Submitted: Can Anyone Help?

Submitted: I had found this stuck on my windshield yesterday after having parked my car in my driveway overnight. It was sticking out a little bit onto the sidewalk as I needed to leave room for another car.

Any ideas tips or suggestion as to who would have put this on my car would be helpful, as there is no name just a scribbled signature.


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  1. Would prob help if you told us like an area or neighborhood. Maybe there’s a neighbor that’s alittle you know like Karen like…

    • Sidewalk was partially blocked but someone else’s driveway.
      Not illegal afaik if it’s not completely obstructed.
      Also, you seem to be the type of person to support Hamas because technically Israel is doing something or another wrong.

      • What a ridiculous conclusion you make

        He says you’re breaking the law , that’s why you got a ticket (personally I hate when ppl obstruct the sidewalk…. I’m pushing a stroller and I have to go into the street, sometimes off the curb if they’re back far enough … or my little kids have to ride their bike into the street)

        Your conclusion is he is the type to support terrorism????!


  2. I’m confused. Would law enforcement put a sticker that says copyright 2006 from Maybe I’m wrong but something to me is not adding up. So I would assume that some neighbor or I don’t know who put it on. Or like someone said if there’s an association… Again maybe I’m wrong. Depends on your neighborhood I guess. Good luck

  3. Do you or your neighbors have a ring door bell or security cameras closeby? It has a date and time. If you have an HOA, call them to find out if they did it. Should be easy enough to figure out if this is official or not. It ‘could’ be considered vandalism if some rando came by and stuck this to your car.

  4. What difference does it make who put it on? Unless you would like to thank them for reminding you that how you parked was inconsiderate and wrong.

  5. My guess a private citizen, not a cop, who bought the sticker in order to be a vigilante and right all the wrongs in the world. In other words- a pain in the neck.

    • Maybe because he has a pain in his neck, that is why he put the sign there, because it is difficult for him to go around your car and obviously he is not just going around, he is also going down hill and then up hill to come back to the sidewalk.

  6. Blocking sidewalks even a little is A) chillul hashem , non jews walk by and contemplate how thoughtful we are to others…B)gezel harabim C) a Sakana…to those forced into the street.. youngsters on bikes etc.
    If we would have police enforcement it would be a ticketable offense.

  7. These signs are usually placed by a private tow company. They are contracted to business & apartment parking lots to keep them clear (like people parking in a stores lot but shopping elsewhere). I don’t know your situation but it’s probably something like I described.

  8. Firstly it isn’t nice to block the sidewalk….(not that I’ve never done it….)
    But actually I checked the law a while back, and if I recall correctly it is a felony to put a sticker on a car as it it is considered vandalism.

  9. Oh how I wish I had stickers like that!! Do you know how dangerous it is to have to go into street while pushing my wheelchair patient because someone is blocking the sidewalk?!?!? Especially on Shabbos if your tires even touch the sidewalk, do not park there!!!

  10. To all those who posted here any direct or a hinted comment that nothing wrong was done by the person who parked, could you enlighten us as to what you are thinking?

    I mean this seriously. How does one justify doing something wrong? Is parking in a handicap spot when you are BH not handicapped ok? Is blocking a driveway – even slightly – ok?

    To suggest mental health is needed or even absurdly worse to connect this to the reshoim fighting our Yiddisha brothers and sisters are comments that never should have made it past the moderators but even sadder is what these types of comments say about the person who wrote them. Wow.

  11. Definitely doesn’t warrant a sticker but you blame the first car – is the first car yours? Was it pulled up all the way? Being inconsiderate for no reason at all – when it is pure laziness can get some people really upset

  12. Why does everything have to be a blame?
    The question was: Who put it here? and the answer is many comments either blaming the car owner or the person who put it there?
    Why do we always have to find someone to place fault with?

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