Surge Of Chickenpox Cases In Lakewood

chickenpox_lkwd_2tlsPHOTO: Dr. Shanik this morning confirmed to TLS that he has been seeing a higher number of Chickenpox cases in Lakewood, although he would not call it an ‘outbreak’. Children and young adults and people with weak immune systems are at highest risk for getting Chickenpox, also known as Varicella.

Chickenpox is easily spread through the air by infected people when they sneeze or cough and can also be spread by touching an infected person’s chickenpox blisters and/or touching items that come in contact with a skin rash or discharge from the chickenpox blisters.

People who are not protected against chickenpox can easily get infected just by being in the same room with someone with chickenpox. People are at highest risk for getting chickenpox if they are around a person with chickenpox one to two days before and up to four to five days after the rash appears.

To avoid coming down with Chickenpox, Dr. Shanik strongly urges children to be immunized.

After contact with a sick person with chickenpox, it usually takes two to three weeks before the symptoms of chickenpox appear. Symptoms of chickenpox come in stages. The first symptoms

• Aches
• Fever
• Tiredness
• Grumpiness
• Sore throat

An itchy rash of blisters will develop on the person’s skin all over the body. The rash may even spread into the mouth or other areas inside of the body. The rash will begin to show between 10 to 21 days after contact with someone with chickenpox. The rash will dry and begin to scab in four to five days. TLS.

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  1. To all those parents who did not get their child immunized for the ridiculous fear of autism, you are fully responsible for the pain and misery your child will endure if they catch this.

  2. having chicken pox is no big deal. my baby got it when he travelled abroad & met with cousins who had it & they don’t immunize for it in that country. but all my other older kids did NOT get it.
    all it was was few spots.. was over within 10days.. little discomfort.. nothing much else.. obviously.. I was due that Tzar Gidul banim.. i’d take chicken pox over other tzuruus!

  3. zoverax –get the shot. adults as well need a booster but there isnt one. get this stuff it works. i was told about it and the dr said na na dont worry . was out a week. others i know had the shot and after 2 days were back to normal. stop the finger pointing unless its at yourself.

  4. When I was a child we all got chickenpox and I do not remeberr and misery from it. By immunizing our childern against it we are preventing life long immunity which cannot be obtained through a shot. Therfor when this generation gets older and the shots rub off they will be in danger of getting chikcen pox when it can be dangerous and not just a discomfort.
    Go figure if we are really helping ourselves or just blind mules?

  5. #4 is absolutely correct. Even worse, parents who did not get their own child immunized are are also fully responsible for the pain and misery OTHER children will endure if they catch this from YOUR child. At the very least, if you don’t trust your doctor (!) it is worth a sheilas chochom before a parent makes a decision not to immunize.

  6. all children should get the shot, i don’t understand why parents don’t do this, and all pregnant women should be careful, the unborn child can get it. this is no laughing matter,

  7. older people who have never had the chicken pox can get shingles which is not a fun thing, my father had it and he was not well for a long time.

  8. this is so rediculous! by immunizing our children we are just creating bigger problems- becaause even the pediatricins agree- these immunizations are not that effective. we are creating a generation of girls who will be at risk OF getting chicken pox when they are expecting i’h and that is very dangerous. however, CHILDREN getting the chicken pox- is normal!!!! this is what the world has been living with until now, and everyone was just fine( ofcoarse ther are always r’l severe cases- but then again driving a car can be fatal as well- probably with a much much much higher percentage rate!!!!!!). not to say that i didn’t immunize my children- i did because i have no choice- but i think the whole thing is rediculous and worse than rediculous- quite harmful actually.

  9. For most, chicken pox is an annoyance, however, for some, it can be debilitating, or worse, deadly.

    When I was a child, my case was an annoyance, but at least one girl in my class was out of school for months due to her illness.

