Swastikas Sprayed On Truck At Lake Terrace

PHOTO: A truck at Lake Terrace was sprayed up with several swastikas this evening. The operators of Lake Terrace called LCSW at about 9PM this evening after noticing the graffiti on the parked truck.

LCSW requested the Police Department to respond and take a report.

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  1. Who cares? We have enough real problems to bothered by symbolic ones. If we ignore it it will stop, if we make a fuss there will be copycats.

  2. it’s high time for video cameras everywhere. the police can’t be in all places at all times. as much as i like privacy, it will likely deter criminals.

  3. And why are people calling LCSW before Police??? This is a serious crime. PD have the resources to deal with it, not LCSW.

  4. number 6 that is very flawed thinking it will backfire on you quickly do the math more laws more freedoms lost. that is what will happen.

  5. I guess Lake Terrace didn’t think it was such a big deal they called LCSW instead of the Police, now that was stupid!! Put the Police on speed dial not LCSW.

  6. Oh my, there are anti semites out there! We thought it was all over! Seriously, folks, we’re in golus and can’t get all tied up in knots when we see anti semitism. We’ve all seen it all our lives. Yes, we should notify the police so they can keep track of these things. But, the way you’re all acting shocked, is really unrealistic.

  7. This is ridiculous Im tired of these punk kids spraying this (moderated) all over town. Its hard to be everywhere at the same time there will never never be enough police presence in town..You just can not employ that many officers for one shift, but they are doing a phenomenal job with what they have. Keep up the good work and lets catch these punks..they are giving Lakewood a bad taste in its mouth. I bet they are either not from Lakewood, Migrant workers here, or one of those stupid street gangs.

  8. # 7 guess what? lcsw has more resources to deal with then pd lcsw keeps a databse and history of all situations like this that pd shares with them and vise versa so get your facts staright

  9. To #2 : Are you for real? That exactly what the western world said in 1939. Ignore it and it will go away. Look what happened.

  10. To #10, #5 like myself are referring to the symbols NOT the spot it was placed. Using those symbols is just as gut wrenching as marching through the south wearing white hooded bed sheets.

  11. I was there last night for a wedding. Its kind of hard to believe that it could have happened anytime last eve with so many people about – it must have happened much earlier in the day or else this hatemonger has a lot of guts.

  12. PD also “keeps a databse and history of all situations like this” that are reported, so because they share it with lcsw means that lcsw can deal with it better? Please explain how “lcsw has more resources to deal with then pd” ?

  13. Guys – Germany in 1939, hoodlums marching through streets wearing white costumes, and swastikas spray spainted on a trailer behind a catering hall are NOT the same!!! Please read some history about Nazi Germany and the fundamentally monstrous society which Hitler created.

    Enough with the knee jerk reaction “thats what they said in 1938”

  14. to #2 groinim
    your living in la la land WE SHOULD ALL CARE about any small incident that threatens us as if you ignore the small anti semetic incidents they grow ,spread and get bigger
    this is what happened in germany in the early 30’s
    this is a copycat crime of what happened in brooklyn and the perp is well aware of the make up of out town this should be vigorously investigated and given a top priorty by lkwd pd !and our frum elected officials

  15. why have Jews been discriminated all through history ???? somebody please explain. from pharoh to hamas . thousands of years.

    When the economy is bad, there are always those who look for a scapegoat and historically it has been we, the Jews.

    if it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck…

  16. Lately there have been a few swastikas painted in many different places. It’s unreasonable to assume that they were all done by the same people. They were probably done by different loners who were feeling some hate. But, think about it: WHAT A COINCIDENCE that in the span of a few weeks, different loners in different places decide to spray paint swastikas!!! To me this seems that this is coming from G-d. I see no other way to explain it.

    Which tells me something else as well: G-d isn’t stopping at swastikas. If we don’t to tshuva, it will escalate.

    Just my two cents.

  17. The real reason we should not care about this is that we should not spend any energy looking for acceptance amongst the outside world. People who do that are in danger of watering down authentic Judaism for outside considerations. We are not scared of being hated or even discriminated against. All we are scared of is being hurt, molested, killed or shmad.

  18. #9 I agree….. The LCSW is a great help…but they are not trained and if something happened on a call are they covered under the towns insurance????

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