Submitted: Shidduch Resume

Hi to everyone wanting to help with the shidduch crisis, here I’m launching a new idea of a basic resume and info.

The purpose of this is so people can have options if they’re willing to marry younger or older than them or from a different group.

The form may not be perfect, and I ask for forgiveness from beforehand if I’m not sensitive enough, and Adraba please give in your opinions.

And bezh we should find a Shidduch for everyone.

shidduch form
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  1. Another shidduchim organization?
    Send checks?
    Who is behind this and who is responsible for this?
    What is the donated money going towards?
    What is the mission statement for this organization?
    What are your goals?

  2. Not a great idea to mention donations when you don’t have anything going yet. You may have the best intentions however, the perception might be otherwise.

  3. Kudos to the OP. Here is someone taking action.

    As everyone talks about the Shidduch crisis and grumbles about what could or should be done, or that no one is doing enough, or everyone else should be doing more, here is someone who is doing something in trying to help.

    I”h, my action will be to Daven an extra Tefilla for all those seeking their Zivug even though not myself nor my children are currently in this Parshas, Hashem will direct my Tefillos towards those in need.

    If everyone steps in, in whatever capacity they can, Hashem will see our Hishtadlus and Achdus and surely bring about many Yeshuos.

  4. Hi my name is Eliyohu Shain I’m the one that’s initiating this. I want to first make a correction the PO Box isn’t active as this was opened about a year ago for this purpose but wasn’t renewed on time. So better to email it if you can. Second I came out with this idea because there are many boys especially that can’t print up their own resume. And third many times they’re ready to be more open but the Shadchanim are scared to redt. Also there are many older boys and I’m sure older girls that feel they don’t have who to ask for a shiduch. Now really I would need an office with a couple men Shadchanim to approach the boys, Shadchanim with a heart of feeling and understanding and Shadchanim to approach the girls. Again because it’s just the beginning I’m not sure how exactly it’s going to work out so please forgive me in advance for any mishaps or inconveniences. And btw the donation thing was a optional thing and please disregard it even though it has costed me so far hundreds of dollars for graphics and POB. Thanks and a Good Shabbos.

  5. OP – good intentions, but you absolutely cannot narrow it down to litvish or chassidish, you have to at least add “Heimish”

    Learning boy or working

    Short term or long term learner

  6. Mr. Shain seems to be very well intentioned.

    He is open to ideas, constructive criticism, and areas in which to improve.

    He is trying to help the Klal.

    For all those who are just looking to berate an individual trying to help, please keep your comments to yourself.

    Hatzlacha and Siyadta Dishmaya!

  7. To Guys in their mid 20’s range : Please listen to me here.

    Going for an older or even same age girl is a bad idea for the vast majority of you.

    I know too many stories of guys ages 23-26 who were open to it in the begining , and then ended with much younger girls because of the negative dating experiences that they had with the the older ones.

    So for your own sake, learn from the girls themselves and go for the youngest girl that is willing to date you, just like the girls all want the youngest guy they can get.

    Good shaboss

    • Foolish comment. Will just add to the crisis if anyone listens to you. There is no reason boys in their mid twenties should stay awayfrom mature girls at least their ageor older.

      • Sorry !

        Guys . do whats best for you, and go for younger easier going and more flexible girls.
        Girls only do whats best for themselves. So they have essentially handed you the license to do the same.

  8. @Long Time Shadchan
    I married a boy quite a few years younger than me. I would not be married today if my husband had listened to your advice. Are you willing to take responsibility for giving general advice that can harm more bnos yisroel CV when really every person is different and its case by case?

  9. @long time shadchan.
    My sister married someone 2 years younger than her. They have 3 kids now. They have the most amazing marriage. Both of them are so happy. Thats quite an irresponsible and cant -know statement.

  10. That is why I very clearly stated ” The vast majoroty of you ”

    I also have 2 males in my familly who married older on a case by case.

    A girl who has been dating for 5 years is a bad a idea for a boy who is just starting out. Its not a fair matchup both for dating and for marriage , because to her credit , shes more advanced in life then he is.

    I get it that girls want only younger guys tehse days thanks to NASI , but I know of way too many cases where they guys got played around with and hurt in these scenarious.

    Sorry !!

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