Submitted: I Can’t See You!

I know this has been spoken about for many years already, but it bears repeating because there are too many serious incidents that occur that can be avoided. Please, please, please wear a reflector when crossing streets in the winter.

Last week, in a drive from 12th Street down Forest Avenue to 1st Street, I cannot begin to count how many people there were completely clad in black – making them invisible to me – flitting in and out of the street, running across the street against, and nearly causing accidents left and right. I myself nearly hit someone twice because I never saw them!

The point of this isn’t to blame anyone. The point is that pedestrians must understand that we literally cannot see you without a reflector. The last time I remember there being a major push for people to wear reflectors over their clothing or coats was after a string of tragedies, where multiple people were struck and killed or severely injured. It should also be noted that when a pedestrian is struck, it’s not just the person who was struck that gets injured. The person driving the car gets emotionally scarred too, sometimes for life.

It should not take another tragedy for us to take this as a serious issue once again. It just takes common sense. Reflectors are very cheap, usually costing no more than a dollar. Is your life really worth less than a dollar?

Please wear a reflector. It’s your life, protect it.

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  1. Omg! I agree one hundred percent! I myself was driving late last night and almost witnessed a terrible accident! A boy on a bike with not one reflector, zipping by a turning car. Please, please make sure you and your children wear reflectors!

  2. If you don’t wear a reflector and also affix them to strollers, etc. You are totally irresponsible in putting yourself in harm’s way and causing potential seriousTzuris or worse Ch’V’Shalom, for your friends and family. Also, what is it? A Minhag to walk in the street all the time when there are plenty of sidewalks available? What’s up with that?

    I also clean my headlights when they become fogged up with a kit that takes less than 5 minutes and costs less than $15 to make them 100% clear and it can be done over and over as necessary.

    And cross at a crosswalk, where it is well lit. You have to be nuts to trade a couple of minutes and a few feet for 120 years.

  3. This cannot be overstated. Wear a reflector!

    Or if you are not wearing a reflector do not walk in the street. Cars generally stay off of sidewalks.

  4. Grown ups (who are also drivers) should set an example and wear reflectors!
    Also, families should own reflectors, much like we have umbrellas- just label them and use them.
    Also, bochrim waiting for a ride should only wait in a well lit area, where there is space for a car to safely pull over. I would give more rides, but not at the expense of stopping in the middle of the road.
    Stay Safe.

  5. It can be frightening to drive at night in lakewood, you suddenly see people at the edge of the street where you totally could have drove into them…

  6. @in the dark, You must not be a driver to make such a comment!!!! It is terrifying, and it’ll be the drivers “fault” should something g-d forbid happen!!! PEOPLE ARE NOT VISIBLE IN DARK AREAS…

  7. If you are not wearing a reflector at night and involved in an accident then you should NOT be allowed to sue for injuries and given a ticket.

  8. to BD
    I do drive and I look out for pedestrians. I don’t speed and before I make a turn I look out for pedestrians, If you can’t see pedestrians that are not wearing a reflector or if you are going to drive in way that doesn’t take into consideration the possibility that someone may be crossing the street or walking along the side of the road, then DON’T DRIVE.

  9. I am saddened to read the response by “in the dark”. I have stopped numerous people walking without reflectors they I didn’t see while driving to let them know that and recommend they wear reflectors. This is not even dark clothing. Even white shirts are very difficult to see when it is dusk/dark. The people walking look like shadows. You cannot avoid “hitting” shadows while driving.

  10. So, in the dark, ur telling me that I should go 10 miles an hour, and cause road rage or worse so u don’t have to put on a dumb belt???????????
    Does that make any sense??????

  11. In the dark, would you drive at night without putting on your lights? No one should be out walking without their “lights”. Cars are visible, but not people.

  12. When I was younger, (before I had a husband & children to embarrass!) I used to keep a stock of reflectors in my car to toss at people who were nearly invisible in the dark. I would also yell “wear this! If not for your sake then for mine!”
    It’s such an easy & inexpensive investment!

  13. to Saddened
    Sad is when you drive 50-60 mph on Clifton or make fast turns and hurt someone.

    to HY
    You could drive 30-40 mph and be alert to pedestrians. You’ll be able to see them. If you can’t, slow down or don’t drive.

    to tzippy
    You are right. People are more visible when they wear reflectors, but the fact is that most don’t. So you as the driver have to take necessary precautions that you don’t hurt someone

  14. To In the dark

    So my point is, If you forgot to bring a reflector, please stay off the road until there are no cars. Let’s all do our part to stay safe.

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