Spotted at a wedding

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  1. “I’ll help you keep your simcha lashon hara free, if after the simcha is over, you’ll let me to tell you what Shloime did to Zalman the other day. Do we have a deal?” said the baal loshon hara to the baalei simcha.
    “In the meantime,” the baal lashon hara said, “no one is going to say a word of lashon hara here at the simcha, not while I’m here. You have my word.”
    “Oh, look who just arrived,” the baal lashon hara added, as he noticed someone walking into the simcha hall. “It’s that no goodnik, Kalman. I’ll tell you more about him later after the simcha is over.”

  2. Here’s a tip- maybe don’t put up immature and sophomoric signs and people won’t speak lashon hara about you. Also, be sure to have signs that they can speak their lashon hara 6 feet away from your simcha.
    Next we will have a sign that everyone should have the utmost kavana when they say hamotzi, then make sure not to be mestakel… Just put a list of all your dos and don’ts on the invitations so people have time to prepare to be the very best they should be as a zechus for you, not because it’s the right way to be all the time.

  3. Please just chill! Its a nice reminder, and probably will prevent people from speaking L’H if the sign is in front of them. and I wouldn’t mind a reminder to have kavana before I say a brocha, Hakol REvach. It all helps!

  4. To those scoffing: I guess this means that you have perfected your dibbur to the point where you don’t ever need to be reminded to be careful about it. I am really jealous of your amazing achievements in ruchnius. You can also skip that line in Shabbos davening, “Nitzor Lishoncha Mei-ra…”. After all, Dovid Hamelech really didn’t need to include that because everyone already knew about it and spoke perfectly at all times. Very sanctimonious of him. /sarcasm off.

    Someone tries to do something good, to improve the world around them and there are people who just feel compelled to knock them down.

  5. The point is don’t treat people like little children and infantilize them. If you need reminders all the time to do the right thing then you shouldn’t be going to weddings you should be at home with your mommy. Main ledaver sof… remind people to brush their teeth and to remember the shesh zechiros and buckle up before driving and al target sicha im ha’Isha, ona’s devarim is an issur de’oraysa, be sure not to bemalbin pnei chaveiro, never go to arkaos nachrim… This only serves to antagonize a bar da’as.

    • Several flaws in your post: The sign isn’t there to provide “reminders all the time”, it is only there for that event. Likewise, it makes sense to pick such a social occasion when people are often sitting idly, some having imbibed adult beverages, some not necessarily as frum as you. The situation leads naturally to conversations about people: “From which side are you?” “How do you know the Chassan/Kallah?” “Did you see who’s here?” In the situation, nobody is “infantilized” by such a reminder except those already inclined towards infancy.

      • And you actually believe a reminder does any good? I was going to speak lashon hara but that sign outside reminded me that I shouldn’t? Does any bar da’as actually function like that? Why not mention onaas d’varim or rechilus, or not to be mevazeh talmedi chacomim? Shvach a response. This just reeks of virtue signaling and look how frum we are. None of the current gedolim or gedolim of yesteryear put up such reminders at their kids’ weddings… maybe just maybe we shouldn’t be condescending or propping us ourselves up as being the religious police even if you did pay for the event. Maybe just maybe you may hurt someone’s feelings or make someone uncomfortable and maybe that is important than reminding someone of something that everyone knows already that has the most minute chance of achieving your intended purpose. All I see is that this will cause more lashon hara to be spoken as well as rechilus and eventually leading to being malbin penei chaveiro.

  6. The sign is there because at a table when people are sitting and shmoozing it’s more likely for the LH to come about. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and some are negative by nature (but thye can change if they decide)…i just don’t understand why every opinion needs to be so impulsively blurted out. I would venture to guess that if it stops even one person, the schar aint going to the scoffers…

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