Submitted: Are The State Police Actually Helping Lakewood?

In recent weeks I have been noticing a relatively large number of New Jersey State Troopers in different areas of town giving out tickets, often for the most minor of infractions. Of course, traffic laws are traffic laws and we all need to obey them, but I do think they’ve been a little harsh on people. Putting that aside, I am not convinced that they are actually doing Lakewood any good.

I have seen a number of people commenting on TLS in support of having the state troopers in town more often. Many have pointed out that Lakewood has an inordinate number of accidents on its streets, and correctly demand that streets become safer for pedestrians, who are being hit by vehicles at an alarming rate. Because of this, they argue that having state troopers in town causes people to drive more safely, making Lakewood’s roads safer for everyone.

I think we are all missing the boat. First of all, I don’t believe that Lakewood drivers are any more reckless than any other city of 100,000 people. Take a drive around Brooklyn and tell me with a straight face that Lakewood’s drivers are more dangerous. It’s just not true.

Instead, we have a large number of motor vehicle accidents because we have such a large number of motor vehicles on streets that were never built for such traffic! And not only are there too many cars for the roads to handle, there are many areas in Lakewood where drivers are blind when heading into an intersection. Try making a left turn from 11th Street onto Lexington Avenue and you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. Your car has to be in the middle of the intersection to see cars coming from your left. There are numerous intersections like that one all over.

So having state troopers handing out fines for every stupid thing isn’t fixing anything. If the roads aren’t fixed we will still have the same amount of accidents we do now. The state troopers can fine every driver on the road and still, nothing would change.

This isn’t to say that there is no place for state troopers to be in Lakewood. There is at least one good thing they can do, although I haven’t seen them do it at all.

The new craze of motorized hoverboards and scooters have taken Lakewood by storm. Nearly every side street, and sometimes main streets, are full of kids driving these toys around. And many times these kids are riding smack in middle of the street, causing drivers to zigzag their way through an obstacle course of little kids flitting in and out of their vision. This, obviously, is a massive danger and needs to stop.

You don’t have to be a genius of a parent to know that you should teach your kids not to ride their scooters in the middle of the street. But apparently we don’t have enough parents willing to teach that. And this is where the troopers should step in.

If they truly want to help Lakewood, the New Jersey State Police officers in town should look for and ticket the parents of children who are zooming around the streets on their scooters and hoverboards. They are a very real danger to both drivers and themselves. If the cops would ticket people who are unwilling to ensure their child is keeping themselves and drivers safe, maybe their time in Lakewood would actually be beneficial to everyone.

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    • Wrong!
      You have to compare it to a place f equal population ratio of both cars and pedestrians.
      Brooklyn IS a good example.
      Or you can use downtown manhatten. point is, wherever there is large volume ant not enough space drivers are crazy.
      Lakewood is the best of those!

  1. This writer is 100% correct. Most accidents are occurring because of such intersections – not because people are on phones or not wearing seatbelts.

  2. Well written. However, your fundamental mistake is that the State Troopers aren’t here to help Lakewood. They’re here because we’re the quiet ones respecting the police and so they’re comfortable here having a field day. I hate the driving around town, but the troopers aren’t ticketing the dangerous drivers, they’re ticketing the sweet old lady ….

  3. Cell phones are a real danger. While I understand that the tickets have the potential to financially ruin people, an effort needs to be made to get people off their cell phones while driving.

  4. When attacks happen on Jews everyone cries for more police. Well you got it. There’s no question someone coming to do harm would be deterred by all the extra police.
    You can’t have it both ways by expecting Police to sit around providing extra security while not also enforcing the laws, even against us.

    • Lets see them stand at the tough spots and take on the bad guys. Then I’ll be happy they are here. They haven’t done that in the past nor do they plan to (or they would say clearly”we are here to protect…”) They aren’t saying that for very obvious reasons.

    • how about standing at high volume intersections and directing traffic? Dont you think that would be a better idea than handing out tickets?
      For the people yes. For the state, no.

  5. I have noticed a few times, when you have about 15 cars waiting at an intersection, you have a guy driving on the shoulder trying to get to the front of the line and he/she does not have their right blinker on.

