Taking Responsibilty For The Lack Of Visibility

kennedy somersetPHOTO [Reader Submitted] The intersection at Kennedy Blvd. and Somerset Avenue is a good example. The overgrown weeds and shrubs at the intersection – with no all-way stop sign – has been the cause of numerous Motor Vehicle Accidents, as motorists stopped at the stop sign have no way of seeing oncoming traffic over the tall weeds.

“Due to overgrown weeds on the opposite corner, cars go directly through the stop sign directly in to middle of Kennedy Boulevard without stopping”, an area resident – who submitted the photo – tells TLS. “I myself had my kids in car one day driving slowly on Kennedy Boulevard and a car came directly at me without stopping at all. He slammed on the brakes and missed my car by just inches”, he says. “We need to get something done its a real danger”.

The speed limit on that stretch of Kennedy Boulevard is 35 MPH.

Another area resident had a similar reaction to the issue in general.

“It’s about time the ones responsible for these hazardous situations take responibility”. “Why wait until something happens?”.

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  1. Oh… and what about all the other property owners across town that – contrary to local ordinance – allow for fences, bushes, weeds, signs, etc.. to block the view at the corner of their properties..

    Aside from being unlawful, it is highly inconsiderate to the rest of society..

  2. & what about those trees that cover the sidewalk on Buckwald & West kennedy Blvd. Making all pedestrians use the road.
    If the PW decides to send out a warning & a bill if they cut it you all cry…

  3. If the property owner is either lazy or simply doesn’t care about anyone but himself.. then there is no excuse not to fine him/her until they finally learn the proper lesson and conform to COMMON SENSE!

  4. There is no cross section of Kennedy Boulevard and Somerset Avenue. While I agree weeds are dangerous, if you are going to complain about it, Public Works would need the correct intersection.

  5. to # 7 . dont be so confused. go get educated by going onto a map and you will see that e. kennedy intersects with summerset av.
    It is indeed a very dangerous intersection as just about NOBODY stop for that stop sign.

  6. #7 don’t you think that before you decide to show off how brilliant you are maybe go check and see for your self that as a matter of fact there is indeed an intersection there and that it is overgrown and a hazard to all

  7. Attention all corner property owners:

    There are important Ocean County (a) and Lakewood Township (b) laws with regard to “Sight Triangle Easements” aka “Unobstructed Visibility Triangle Easements.”

    The legal concept, a part of the body of law across many parts of the USA, is that when a vehicle approaches a critical point of intersection, the driver needs to have sufficient ability to see what’s up ahead, in order make prudent decisions and take proper precautions. When that ability is (illegally) hampered by placing an obstruction in that “line of sight” area, then drivers (or cyclists/pedestrians) approaching from two intersecting sides of the road become handicapped with regard to knowing what to expect. This would obviously create a potentially dangerous situation.

    This can be better understood if we also recall the Torah’s admonition with Chazal’s interpretation concerning the injustice of placing a stumbling block in front of a blind person. It is the same when you limit the approaching driver’s view of the road ahead, thus creating a public safety hazard.

    This is why all over Lakewood (even in purely residential areas, where the allowable speed limits are significantly lower) you will find that “most” corner properties have their fences (at either the front or back yards) set back further at their corner triangles.

    It does not matter if the grass is privately owned. This is one of several potential easements the government automatically places on a property. Another example is a “utility easement” allowing the gas/water/electric/phone/cable companies to run their lines up to a certain point on anyone’s private property.

    It should also be noted that a property bordering a County road is subject to even stricter clearance-guidelines than the regular Township roads, due to the faster speeds designated and greater distance necessary to assure proper driving decisions are made.

    (a) Ocean County Subdivision and Site Plan Resolution, Section 610(D)

    (b) Twp. of Lakewood Revised General Ordinances Chp. 18, Section 18-803(F)

  8. Thank you S.L (not steve langert) for taking it upon yourself to cut down dangerous trees blocking the visibility on the corner of Hope and South Lake. It was a full day job and quite an expense. It is a shame I cannot reveal your name because you would probably receive a summons for removing trees without permission. You saw a dangerous situation and took it upon yourself to rectify it as quickly as possible before someone got hurt.

  9. Its not P.W. who is responsible. Inspection department is the one who has quality of life officer who patrols residental neighborhoods looking for violations. It seem like they turn a blind eye to most of the township except for raintree. Mayor its time to make more cuts or have inspections do their jobs correctly kennedy blvd,ocean ave e.7th st park ave are some of the unkept areas and noone holds these properties responsible

  10. I live on Somerset and always have a problem at that intersection. When I’m driving down Somerset from County Line, there’s a stop sign at the intersection by Kennedy. I stop there, but cannot see if there’s cars coming the other way, since there’s always so many cars parked all along Kennedy, by the intersection! So I have to keep on inching up and up (until I’m basically in the intersection) so I can see if I can continue onto Somerset or not. By then, it’s very dangerous; my car is in the intersection. Something has got to be done about it. Maybe cars shouldn’t be allowed to park there. Or they should knock down the trees along side Kennedy, at the intersection, so even if the cars are parked there, one can still see! This is a very dangerous intersection, and should be taken care of as soon as possible! Thank you!