    Before vaccination was widely used, there were ~4 million cases in the US per year, with 90-100 deaths. Take the risk if you like – I’m not willing to risk my children…

  10. My 2 year old daughter was immunized AND she got the chicken pox.
    It was a VERY mild case. and it lasted for 2 days. much easier than if she wouldn’t have been immunized

  11. Shingles as adults is a serious matter. You have the chance of getting it when you had chickenpox as a child. The virus hides in your system, only re-awakening decades later. Fortunately, my shingles this past year was mild, as I went to the doctor and was on an anti-viral for 12 days. A friend had it and the symptoms lasted for months. Children and adults need to be vaccinated.

  12. Chill a bit. It is not as serious as your making it. As for the exceptions, well there are exceptions to every rule, even those who had shots. Ovee all it’s not that big a deal. Your child will suffer far more from autism and other side affects than the chickenpox itself. Get a second (or third) opinion from a different doctor and see what they say. It is not that clear cut and accepted that vaccination (for chickenpox) is even effective at later stages in life when it is more serious.

  13. There are many people in town with compromised immune systems. It is a major sakana for them to get Chicken Pox. It can be a major sakana for an expectant mother to get Chicken Pox. It can also be fatal to adults. Do you want to take the risk and responsibility of harming others by selfishly refusing to properly immunizing your children? Would you be able to sleep at night knowing that you were the cause of someone C”V ending up in the ICU because you didn’t immunize your child? The study linking autism to immunizations was flawed by the author’s own admission. Dr Shanik, and the other pediatricians in town are extremely conscientious and ohavei Yisrael. They would never knowingly recommend anything that was harmful. Now stop being paranoid and immunize your kids. Kol Yisrael areivim zeh lazeh.

  14. Here are some statistics about vaccines.

    “The United States has the highest number of mandated vaccines for children under 5 in the world (36, double the Western world average of 18), the highest autism rate in the world (1 in 110 children, 10 times or more the rate of some other Western countries), but only places 34th in the world for its children under 5 mortality rate. What’s going on?”

    One table provides particularly concerning data:
    Country # of Mandatory Vaccines
    (<5 years old) Autism Rate US Autism Rate Multiplier Mortality Rates per 1,000 Children Under 5 years old Mortality Rate Worldwide Rank
    United States 36 1 in 110 7.8 34
    Iceland 11 1 in 1,100 7.3x 3.9 1
    Sweden 11 1 in 862 5.7x 4.0 2
    Japan 11 1 in 475 3.2x 4.2 4
    Norway 13 1 in 2,000 13.3x 4.4 5
    Finland 12 1 in 719 4.8x 4.7 6
    France 17 1 in 613 4.1x 5.2 11
    Israel 11 1 in 1,000 6.7x 5.7 17
    Denmark 12 1 in 2,200 14.6x 5.8 18

    Do we have too much of a good thing? Because the vaccination schedule has been built up so quickly, it is difficult to analyze its impact on any one child. Therefore, studying unvaccinated children may be our best hope for finding the cause of a disorder estimated to impact 1 in 110 children. In the meantime, parents may want to consider the vaccination schedules of some European countries that have significantly lower rates of autism, child mortality, and mandated vaccines:

  15. A very small minority suffer greatly from chicken pox, and I suppose those who do , do not have strong immune systems. the important thing is to boost your children’s immunity, so they will not suffer harmful effects from either the illness itself or the shots (which I don’t hold from, myself). B”H, all my 12 children had chicken pox and all had very mild cases. I think today’s generation is more at risk for any illnesses because of the poor quality of the food they eat (all the junk food, fast food, food additives etc.) I firmly believe that a good preventive for viruses is vitamin C, or if someone does get sick it also helps keep the illness milder. There are many immune boosters available and I advise anyone who wants to stay healthy to take them.

  16. To #4
    With all due respect if you were a parent of a child with Autism you would not be so quick to judge. With that said if you at all educated you would know that the fear is from the MMR immunization not the Varicella. Any child who is sick is in pain and misery,you should be a bit more sensitive.

  17. Hello – I just wanted to comment that the baby in the picture is adorable – and he should grow up to be a big nachas to Klal Yisroel – to his parents and grandparents!

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