!! pls i beg u this child needs rachamim

  3. It is a very big zechus for a person to “rise to the occasion” and to actually be nice and helpful to a person who has insulted or hurt them in any way. The reward up in Shamayim for going “lifnei meshuras hadin” – to not just be neutral to such a person but to actively seek to help them – is beyond our calculations. I am proposing that all the readers of this site begin to do this right now as a zechus for the refuah shelaima of all those individuals who were hurt in the recent car accidents and for this young child. If nissim are needed, then we need to do whatever is in our power to help bring nissim about. If the site will allow it, feel free to share your efforts with us all (and tell your friends offsite as well) so we can give each other chizuk. I ask Hashem to please look down and see what we are trying to do as a zechus and answer everyone’s tefillos l’tovah

  4. This is such a kidush hashem that i read down the comments and everyone is just being mekabel to say tehilim! MI K’AMCHA YISROEL! REFUAH SHELAIMA!

  5. btw does anybody know what happened to him?
    its not everyday that u hear a boy just collapsing-a 6 yr old boy!
    what happened.im also saying 96.

  6. I know this family their very special people everyone please take time out 2 say a few chapters of tehillim 4 this sick boy he needs our prayers. May he have a refuah shileimah speedily and may we only here good news!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. We should all accept upon us the guidelines of tznius. All these tragedies might be a wake up call for us women.
    והי’ מחניך קדוש ושב מאחריך

  8. I personally know this family and this boy really needs a refuah if e/o can take upon themselves to be mekabel one thing as a zechus for this young boy the family would greatly appreciate it

  9. rabbosai were days away from the geula lets all try to do a little teshuva so we can be mekabel moshiach with a smile on our faces
    please lets use the lakewood scoop only for ruchnias and not chas vsholom for rechilus

  10. a few important points: dont ever under estimate the power of torah and support of torah, althought for whatever reason lake wood is specifically is experiancing this, i firmly believe that the the zchus of all the torah there will prevail with yeshuos, number two, the time of year we are in is a clear indication that these tzaros are bein adam lechavaro related, and that is a pre requisite for torah as we stand before zman mattan torah, we must bdo something proactive in this regard and commiting to have an ayin tov to every yid is the secret to yeshuos, when we dont judge and approach every yid with a sensitivty things will change. you never know wht some else might be going through and as a wise man once said, dont ever judge a fellow man uintil you walk a mile in his shoes

  11. I hope he has a refuah sheleima. I just want to say how proud I am to be a member of Klal Yisroel. Mi keamcha Yisrael. What a beautiful site. Hashem, habet mishomayim ureah, what children You have. Please send Moshiach in their zecus. now!

  12. You can see that he was in critical condition yesterday and after e/o said tehillim there was some improvement so keep on saying tehillim and may he get well real quick! 🙂

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