Submitted: We Were Recently Involved In An Accident, Here’s What We Learned [Surveillance Video]

We were recently involved in a car accident, and upon reviewing the video footage, the other car clearly didn’t notice ours. So I did some research on car color visibility and unsurprisingly, like pedestrian clothing, some cars are indeed more visible than others. Once you start paying attention to it on the road it becomes evident, even for kids!

According to Monash University’s Accident Research Centre, white cars are 12 percent less likely to get into an accident than black cars are, regardless of the time of day. Cream, gold, yellow (think school buses, yellow cabs), champagne and beige cars also ranked closely behind white.

The most dangerous car colors, besides black which ranked as most dangerous, are grey (11 percent higher risk), silver (10 percent higher risk), blue (7 percent higher risk), and red (7 percent higher risk).

The difference between light-colored and dark-colored cars is pretty intuitive: Light-colored cars are easier to see. This is certainly true at night when it’s dark outside, but even in daylight, darker-colored cars or silver cars have less contrast with the road. The better other drivers are able to see you, the more likely they are to hit the brakes before it’s too late. By the way, if you own any of these types of cars, you’re at a greater risk of having your car stolen. That being said, car color doesn’t affect insurance rates.

A 12 percent difference is not nothing, of course, but keep in mind that many, many other factors play a far bigger role in car accidents, such as the quality of your and others’ driving, visibility, the weather conditions, and the condition your car is in. So if you’re suddenly nervous about getting a black car, just keep in mind that it’s not immediately destined to be accident-prone. Make sure you’re being as safe a driver as possible, no matter what color car you have.

Although white is the most visible, other color considerations are, how they reflect the sun (interior heat), hide the road dirt, depreciate over time (resale value), and as stated above risk of being stolen. So if you want to take everything into consideration, you may want to buy or lease a car that comes in some tone or shade of light brown such as beige, champagne or tan. Your choice!


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  1. No study is going to excuse you from making an irresponsible left turn without even slowing down. Especially on a wet road. If you expect the world to make way for you, you have a serious problem no matter what color car you “drive”.

    • For clarification purposes, I’m the owner of the silver car that was crashed into, and my running daylights were clearly on.

      The point of the article was to understand why the other car didn’t notice mine.

    • Just to clarify. I’m the owner of the silver car and my lights were on.

      The point of this letter was to bring attention as to why I believe the turning car didn’t see mine until it was too late.
      It was a rainy day, and when you drive down Oak with the white sky as the background it’s hard to notice at first a silver car that blends with the road.

      No need to get all worked up. If you don’t like this awareness, just skip to the next article.

      • Please keep in mind that probably a few thousand people already read your article.
        If only 1 or 2 guys made a nasty comment, that comes out to .15 %.
        That’s pretty good.
        Thank you for your info.
        Hashem will reward you.

      • If the other vehicle approaching yours didn’t see your vehicle + your own vehicle not being operated properly, that’s 2 driver’s that should be telling their story WALKING!!!!.

        • My car was going straight and is silver. The car tying to make the left turn is dark gray and missed my silver car. BH everyone is okay and it’s a miracle that the white pickup truck coming behind the greay car was able to swirve just in time.

          Thanks to those who showed appreciation for the post!

  2. Please, please install, or have installed, dual lens dash cameras in your vehicles! Most accident victims do not have the benefit of a surveillance camera! the interior camera is for evidence for false cellphone and seatbelt tickets. In New York state, seatbelt tickets for children UNDER 16 YEARS OLD are 3 POINTS each. Besuros tovos

  3. When I told this news to a friend of mine who owns a black car, he became horrified, and his face suddenly started to change colors.
    Luckily, his face turned white like a sheet, so I was still able to recognize him after the color change, even during that late evening hour, when it was pitch dark outside.

  4. Doesn’t matter.
    The car did not notice you because You. Were. Not. Supposed. To. Be. There!!!!!
    Turning into oncoming traffic in the middle of the street, where there isn’t even an intersection, without checking for cars coming, with headlights off… is the definition of STUPID.
    Trying to blame car colors (?!) for your own incompetence is immature and irresponsible, especially because clearly, you’re going to do the same thing tomorrow.
    Also, if you’re blaming the car color, the accident is STILL your fault, because hey, who picked the car in the first place?
    Grow up and drive safely.

    • If you would read the above comments you would know that the driver of the other car is writing the letter trying to explain why the turning car didn’t see him

  5. Goose Gossage says those who drive foreign-made vehicles are far less Patriotic than those who buy American-made vehicles.

    Thus Goose drives a FORD.

    A white Ford.

    But Goose doesn’t drive into other cars and then blame the color, with some due respect.

    Gossage out!

  6. “the other car clearly didn’t notice ours” I have a correction: “YOUR car clearly didn’t see the other WHITE car” You made a left without stopping, without looking for oncoming traffic, and even when you slowed down slightly, you turned your wheels to the left, straight onto oncoming traffic. I think you need to learn the rules of driving. If you don’t look for cars in the other lane who are going straight, who by the way, THEY HAVE THE right of way, makes no difference what color it is.

  7. It is clear the car turning didn’t wait long enough to confirm no cars were coming. Always just too fast and busy with life‘s

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