Stimulus Checks Begin Arriving

The IRS has set up its website to track the arrival of the economic stimulus checks.  

Many have already begun received their checks.

See more here.

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  1. There are so many people behind on tuition payments, hopefully people will pay up instead of spending on non-necessities!!! For some reason, people don’t even entertain this thought!!!

    • There are many schools that are way ahead with ppp ‘loans’ and lunch boxes money. Like millions Of dollars. Ask anyone in the know. Maybe large families that are struggling should get a piece of the pie with a tuition break? No way! They should give their entire stimulus to the schools! Really?

  2. I haven’t received a single stimulus check!!! Yes we earn more money than the threshold but we are not rolling in it! Our tax bill alone is over 150k. And our tuitions/ rabbeim bill is in the 3 digits. I resent how the government charges us an insane amount of taxes and then so freely hands out the money . We need the money too! While everyone is gleefully spending the money all I can Think is why am I paying for this !

      • No! I don’t fargin because if a family of ten earns 400k a year and is charged a tax rate of 40% and pay all tuitions in full ! And all camps in full and an astronomical amount in health insurance! they aren’t left with that much for a frum family to live on. They aren’t poverty stricken but they aren’t rich! And the people getting the stimulus checks are also the ones getting government healthcare and other benefits etc… this is money that we work really hard for and actually need ( frum life is expensive) and of corse we give tzedakah but we give it where we choose to ! Not for the government to redistribute wealth

  3. @mad
    I’m with you brother (I don’t make over the limit) but I understand you are so right.
    The dems are bad evil jerks.

    And to @Bd
    Not your busy and school got plenty of money a lot more then us!

  4. It isn’t my business at all, just hoping none of the people with balances from years and years accrued go on vacation etc. And I don’t know much about ppp etc, but I do believe the $ from lunches can only be used for lunch related expenses, such as upgrading kitchen, buying new equipment etc. Not for payroll or utilities!!!

  5. Obviously no one commenting here has ever sat behind an administrative desk at a yeshiva. I’ve been on both sides of the desk.
    Anyone yeshivas have expenses that no one on the parent side can imagine. Just think of the cost of replacing broken desks not to mention the amount all that toilet paper and paper towels cost! The salaries for janitors and secretaries. the “small” expenses alone are huge.
    On the other hand, how is someone earning an average wage of $50-$75,000 supposed to pay for tuition for 10 kids when he pays for SS and medicare taxes, income taxes, etc. altogether costing him a large chunk f that pay check. Couldn’t afford ahouse? $20-25,000 a year for rent. Then food etc. etc. How can he possibly afford all the tuition schools demand?

  6. 1400 per person, including dependents is an outrageous sum of money. It’s bound to have a terrible repercussion on the American economy. You can’t just print money ad infinitum. There has to be some trade of labor, services or goods for the currency or it will drive up the inflation rate exponentially. Because if everyone pays with currency that isn’t backed by “work”, there is a hole, a deficit of goods and services that has to be accounted for. Less products, less vehicles produced, less workers and work done. Hence the scarcer products and services become higher in demand. And consumers will have to pay more to get the same products they did a year ago. All Americans will pay for this eventually, even those who’ve benefited the most. These are bad policies. The money allocation has to be managed based on necessities, feeding and clothing people, who’ve lost jobs during coronavirus. Not giving them cash payouts to everyone, even those who’ve retained their employment, to do whatever they want with. This is a very dangerous fiscal policy, started during Trump. And now Biden has taken it into a level of absolute lunacy.

  7. Nobody said to give more that you owe to schools. It was just suggested that ppl pay up the amount of tuition that they owe instead of spending it on discretionary items. Please stop with the schools have so much money from PPP and lunches. Most of us pay an amount of tuition that doesn’t cover our child’s portion of the schools expenses, and that’s even with paying “full tuition” (which most dont) which is the lowest in the country for private education including most out of Lakewood frum schools. Most schools rely on private donations from the parents that have stronger financial ability and most had to cancel their annual dinners and some of their usual donors who help cover the deficits are not in the same financial positions due to covid related business hardships. The point being made is if you send your child to school and agree to pay a certain (in many cases reduced) amount, and the school doesn’t throw your child out because you had a covid related hardship, then when you do get money, please don’t put the school on the back of your list and buy yourself a new 3k swing set and some patio furniture which I do know many ppl that did so with the other rounds before paying tuition.

  8. @mad
    I agree with you 100%, its sickening, how the middle class suffer. My money literally paying these stimulus. But we just need to keep reminding ourselves- every day we make and have is from Hashem and He decides if we get to keep it or give it away and who it goes to. So we need to just breath in.

  9. 85% of Americans qualify for the stimulus. Only 15% earn too much to qualify. If you’re making that much, I’m not saying everything is easy, but you’re not “middle class,” you’re upper class.

  10. It’s a tough call. Really our stimulus money should go to tuition. But realize that the discretionary items we would like to spend it on don’t include vacations or even replacing my 10 year old sheitel. It would go to braces, therapy for the kid who needs it, etc. It’s a tough call.

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