  11. The person quoted in the article says the person ran the stop sign. Maybe we just need to stop at stop signs and stop worrying about overgrown corners.

  12. To confused,

    Why are you so protective of the property owner’s right to directly VIOLATE the COMMON SENSE LAW ???

    Are you really OK with the continuous jeopardizing of the lives of so many drivers and their passengers… and perhaps even your own!!!!

  13. Last year I called the inspection Dept. About this intersection and within 2 weeks there was a noticeable difference.
    Another problem is that cars traveling on E. Kennedy Blvd go an average of 50 – 60 Miles an hour.
    Another problem is that people park illegally to close to the intersection, so even if they clean the brush you still can’t see.
    So a 4 way stop sign would be appropriate at this inter section.
    I must add that it is a kiddush Hashem that the Kollel asked that for safety purposes no one should park on the North side of Kennedy and 99% of the people listen

  14. How close may you park to a stop sign?

    50 feet

    How close may you park to a corner?

    25 feet

    These Laws are for our safety, so let’s give at least 25 feet.

    Thanks think safety.

  15. Besides for the intersection being a problem, the actual road surface on somerset between kennedy & county line needs help. The road is bumpy & the pot holes stick up making driving difficult. Many people drive around the pot holes going into the wrong lane & heading into on coming traffic. The road needs to be paved properly!

  16. 21 anon says:
    NOVEMBER 7, 2010 AT 9:37 PM
    Besides for the intersection being a problem, the actual road surface on somerset between kennedy & county line needs help. The road is bumpy & the pot holes stick up making driving difficult. Many people drive around the pot holes going into the wrong lane & heading into on coming traffic. The road needs to be paved properly!

    I fully agree the builder should have to pave the 2nd coat of the road or the township should take his bond and finish the rd. From what I understand the are going to build another development on that corner and that is the reason for not finishing the rd, there must be a time limit I has been this way for 6+ years now that I am living here.

  17. Give warnings with a week to rectify – then ticket the property owners! Corners like these create public safety hazards similar to sidewalks covered by ice and snow.

  18. I agree with #21 also but nothing will be done until a new waterline is installed and even after that is done, it still will not get done just patch work. Find lots of car parts on county line road anyone want to buy hubcaps bumpers or mufflers

  19. Again… If anyone out there was using common sense, they would see that they are approaching a busy street and the vehicles are not stopping… What does that tell you, they have the right of way… You don’t need signs to dictate your actions. Use some good old fashioned logic… And even where the stop signs are clearly visible people just run through them causing accidents and saying “I stopped!” A stop sign means stop, then wait for it to be safe and free of traffic before proceeding… It doesn’t mean bring your vehicle to a stop and then go regardless of what is traveling down the road!!! I don’t know how many accidents I’ve seen where the driver actually says I stopped at the sign and then went. I had plenty of time, but the other guy was going too fast…Why would you pull out in front of something that is going that fast? To cause more damage to your car and possible the occupants of the vehicle… Hands down lakewood has some of the worst drivers in Ocean County…Period

  20. What’s the use of issuing a warning or fine to a buildier? They somehow get out of paying fines, traffic tickets, etc. They laugh at us poor shnooks who actually PAY for traffic and other violations. Get real about how Lakewood works.

  21. To # 27,

    Again… It appears that with your angry rhetoric against Lakewood citizens you are condoning the corner property owner’s outright VIOLATION of the law.

    Why do you refuse to listen to some of the earlier commentors where they stated very clearly that even when coming to a full and complete stop the DANGER is still there… as they cannot properly see if there another vehicle is approaching (and neither can the second vehicle see them) due to the ILLEGAL and insensitive/careless deeds of specific landowners.

    It’s hard to figure you out.. Either you..

    (1) Don’t believe in adhering to the Law of the Land,
    (2) You are a lazy/inconsiderate landowner that doesn’t care about others, or
    (3) You lack COMMON SENSE!!!

    In any of the above I hope the proper authorities teach you a good lesson…

  22. To #9–I was confused because the spelling of “Somerset” Avenue in the article is not what you indicate in your reply. If you were the originator of the article, then perhaps you need to correct your spelling. Somerset Avenue, as indicated in the article, intersects with County Line Road. Spelling is important, especially when complaining.

  23. Fact. Somerset avenue does indeed intersect with Kennedy Blvd. Take a drive down there and you will see it with your own eyes.. Safe driving!

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