Spotted at a wedding in Lakewood tonight…seems it’s becoming a new trend

This comes after a similar sign was placed at a wedding in Lakewood a couple of weeks ago.

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  1. Personally think this is extremely inappropriate. You will now have single bochurim and girls in one room. In essence it’s speed dating and a fashion show.

  2. This initiative was started at the Michael & Wrona chasunah. May it be a zechus for the young couple, their families and relatives.

  3. One Lakewood bachur, who adopted a Shadchan a few weeks ago, told reporters on Sunday that he couldn’t be any happier with his adoption decision and the “nachas” he now has from his new Shadchan.
    “At first I wasn’t sure if I was ready for adoption,” the bachur said. “I mean, it’s a pretty big decision, and I already have 3 grown-up, outstanding shadchanim that I’ve used since I exited ‘The Freezer’. But I now realize that this is the best decision I’ve made in all my post freezer, thawing-out years of existence.”
    “My new adopted shadchan can be a slight burden on me,” he conceded, “and there are times when he keeps me up at night whining about something I did or didn’t do, but nachas doesn’t come easy. And I’ve come to realize that the sleepless nights, and the tefillos I say on behalf of my adopted Shadchan that he grow into an emese Shadchan Godol who will be poel yeshuos, not only for me, but for all the post freezer bachurim in Klal Yisroel, is worth it.”
    “I’m so proud of my shadchan!” the bachur added, “He’s already made 67 Shiduchim since I adopted him, and he’s about to make his 68th Shiduch next week, when I travel to Brooklyn to drink Lechayim with my future Shver.”

  4. You are all a bunch of morons and talk when you know nothing about what goes on! This sign was st a family chassunah tonight. Each single met privately with a panel of 3 shadchanim- no speed dating about it. Just a lovely effort by the awesome kallah to help singles.

  5. I know many older bachurim in bmg and rarely do they get read anything. Yes everyone of them may have some issue, but a little secret to you, everybody has issues. And each one if looked at in the wright way are beautiful people, and they don’t and will not meet with shadchanim because they are as they say, burned out of meeting and not getting anywhere. I think we need shadchanim with big hearts and great sensitivity and understanding and coming around to meet these boys and help them and it will help the SHIDUCH crisis’s in some way.

  6. We need shadchanim no doubt and even more we need to end the late ages that boys get married at. If boys started on time there would be even boys and girls in play and the laws of supply and demand would resolve all issues without needing tons of outside intervention. But in any case love the idea!

  7. this is not the way we do things, it sounds like something YU might do. It is possible that a bochur will be attacted to a female purely based on chitzonious in this matzav. I dont believe the Roshei Yeshiva approved.

    • It doesn’t say anything about mixing just that shadchanim will be there. I imagine it means that the bochurim should speak to the shadchanim. The sign must have been on men’s side. Unless I’m missing something.

  8. –Was anyone there to witness how this was organized, before they pasul the whole thing as improper?
    –I would guess there was an effort to maintain a sense of tznius and if the scene was lacking tznius, those who are sensitive to that would leave.
    –Also, presumably we’re talking about mature bochurim and mature young women in the parsha of shidduchim for the sake of tachlis, and primarily those whose values include appropriate behavior in the presence of the opposite gender.
    –Have we no faith in the products of our homes, yeshivos, and beis yakov’s, even once they are in the parsha of shidduchim? (Then how do we let them go to E”Y, without our constant oversight).
    –Is it likely the opportunity will lead to casual mingling among those who would not otherwise do so? –Do we need to put TAG filters on their eyeglasses/contact lenses?
    –Chasuna’s can be hard for older singles, It’s a nice gesture to them, to show they are being thought of, in this setting in particular.

  9. unless it was explicitly endorsed by daas Torah it is asur, period. We cannot go down the path of saying things will work out, or whats the big deal. We need gadearim not hefkerevelt. like I said a bochur might have the wrong hirhurim.

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