Suspect Charged In Connection With Hit And Run Which Killed 12 Year Old

Jesus Arellano, an illegal immigrant, was arrested in connection with a hit-and-run accident which killed a 12-year-old Lakewood boy last Friday night. Ocean County Prosecutor Marlene Lynch Ford announced that the 40-year-old suspect of Lakeview Place was charged with leaving the scene of a fatal motor vehicle accident.

The suspect is being held without bail.

Police say they found the van involved in the accident covered by a tarp parked near the suspect’s home. TLS.

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  1. It is about time the Federal Government deals with the illegal immigrant problem. They can deport him but chances he will come back with a new name. He should be tried and sent to jail for life or if let out of jail he should forced to have an implant of a GPS to track him for the rest of his life.

  2. just another innocent victim of our governments failure to secure our borders. wake up people! politicians work FOR us. we pay their salary. vote out any and all in office. (moderated) its time for someone else to try, and if that one cannot do the job we (moderated) again!

  3. Thank the Liberal Democrats for not enforcing the immigration laws and for going after the boarder states that try to catch the illegals in the country. We need a larger wall and more boarder patrol officers. We need the Police to be allowed to stop people and ask for identification. The Democrats wouldn’t do this and worst of all they want to give the illegals the right to vote(for the Democrats).

  4. Hey, why are we already hanging the driver?! He didn’t take a gun to the kid’s head. Relax a bit. He was negligent and possibly grossly negligent(that would need to be decided after an investigation)and he broke the law by leaving the scene. He also lacks some very basic human feelings apparently. BUT, I don’t think we’re dealing with a capital punishment here!

    LPD is great! I honestly didn’t think they’d find the driver with so little to work off of. But leave it to them!

  5. A poor child is dead and one commentator wrote we should “hang” the driver that killed the young boy.   While I understand that the commentator feels the pain of the poor family and that is why he (or she) was so harsh. Nevertheless, the mere suggestion of hanging illegal immigrants that commit non- intentional crimes is way out of touch! 

    Firstly, show a bit of compassion to the poor family that is greiving the young boys loss. Do you think the young boys family would feel that justice was served if the alleged driver got the death penalty?!!! Of course not!!
    Also, assuming the driver was legal, should we also “hang him”. Of course not!!
    So let’s stop this knee jerk reaction: ‘Send them back blah blah blah.’ 
    In the grand scheme of things, does it really matter that the driver that killed him was illegal? Do you think that the poor immigrant family that lost their child cares that the perpetrator was illegal? Would they be less upset if the driver was legal?

     This is a tragedy of immense proportions. And, whether the driver was legal,or not, is not the issue.  
    We as a Lakewood community mourn for a poor soul left this world way too early! 

    I say: Bravo to the LPD for solving this crime. 
    And may the poor boys family be comforted in knowing that in this great country, fair justice will prevail. 

  6. hank the Liberal Democrats for trying to keep as many illegals around as possible.

    it sickens me to read people trying to find excuses and some compassion for this animals. “dont hang him yet” – “its not like he took a gun to the kids head” etc. if he ran your mother over and never stopped…. would you too feel this much compassion? doubt it

  7. To mr conservative
    Wow calm down the only crime this guy may have done was leave the accident scene as was posted in the original story this happened under a broken street light he may have actually not seen the poor kid before he hit him. Then he freaked out and ran. So tell me if it was your mother would you want him to hang for that (I always thought of you as a more level headed guy then a loose cannon sort so try to calm down)

  8. Totally agree with “Mr. Conservative.” This is the second death in ONE week caused by an illegal, who was drunk, had no license, hit an elderly couple head on as they were turning onto rte 70 in Toms River, and ran from his car, but was caught; could have been any of us hit; the woman died, and her husband is in critical condition. Can’t imagine what their families are going through now.

  9. Hey people he ran because he knew he was illegal and didn’t want to be sent back. He thought ONLY of himself never of the gross act that he committed and the poor boy laying on the ground dying. Don’t blame the bad lighting, the big thud of the boy being struck should have made him stop, but it didn’t. The driver only cared about himself. We need a major round up of these illegals and Prosecution of the landlords that rent to them.

  10. Let’s calm down with the rhetoric! I don’t think that is the regular “Mr. Conservative” he is usually more eloquent and thought out. What is most important is that Lakewood lost a young child. A family lost a loved in his innocent youth. Noone is alleging that he did so on purpose…he should be punished for THAT crime like anyone else. We don’t hang people for being illegal. They should punish him for breaking our laws of citizenship as well. It is good to see the community join together with pashion about this story but let’s also see some sanity!!

    Happy Holidays!

  11. After the accident he came home, parked his vehicle, and covered it with a tarp while telling his roommates that the court suspended his licence for 18 Months, therefore he’s covering the car …but they caught up to him anyway 🙂

  12. ur absolutely right # 21 a lot of you don’t mind it when the so call illegals work for u for cheap labor but u want to hang them and criticizing them when they mess up. As far as i’m concern there is no such thing as a illegal human being. Since people of Mexican heritage have been on this continent since before the first Europeans arrival , i doubt very much one can argue as to who should really be considered an original American.Look up ur history people. That being said ,this suspect is a person of possible Mexican heritage who ran over a child and then took off and eluded authorities when he should have stayed at the scene of the accident. No one condems anyone for a accident but if u run you make it worse.

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