Student Struck At Lakewood High School

student_struck_middle_schoolPHOTO: The Traffic and Safety Division of the Lakewood police are investigating after a Lakewood High School student was struck by a vehicle in front of the High School a short time ago. The student was transported by EMS to Jersey Shore Medical Center with serious injuries. TLS would like to thank the High School Principal Ms. Tina Yuli who – after harassing the TLS reporter for reporting the story – managed to keep the situation under control.

UPDATE: 6:55 p.m. EMS Supervisor Scott Carter tells TLS the student suffered head and abdomen injuries as well as a broken arm.

According to sources, the driver apparently drove through the blockade, which is closed daily from 2:00 p.m. – 2:30 p.m.

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  1. do a google search on her, see where she has caused other townships millions in law suits due to her antics…….we ( BOE ) should fire her.

  2. Was that being sarcastic? Thanking the principal for keeping everthing “under control” after “harassing” the TLS reporter??? Please explain

  3. Just making a point- maybe she didn’t want press reporting that a student was hit by a car to avoid an unnecessary panic for parents?

  4. As a bi-stander, Ms.Yuli did the right thing. The boy could not immediately be identified. At the time a second wave of panic was not necessary. The boy was hit using the crosswalk by a minivan that got through the street baracade. The officers and security did a great job at keeping the students and culprit secure and calm. Ms. Yuli and her staff are out there daily to see the students off after school.

  5. I’m sure Ms. Yuli was doing her best to protect the student and ensure the welfare of all the other students.
    Let’s keep our focus on the condition of the student.
    We are all praying for his complete and speedy recovery.

  6. ms yuli you should be ashamed of yourself the way you acted. It was uncalled for. I’m impressed the reporter didn’t yell at you back. An apology is in place for you ms.

  7. I’m a current student of Lakewood High School, the man who caused this accident should not have even been on that road, for there are signs on each side where the busses park saying ROAD CLOSED FROM 2:15-3:00
    and they are signs that cannot be missed. Its put in the middle of the road for a reason, and that reason is because its to alert people that the road is indeed closed and no cars are permitted on that premises till the staff and or security guards standing by move them. So my question is how come the man or lady in the vehicle got onto the road.
    secondly i walk to my bus everyday and i use that same crosswalk, New Jersey law says Vehicles must yeild to people in a crosswaslk and any pedestrians.

  8. hi tls-don’t get all touchy about mrs yuli. i know her and she yells at alot of people. she has a big temper problem. the students i know from the school don’t like her either.

  9. Are you people serious?there is an innocent child injured due to another careless driver&mostly everyone can focus on is Ms.yuliWhy should ms.yuli give anyone the child’s identity.

  10. i was there. yes nobody is happy that a student was hurt but what are yo talking about ms. yuliu giving an identity? i saw the reporter minding his own business. ms. yuli approached him and started yelling at him. i was not going to mix in but it was wrong of her. and beisdes, when was the last time you saw the identity of a patient on tls? they happen to be extremely sensitive to that. unless you are ms. yuli trying to defend yourself after making such a fool of yourself in front of your students and the police.

  11. Apart from the tragiedy of the stident that was struck, It is unfair to other students that their life has to be interrupted by this. school is a place where children, at any age, should be allowed to feel safe. My hopes and thoughts are with the injured and with the rest of the student body.

  12. My daghter is very close with the victims sister, he has a broken shoulder, banged up leg and facial cuts. He will be ok thankfully, it could have been much worse for this family. As for Yuli, she has anger issues and I am sure that the reporter got some undue rage from her as do the students at LHS, LMS was glad to see her go when she was transferred, no the LHS needs to get rid of her. She is not good to the kids, she covers crimes in the school and makes daily life in the school a living h*ll for the kids. Trust me, my son and daughters were glad to leave lakewood scholls just because of her but miss their friends. Best wishes to the victim, we will keep tabs on you thru your sister.

  13. All you people are worried about is mrs yuli focus your attention on the fact that guards and more kids could have also been badly hurt. this guy ran the big sign that says do not enter and people jumped in front of him and he still kept on driving at 50mphs and this young man could have died. focus on the kid not about the principal

  14. consult with ur BOE friends about this unprofessional administrator. btw they wont get rid of her that fast cause she raised the standardized test scores a smidgen.

  15. Maybe its time for them to find a different way for the kids to be loaded on the buses instead of them walking in the street the way its done now iv seen a few close calls from busses and teachers cars when children run out from between the busses with out looking

  16. hopefully the young man is doing ok. The police were right there and did a great job attending to the student and staying with him until the EMT’s arrived and took over. The police also did a great job keeping the students calm and back while they treated the injuried young man. As for Ms. Yuli, I’m sure she thinks she meant well, but she seems a bit out of control. I have heard she gives the students a hard time and as well as the police when they respond to calls at the school. The reporter never apprached the scene and she was out of line as usual!!! Our thoughts and prayers are with the young man for a speedy recovery.

  17. Ms. Yuli is one of the worst administrators to ever to be employed by the Lakewood school districts. She is an egotistical maniac with anger management problems. I know first hand of how she attempts to cover up crimes in the schools and that she constantly gives LPD problems when they are trying to do their jobs. There is a reason why she has been kicked out of other school districts and she needs to be removed from Lakewood

  18. The driver obviously ignored safety signs and should be given a summons. How could they drive so carelessly? Pray that the youngster fully recovers.

  19. I am a Lakewood Middle School teacher and am disgusted by these posts! First, this has nothing to do with the admin. Having a child run over by a vehicle on a closed road would cause stress for anyone…Yuli included. Second, to the post from “Smart2”, the road is between both the middle school and high school and is closed from 2:15-3 pm on school days. Maybe, the community needs to obey a “road closed” sign. There was a child who was hit by a reckless driver this afternoon and as the teacher of this child, I am concerned by the lack of sympathy and concern for him.

