Submitted Dashcam Video: This Must Stop Before a Child Gets Killed

This happened on Rt. 9 today.

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  1. All these so called health and safety laws make zero sense. You would never send you child down the block and tell him that he can cross rt 9 because there is a law that says that vehicles have to stop for pedestrians, so why do we let are kids cross in front of a bus. Kids don’t belong in the street Period!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It doesn’t matter who’s right or wrong busses shouldn’t be picking up or drop off on busy streets like rt 9
    There’s was already a kid hit by a car on Madison and Courtney a few months ago

  3. Not entirely the drivers fault.

    It’s clear that he could not tell why the car in front of him stopped so he passed on the right.
    This is a common maneuver in Lakewood due to the congestion.

    Fix the congestion.

    • Umm Yingerman,

      Did it enter your mind to think WHY the car in front stopped? Maybe he has a good reason for stopping, and you should at least check before you pass him on the shoulder and RUN SOMEONE OVER???

      • Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Moshe,

        Do you check for a few seconds when you have to drive around and pass a car on the right (as I’ve grown accustomed to have to do both in Lakewood and in Brooklyn on the narrower of the streets) ?
        Why or why not?

        Don’t attack Yingerman for a point that you and I and anyone would’ve done without having seen the bus. Sometimes it’s obvious why someone stopped, but here it doesn’t look like that to me.

    • If that driver hit another car, perhaps yours, or a child crossing the street, what would your thinking be then?
      I can’t fathom how the vehicle passing all the other stopped cars couldn’t see the stopped school bus.
      You should stop making excuses for bad/usage driver’s.

      • So you don’t carefully pass on the right when a left turning car is holding up traffic? (Lakewood 3rd world infrastructure – like, wow, Ocean Parkway in Brooklyn has an impossible luxury – left turning lanes at EVERY intersection!)

    • Passing on the right, driving on the shoulder is illegal. Correct.

      What is even more remarkable is the 2 additional cars pulling out when they should be stopped. Bad driving behvoir begets more bad behavoir.

  4. Basic driving rule only pass on left, never pass on right
    Yes it is the drivers fault for not following basic driving safety protocols

  5. The car is not at fault nor is the bus driver, This will never stop unless it’s permitted for buses to go on a slant, in Brooklyn all the bus drivers are blocking the entire Street by going on a slant, this is a must in a busy town.

    Im a bus driver and talking from experience, I have every day several cars passing my red stop sign.

  6. 90 percent of Lakewood’s traffic issues are explained in one sentence: people don’t follow the rules and this affects the safety, quality and length of fellow driver’s commute time.

  7. I have a number of videos of these dangerous situations, mostly caused by the careless bus drivers.
    They will close the lights before the young child finished crossing Forest Ave, Ocean Ave, Central, etc

    I gave them exact times and bus numbers, they say they have cameras on each bus.

    They don’t care, do you care? What are you doing about it?

    The LSTA, JAYS buses, etc all laugh it off.

  8. Everyone is such a rush. Unfortunately, Lakewood is so congested there is no solution. I have been in this area since 1980 and Route 9 was a country road still chicken farms. The town grew too quickly without the proper planning and now it is the worst city in Ocean County for driving and walking. Again no solution, just hope the children are taught to watch for cars all the time.

    • I don’t get it about the planning boards; will we build until there are so many cars that there will be permanent gridlock-paralyzed roads?

  9. It is legal in NJ to pass a school bus at no more than 10 m/h when the bus is loading or unloading children at the school and is dropping them off at the same side as the school. That is the law.

  10. @Outsider looking in
    Oh, are buildings empty? No, they come with cars. Are we going to build and add more cars and more cars and more cars until you won’t be able to get off your block from the complete paralyzed gridlocked unmoving streets?

  11. Jermia: you are allowed to pass a school bus picking up and dropping off by a school. But if I remember correctly only at 5 mph not 10 mph.
    Your also allowed to pass a bus stopped on the other side of a divider at 5 or 10 mph i don’t remember the speed

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