Submitted: Is It Legal?

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  1. Had the same experience.

    And, it’s not legal and fines can be up to $500
    Also the reason why this is happening is because they are understaffed with just 1 attendant by night

  2. False, looked into it and not only is it not true that with permission from attendant you can but there’s even a fine if you are caught pumping your own gas in nj. First offense fines can range from $50-$250.

  3. This is ridiculous. We should boycott QuickChek. My wife went to fill up , he put the nozzle in. A few minutes later he said closed it up and said nothing pumped.She was so disgusted that she just left and went elsewhere. Call Quickchek and complain. We got rid of the attendant at Wawa a few years ago that gave everyone attitude, let’s get rid of this guy.

  4. Are you asking if it’s legal to pump your own gas in the state of New Jersey, the answer is no.
    2)Is it legal for the attendant to extract a tip for doing his job, not too sure.
    3)The attendant has no authorization to give you permission to pump your own gas.

    • Every law needs 2 things to work. 1. A law, 2. Enforcement
      The city I’m from banned plastic bags a year & a half ago but you would never know because the stores are still giving them out for free.
      Would NJ Police really get involved in something so minor?

  5. I had twice in past two weeks in quick check on Cedarbridge attendent didn’t close my gas cap after filling up and my check engine lights went on day later . Cost me $100 to get issue diagnosed and mechanic just clicked cap closed . Wife got gas from quick check again this past Friday and this morning all lights went on again. so they want tips and they don’t close your gas cap !

  6. Actually, I prefer going to Quick check because they let me pump my own gas!! – I don’t have to wait for the attendant to trudge over.. they got the best prices in town too!!

  7. Quick check is a huge issue there always huge lines and I heard from a few people they didn’t tighten the gas cap causing car issues

    • It is well known that a loose gas cap will turn on the check engine light. Tighten the cap and drive around for a few minutes and the light will go off.

  8. For those saying about the loose gas cap, just listen when they put it back on. You should hear a series of clicks if it’s tightened down correctly. For those that say if the light comes on just tighten it down and light will go out, technically correct but the code will store in long term memory and when you go to get your car inspected….fail.

    • That is not true. As long as your check engine light is off and you have not reset the engine light recently you will pass the emissions part of the state inspection. It doesn’t matter how many codes you have in your car computer. There are many codes present in a lot of cars that don’t cause the engine light to come on. Either because they are pending codes that the computer hasn’t been able to verify if it’s a real problem or if it’s a one off or codes that were there before and are now resolved.

      • A loose gas cap will cause a evap code (usually a minor leak), will cause the cel to come on and store in long term memory because most people will have multiple drive cycles before tightening the cap. I’ve seen many customers fail NJ inspection at state run facilities months later because they tightened the cap, light went off and never cleared the code. 39 years, factory trained and accredited, ASE certified, who specialized in diagnostics from the CCC days until my recent retirement.

  9. If the check engine light comes on disconnect a battery terminal, tighten the cap and reconnect. the light will not come back on.

  10. NJ law need to end !!! Gas need to be self service and full service. Oregon and NJ have same law since 1949 and now 2023 it is time to change the law allow both. Self Serve and Full Serve !!!! It is is enough is enough of bad law !!!

  11. I didn’t have this exact experience,but I have been there without any attendant in sight. Pumped my own gas and everyone else was doing the same. When they first opened they were a very well run operation but recently seems to be going downhill bigtime. I haven’t been impressed with the service in the store recently as well.

  12. re: quikcheck – I often go there to fill up my tires- it’s free! but the last time I went it actually let air out of my tires. Seems to be broken…
    I had to drive to Wawa on half empty tires…

  13. Yep. Go ahead and demand “pump your own gas”. I was in Washington State a few years ago and got gas. The price for Full Service was 50 cents a gallon more then if you pump it yourself. So now just think- it’s a freezing, stormy, night in the winter and you are all dressed up for a party. Are you going to pump your own gas and get all wet or are you going to pay 50 cents more a gallon to have the attendant pump it???

  14. Quick check has become a nightmare, there is usually only one or 2 attendants for all 16 pumps, which leads them to close many pumps, creating lines several cars long for each open pump.
    The workers are usually slow and irritable, (which in fairness to them, is understandable as they are overworked and stressed trying to do the job of 5 people by themselves). To top it off, the pumps themselves pump gas extremely slowly and it takes far longer to fill a tank than at most other gas stations.
    There is no reason that NJ is not like every other state in the union (and Canada) where we can pump our own gas. It is basically a government employment program for junkies and ex-cons.

  15. At Been there done that,
    That is the reason NJ is still not self serve. Basically there are too many people who don’t want to pump there owm or pay more, but there is an easy compromise. The law allowing self serve can include a provision that at least 1 full serve be provide for every 3 self serve and limit the cost above self serve to $0.02 per gallon. We already pay for full serve in NJ, so self serve would only safe us 2 cents per gallon but at least we would not have to wait for an attendant who wants a tip for doing his job.

  16. I too had the same experiences! Often there’s no attendant at all, recently the attendant told me and the nearby vehicles to do self service, and a few days ago I filled up there and they didn’t put the cover back on, so my engine light turned on.

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