  20. the point is that a driver went through a clear baracade. whether or not ms. yuli is full rage and anger is a side issue. what happened to the young student is tragic. the safety of the students and staff of lms/lhs should be top priority. we should all say a prayer.

  21. yes true these signs across the roadway are not enough of a barrier for todays drivers, who are always in a rush, busy with occupants or on a cell phone. maybe we can get the roads blocked with crossing guards………might be a inexpensive way to solve this concern
    sorry for the young man who got hurt, and maybe the teachers can leave the class rooms at dismissal and assist in the safety of their students # 29, sounds good eh

  22. I can tell you how to fix the problem with drivers going around the CLEARLY MARKED BARRIERS – Put up concrete barriers across the the roadway that extend to the sidewalks, thereby being impossible for anyone to drive around them. Of course this prevents traffic from using the road at other times but – look at it this way – IT’S FOR THE CHILDREN.

  23. To # 29,Amen finally someone gets it!Its amazing were hearing so much about Mrs.Yuli,but nothing about the careless driver who broke the law!I wonder why?i

  24. Let’s be real! The problerm is not with Mrs. Yuli but with the driver who felt he didn’t need to obey the law! It was just a matter of time before something like this happened! This isn’t the only school where people have ignored the barriors and have driven down a street that is closed for students. These people drive like maniacs – not caring about the safety of the children. Let’s stop diverting the attention from the real problem.

  25. I wish the kid all the best, but it sounds like its time for Ms Yuli to go. These kids deserve someone who willl care about them . Who can guide them in the right way and help make a difference in their lives. If these kids feel that she doesn’t care bout them , then its time for her to go. Ill bet she gets over 120,000 plus benefits. I bet a Jewish Rabbi would b gr8 for these kids πŸ™‚

  26. Prayers are with this young boy and his family. My son was a witness to this terrible. Incident and was besides himself. He saw the speeding car and the attempts by the officers to slow him down. Then the children heard the car hit the young man and saw their friend lying on the ground. People now a days have no symapthy or compassion for others. Some of these comments are repulsing as for the lack of concern for anothers life.

  27. Why is this story being made about the principal? This story is about a person who clearly disobeyed the law by being on a street closed for the safety of children, then tried to leave the scene! Follow the laws so people don’t get hurt especially children.

  28. #23 the road is blocked off. there are other ways to get to where you want without going straight down 7th St., go behind LMS and it will get you to where you want. If this was an orthodox child, the comments on here would be different.

  29. To lakewood middle school teacher:
    Firstly, the road is closed from 2:00 to 2:30 not 2:15 to 3 as you mentioned.
    Secondly, what exactly did you mean by “the community”?
    Also, did you read all the comments? I agree that too many focused on Yuli, but many did offer a prayer and concern for the injured students.

  30. We gotta put up trees all blocking the entrance to that street, concrete barriers are not green and don’t help enhance the look and feel of our great city of Lakewood, plus I would have more trees to trim, maybe we can have the people who are knocking down trees put up the Ridge Ave Tree Street project thereby saving many lives and my job and stress to many people.

    Thank you all for your supporting emails.

  31. GOD bless this student and his family may he have a speedy recovery!
    The issue here is the total disregard for any and all traffic control devices or signs by certain people of the community. Is this considered an accident or reckless endangerment? We would like the TLS to report on the outcome of the driver in this case!
    Anyone commenting on the principals actions should be ashamed! the BOE knew exactly who they were hiring and why they were hiring her!

  32. to Middle School Teacher says:
    you are exactly right !!!
    there is a total disregard for the rules of the road in this town , thank God he was not killed Hope he will make a full recovery. I understand that the person who was driving and hit this child tried to leave the scene ~ DISGUSTING

  33. Helen Thomas are u being sarcastic about the rabbi being great for the kids? I hope you are. And I don’t think Ms. Yuli should be even involved in all those comments. There are some people that don’t like her, but there are also some that do. Yes,she might be strict on some rules,but that’s high school. There’s needs to be rules to keep kids on the right track. Everybody seems to be talking like they could do a better job.

  34. You misunderstood. The person made NO attempt to leave the scene, and was slowly trying to pull over to the side. There were police cars in the area and it’s ridiculous to think that someone was was going to
    hit & run. You make it sound like some of “you people” of Lakewood are acting in a “disgusting” manner. True, some drivers are rude, but there’s a strong undertone of animosity in some of these comments here..

  35. β€œmy voice”: are you serious with your comment that β€œit’s ridiculous to think that someone was was going to hit & run.”? You must not be a resident of Lakewood or familiar with it, as there are hit and runs more often than not.

  36. smart2: how exactly would you suggest improving the way the students are loaded on the buses? The road are already closed. Here is a better suggestion, how about drivers obey the traffic laws, stop at all stop signs, do not drive on roads that are barricaded, realize that when a person is behind the wheel of a car that they are putting everyone else on the roads in their hands, and pay attention. I think that is a much better idea.

  37. The driver did not even attenpt to leave the scene.He stopped immediately after the boy was struck.
    Accidents happen. In this case he just wasnt so lucky.

  38. to anonymous:
    Can you specify the percentages for your statement “there are hit and runs more often than not” or is it just your opinion?

  39. about the principal of lakewood high school that is was she does better harasss and espcial the kids at school she needs to get fired!!!! (moderated)

  40. If this was about Your child, or niece, or nephew, would You be concerned about the princpal? No, you would be concerned about the child that was struck and about the person who struck them because they were being reckless!

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