  6. If I were to tell a state trooper that my house was robbed, that I’m being harassed etc. Would they help me or tell me to call the local precinct? They’re here to give out tickets not to help us.

  7. Yes I will say with a straight face Brooklyn drivers are less reckless. The drive aggresively…but know how to. Here ppl drive extremely dangerously!!!!!

  8. Maybe a weekly driving column on The Lakewood Scoop would help.
    Like how to turn on your right and left signal.
    How to stop at a stop sign.
    How to use Waze to spot Police report and realize they are there and slow down.
    How to not take a shoulder.
    How to time crossing a busy street in heavy traffic(nearly impossible).
    How to park in a legal spot, not handicapped, or on two spots, or near an intersection, especially near your minyan.
    I would take the job.
    TLS knows how to reach me….

  9. Please refresh my memory, what law tickets parents for children on hover boards?
    If the children are in danger call cps.

    I want to see how the community responds to cps taking children… ????‍♂️

  10. unless things changed recently from personal experience having gotten pulled by njsp in Lakewood just plead not guilty eventually ticket will be dismissed

  11. I like your comment about, too many cars on streets that were never meant to have that many cars on them. Well you can blame the Planning Board for caving in to the builders with their fake experts saying the new construction will not effect the existing traffic pattern.

    Lastly the State Troopers are here to make money for the State, think of it as a temporary tax.

  12. love to see all those trooper around lakewood, if you are a safe driver, and obey the law, you shouldn t worried about it, right ?

  13. They Are a big help as Lakewood has became so over populated And people Would Teach their children to not ride on any road or try and cross where there is no light and don’t have the right to cross in the middle of the road on Anything At all and Obviously If people would learn how to put the phone down and Focus on the Road and driving then things might turn around a bit JUST SAYING

  14. Lakewood needs civilian patrols at all hours at many intersections. Drivers are speeding and the roads were not built for these people.
    I think the 9 should become a ONE WAY road and a loop built around it for people to go south (or vice versa). I would also put a moratorium on new building permits. More people; more problems with traffic. We haven’t solved the current problem and we allow new construction to continue.
    A traffic study is Iin order. Also green arrows instead of left on green and one car turns (the 9 amd 4th) would also help.

  15. Very Simple:
    If LPD would do their job, & enforce the law for daily traffic violations i.e. drivers turning w/o signaling or making a left turn after the light turns green w/o giving the opposing traffic the right of way, then the State Police wouldn’t have to step in…..

  16. Lakewood PD’s hands are tied. Only so much they can do before the community starts to cry just like they are doing now with the State Police.

  17. i personally think that all these 18 yr old shnuk girls driving 15 passengers…. or worse should get off the road that is the sakkanah

  18. I wish they would sit at the moderate to major intersections that have traffic lights and ticket every car that blocks the intersection after the light turns red for them. While they are there they can also get the ones who are at a stop when the light turns red but as the car in front of them goes through the red light illegally they decide to follow along. And lastly, if you blast your horn as soon as the light turns green without giving the person in front of you a chance to move, you get a ticket for noise pollution.

  19. I was with you unit u went off the D with the scooters and hover boards.
    These kids have been through a lot.
    Many had no camp or no system.
    All they had was their hoverboards and you wanna traumatize them by ticketing them?
    Kids get very afraid and the trauma could be lifelong.
    State police , yea let em fundraise somewhere else, but leave the kids alone.

  20. Got pulled Sunday morning at 7 am for not wearing a seat belt. Njsp were all over town…way to go tough guys…Why don’t you guys try these harrasing money makers in the neighborhoods where they throw bottles at you….so tired of having to sing “law enforcement is wonderful ” all day. They really overstep in a thousand ways

  21. I see many great ideas on this page so far regarding fixing Lakewood.

    I am sure everyone in town desperately wants to fix things in town and that’s why the majority voted for change in the recent elections.

  22. Look everyone can come up with their shtick Torah I want the real reason is. The question is why are they here? Are they here for fundraiser? Do they just camp out in certain cities without an invitation? What happens if they were actually invited?

  23. What’s wrong with a yeshivishe lady driving?
    2) What’s wrong with an 18 year old girl operating a 15 passenger vehicle?
    Just wondering.
    Hashem should protect us all!!!
    Have an easy & meaning fast!!!

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